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Human Being! In this world,
he has many specialities than other creature, believe me. Happiness, Anger,
Affection, Suspicion, Love, Revenge, to name few of his feelings. While few feelings
help us to taste success, the others may drag us to failure. The first feeling in the
second category is Insecured. How a computer malfunctions
while infected with virus, similarly a person who is affected
with insecurity is also same. Do you know their symptoms. Even for small things,
they think to a level as their brain would blast,
afraid of losing, not tolerating the failure, trusting no one. All of them are insecurity symptoms. But, we don’t take it seriously,
because we too feel those insecured symptoms some times. The one I’m going to
introduce in this story is also like one of us. The girl’s name is Meenakshi.
Completed B.Tech very recently. She wants to be happier
at her heart than her beauty. She does anything of
her wish for that happiness. For the happiness only, she
is getting ready to marry her lover. But, she doesn’t know that the
boy she loved is an insecure person. This story is about her
journey with such a person. Does he need to blow horn for
his speed? Unnecessary over action. Hello, What’s your age? – 30, madam. Okay, young age.
Don’t you know to drive? See now, madam. Good. Yes, increase it. Same, even more. Come on, accelerate. This is called Driving, go, go. Hi Darling. – Why’re you late? Will tell you, first remove
the bag which is in middle. Hey, you! Every idiot has a girl friend,
apart from me. Just if he wears a jeans with holes,
they would get on his vehicle even
though he’s an idiot. He’s the one who is getting
into Meenakshi’s life. Not handsome like Mahesh Babu,
don’t have fan following like Pawan Kalyan. To tell
in one word, looks very confident outside, but very insecure inside. Dead against to
Meenakshi’s character. Hello! Where are you? Me! Emergency.
I came on an important work. Then how could I come? Is it new to you?
Ask some one for lift and come. Idiot, he could’ve got someone,
for sure. Lift, lift, lift. You’re so proud as
you’ve a car, Idiot. I too will buy a bike.
Then I’d ride on your neck. He’s saying this from
his intermediate days. He can get a car in
installment with his salary, but he couldn’t even buy a bike. He’s not the reason for it,
it’s his father, Kathi Kantha Rao. Father, my ambition
for the last twenty years is getting fulfilled today. Your statue is being inaugurated
today, in our labours colony. Bless me Comrade. What’s there to bless?
You can’t even put a statue of Lord
Vinayaka in the colony. It’s not my voice. It’s your
father’s voice if he was alive. By the way, I’ve seen
sons who are living on their father’s income,
but you’re the only father who’s snatching your son’s income. He’s giving you his monthly
salary as he believed you. But, you’re spending
it unnecessarily for statues. But, he’s dying as he couldn’t
go in bus and can’t ask for lift. What did he ask? Just one bike. I bought it. That’s for you. Yes, even I told him that
I’d buy for me, not for him. Then, for him. – I’ll buy him a car. He’s an Assistant Manager. There has to some build
up being son of Communist Leader Kathi Kantha Rao. The truth behind reducing
price and you buying a car, both are same. Hail Communist Leader
Kathi Kantha Rao. There they are,
your unwanted batch, go. Hail Communist Leader
Kathi Kantha Rao. Hail Communist Leader
Kathi Kantha Rao. Hail Communist Leader
Kathi Kantha Rao. He’s snatching his son’s
income and spending it because of another person.
His name is Rebel Reddy. If Kathi Kantha Rao
is from Communist party, Rebel Reddy is from ruling party. Father, my dream which
I was awaiting for last twenty years is getting fulfilled today. In our MVP Colony,
today is inauguration of your statue. Bless me. Hey! Hail Kathi Kantha Rao.
Hail Kathi Kantha Rao. Hail Kathi Kantha Rao.
Hail Kathi Kantha Rao. Hail Kathi Kantha Rao. Why did he come? Did you invite him? Are you in a plan
to jump from the party. No, no. He’s from ruling party, Sir. As we’re inaugurating our
Sir’s statue in a grand way, he could’ve come to see it. Jealousy, he’s jealous. Not jealousy, he should sweat today. Give me the scissor. – Take it, Sir. Hmmm, remove the cloth. Hey Rebel Reddy, you idiot. You
changed the statue last night. Hey! Leave me, today I’ll decide!
