Luft Qi Open Box Review – New car smell – Jennifer “Jazz” Williams

Hi! My name is Jazz Williams I’m a proud owner of a brand new car also a working mom of two, and a wife But the only hesitation I had about getting this new car is the new car smell If you do some research you’ll realize all of the chemicals that are involved in making that new car smell and it could be dangerous for me and my family Luckily I came across this Luft air purifier You can kind of hear it It sounds like a low-grade fan It’s really cute too It’s like a little speaker And it plugs right in, it has a cord there goes right into your USB port on your car And it does wonders
I’ve had it in my car for a couple of days now The smell is gone
Those toxins are gone And I can finally say goodbye to this air freshener Not only does this also release chemicals But it’s distraction when you’re trying to drive So I’m getting rid of this
and I’m so glad that I got my Luft air purifier I suggest you get one too It’s great for the car and even the house

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