Luft Qi Open Box Review – Smell of cigarette – Joshua Martin

My name is Joshua Martin I’m very excited to talk about this new product
called Luft It’s a fan that pretty much cleans the air Me and my wife just brought our house two years ago and I’ve made my home office now but she’s a heavy cigarette smoker and whenever she comes
inside from outside smoking a cigarette I can smell the cigarette
I can like taste the cigarette You all know that cigarettes put toxins in the air Sometimes it’s even difficult for me to breathe I happen to come across this product a few weeks back I plugged it in my home office
for the last week or so And I definitely noticed the
significant change of the air in the room I can breathe easy So I’m definitely a fan I’m definitely a believer of the product It’s USB powered So even if you want to clear the air in your car You can definitely get a USB cord Plug it into your cigarette lighter
and you’re ready to go But this product right here is a lifesaver Everybody wants to live and breathe good air So if I were you I would go buy this product. Thank you

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