– Stop Sir. Sir, they’ve come
with Magadheera knives, but ours is a Maruthi cinema budget. We don’t have that much of a scene.
Let’s drop. Hey Kathi! If you build
statue for your father who lived by terrifying others,
then don’t I build a statue for my father who
made everyone smile. Mine is ruling party. I will spend my sons
six month’s salary, build my father’s status in
your MVP colony, and will make you cut the ribbon. If I don’t do it,
then my name is not Kathi Kantha Rao. Not! This is the matter. He do
not know about his father’s recent challenge.
Poor fellow, he’s booked again. Auto, auto, auto. Hey Bro, Do you want a lift? Hey, go away. It’s Okay.
You’re getting late, just think Bro. Hey, wait, wait, wait bro. Will you ride? Hmmm, I guess he’s
new to ride a cycle. Hello madam! – What? Give me 100 more. Why is that?
You told only 100 when I boarded. That’s for 20. Not for going at 120. It’s injustice. What injustice? I’ve made board many like you, when my sir was not there. Stop, stop. Maintain distance. Take it, Hmmm. Hi! – Why’re always
late for by gaze? Stop, stop.
What is that dirt on shirt? Did anyone beat you? No. I’ll tell you, first Oh no. There won’t be
privacy in by gaze in house, so we arranged it in hotel.
But, why did five of them has come? You wait, came to select one,
but four are free. Let’s go. Oh Wow. Are you the bridegroom? Shut up you frog faces. He’s my friend. I’m the bridegroom. Look at his monkey face. Hmmm. They’ve so many extras,
Wait, I’ll see. Thank God,
you came at the right time. Bad time would’ve
started if you were late. Hello, by the way,
whom should I book out of four? What? I mean who is bride? That’s it. She looks fresh and virgin.
Hey, ask her name. What’s your name? Meenakshi. Hey, By gaze is for me. I mean, we arranged in hotel
as there won’t be privacy in house. I we go aside,
they will talk to each other. I should bow and
build a temple to you. She’s like Ileana from back.
Oh no, first night would be wasted. Hmmm, Sit. What’s your name? Aakash. What do you do? Working as an Assistant Manager. Is it? – Hmmm. Then, What is the dirt on that shirt? Oh this, when I was waiting
at bus stop, a car has splashed. Oh, aren’t you angry? I’d become weak if I say truth. I mean, why should I feel
angry as it can be cleaned with a jug of water. Okay, Can I ask you something? Ask? Will it match for your
friend color and my friend color? If you compare based on color,
then most of us in the world won’t get married.
Once come here. Come here. Every man would
dream about his wife to be beautiful and like an angel. But, not everyone is fortunate. The ones who’re fortunate
would become slaves to their wives, lifelong. My friend won’t even
match to your friend’s beauty. But, if he gets her,
he can’t fortunate than that. Lifelong, he’ll be at her feet, Hmmm. What’s your name? Radha. Why won’t it come? You can’t do it. No one can compete with
me in this world in seal opening. By the way, what’s your name? Radha. It’s already come. My name is Radha. I thought it’s Ramba. By the way, what’s your name? Songa seenu. Why did you come late? Oh no, why did she some here? Excume me, Could you
give me lift till Hotel Taj? Please sir, it’s very urgent. Who’ll say not to figure like this?
come, sit, even I’m going that side. I’m lucky.
Why is she sitting one side? Wait, I’ll see. Hey, the bike is not starting? Now see, the bike will start now. I think you’ve lot
of general knowledge. There would be speed
brakers on the way, I don’t think you’ve any problem.
– Which means? Like this. What’s your name? My name is Songa Seenu. Could you stop the bike once? What? No need to go to Taj?
Can we go to room? I’ll take care of
the expenses. Oh no. He’s the bridegroom. I think this is called bad time. Hi, this is Indu, friend of Radha. Why’re they surrounding me? Oh, better to leave her hand. He’ll be dead in my hand. Sister, I’ll leave now. Where do you go? You idiot, you came to marry me? Do you need by gaze? Beat him. Beat him. Hey, she’s snatching my watch. Beat him strongly so that
he shouldn’t go to other girl. Beat him. Don’t listen, beat him. Hey, hey, hey. Don’t leave him, I’ll see his end. Seenu, come. Hey, cat bearded fellow,
you’ll die in my hands. Leave me. If you go to other girl
in the name of by gaze! Will chop and put chilly powder. Sir, Is it Okay? Ya, paste it a bit higher. Ya, correct. She’s looking great. Oh! Super! Hey! Hey, look there, once. Please help me, they’re teasing me. Isn’t he Aakash? We’ll be finished if we’re caught,
run, run. Hey, stop. Hi Meena. Oh, she appeared again.
Don’t miss the chance this time. Why’re you looking like that? Say hi. Hello! Hi. It seems there’s lot
of hold for you in this beach. They escaped by looking at you. They didn’t escape by seeing me.
– Then! They bought mobiles for installment
from our Celkon Company. They escaped because they’ve to
pay installment if they get caught. Anyhow, you saved her on time.
Thank you. Bye! – Bye! Let’s go. – Isn’t he looking good? He came to save me by forgetting
day before yesterdays fight! I missed the chance, shit. He’s a good man. Aakash! Can we have a cup of coffee. Why did your friend leave like that? There is a by gaze
for her beach today. Her father is so strong
to fix her marriage this time. Did your Songa Seenu
got set anywhere? How could he get?
He looks at every girl like that. He’s getting booked everyday. Even if he gets set with a girl,
she’d leave him second day. Is it? By the way, what kind
of a girl are you looking for? It’s your time. Give some build up. I don’t know how to be?
Then how could I know about the girl I want. Can you give me your mobile?
Have to make a call, urgently. This is my number. Save it. Is it? Why would I need your number. Do you need it? Unnecessarily. She could’ve given it,
if you has asked for it. Don’t keep your face like that,
I can’t see. I’ll feed it. Smile. Don’t call me daily, as I’ve save it. Means, Can I call once in a week? Call once in a year!
Hmmm. You’re so spontaneous. Not only spontaneous, confident also. What? Covering! Hhmmm, No. Romance. Okay, I’ll leave now. When would you meet, again? You gave me number, will call you. Don’t call me daily just
because I gave you my number. Meenakshi! What? Nothing, just like that. I’ll come with you,
if you give me 2000rs. I’m a call girl. My daughter
have stones in her kidney. She’s in hospital.
Need money urgently. whoever has used
me is not reacting now. Please, it’s okay how much
ever you give. Don’t say no. Please, please, please. Auto! Hey! Hey! I won’t give you class
that your profession is wrong. Once think about that little girl.
I’ve paid the money. Take care of your daughter,
Okay. Hmmm. So Meenakshi.
I’m asking you now, Do I match you? Aakash! When we met for first time,
you told one thing. Do you remember? It’s about feelings of men. Ya, ya, ya. But, Can I tell you
about feeling of women? Every girl would think
that her husband should be very handsome. But, would think he should’ve
good character along with beauty. You’ve too many good
qualities than I thought of. Means, Do you like me? Before saying that I like you! I’ve to tell one thing, Aakash. What? Flashback? Kind of. 10th, Inter or Degree. 10th. Name? – Madan. Start. Madan used to see me as
if he’s going to eat me, when I go on my uncle’s bike. I can’t forget Madan
looking at me while my mother was cleaning my hair. Madan was excited to see
and talk to me every minute. Do you know that? For me also,
wherever I go and whatever I see, I would think of Madan. It was like a trauma at that time. Is it Infatuation or Love? Don’t know.
We separated before knowing whether it is Infatuation or Love. Come on, It’s quite natural. It’s common, now a days. Means, even you
too have a flash back. I’d become weak if I say no. I felt about a girl
when I was in 10th class. Left her in Inter. – Is it? I felt about another girl in Inter,
left her in Degree. Oh, and then. In Degree, I felt about
another girl very deeply. Did you leave her also? No, she left me. Later, stopped the feelings. I love you, babe! – Sorry boss. Hey! Meenakshi! Will you marry me? Yes! Love you Bangaram. What’s next Meenakshi? By Gaze. Why By gaze again? Aakash! – Hmmm. We shouldn’t forget
our tradition just because we’re earning good. Meenakshi! Ya, What? Nothing, just like that. Is it? Welcome Comrade, welcome. Finally, both the parties
are getting united. We’re going to be relatives. Here onwards, political
fights between us might reduce and family fights might start. Hey Priest, fix a strong muhurtham.
Okay, party should stand. First by gaze, dad. You wait,
first let them fix the muhurtham. Hmmm, Panchami, yedadinavo! Sir, There is a great muhurtham
on coming Monday at 9:30AM. If we marry them at that time,
then they would be together
like fevicol models. Meenakshi, get coffee for the boy. She’s looking good.
Before this by gaze finishes, I should see her. Comrade, I think they
might want to talk personally. So, can we give them some privacy. You were right, let’s go.
– Let’s get in. Come Sister -in-law. What’s your name? Meenakshi. Can I call you Nanu? Nanu means? Means the one who likes me. As per your wish. They are doing so much over action. Will you press my leg when it pains? I’ll turn your leg
towards back, Idiot. As you say. What? You’re answering
just as you say. Don’t you have any feelings? Ask me anything if you want to. Look, after marriage, if you say that women should be in kitchen
and a slave in bedroom, then I’ll put your right
leg on left and left leg on right and step it. What? As you say. I thought it would be super
as lovers arranged for by gaze. But, for their performance,
audience won’t come, only animals would come. Hey Priest, everyone inside
is excited about wedding. Can we too be excited? What excited? – What excited! Hey Priest, understand the situation. I made up my mind
after looking you inside. Brother -in-law,
ask whatever dowry you want. Don’t you know comrade
brother-in-law. I was born and bought
up in a communist party. This dowry is against
my rules and theory comrade. I know brother-in-law what you want. I’ve to keep your father’s
statue in my colony centre, and should be inaugurated by me.
It’ll be done brother-in-law. What say? You can fix on it. No comrade, no. Then, what do you
want brother-in-law? You’ve to demolish your
father’s statue kept in our colony and then put
my father’s statue. It’s not possible, brother-in-law. Ya Nanu, there is one word
which both of us has missed, Can I tell? Hmmm, tell. I Love! Hey Kathi Kantha Rao,
how can you ask to demolish my father’s statue? I just accepted for this
as my daughter liked him. Dad, please stop it, please. Dad, please. I came to your house
as my son liked her. I’ll marry my son to a girl who is
much beautiful than your daughter. Please dad. – Go away. I’ll never accept your
daughter as my daughter-in-law. Please get inside, go. How did you like him? Don’t you have beautiful
girls than her in this world? Come on Reddy, don’t get irritated? You shut and apply it. In which angle can he match you? He is proudish that
his daughter is beautiful. In which way are you less,
you’ve a good job. Don’t feel that this
wedding got cancelled. Same muhurtham! Same muhurtham! I’ll get beautiful girl than her! Will get better match than that! Will perform your marriage. You get fixed. You get fixed,
comrade, get fixed, that’s all. Hey, Why so slow? Hmmm, I’m here, right.
Hey Priest, enough of arranging. What to do to finish
marriage urgently. You should shut your mouth,
Scoundrel. Ya, ready take, call the girl. Hey, after marriage,
few lives reach failure, but few reach success. Means! – Means,
yours is reaching failure and mine is about to get success. Look at her looks,
as if need to get into first night room before marriage. You shut up. Ya, come, come. Sit, sit. You too. Oh, give it to me.
Your dress is good. No, don’t do anything to him, please. No, husband no, please. My son is dead. My daughter is dead. Hey Priest,
1000rs for performing the marriage, 2000rs for doing it fast, take it. Sorry for coming late,
wish you a happy married life. I don’t whether it’s because
Meenakshi entered into your life, your dream has come true today. Here is your marriage gift. What is this Sir? Our company has promoted
you to Manager and also transferred you to Hyderabad. Yes Nanu, yes, yes. Wow, it’s a big house. I’m a manager now. Wow. Hey, I bought this gift for you. Hi, hello, hello, hi. Wow, superb. Okay, bye Nanu. Aakash! It’s getting late, Nanu. Okay, okay. Nanu! Nanu! Nanu! Aakash, please don’t look for me. Go and get fresh first, go darling. Darling, look up once. I put Sheekakai
shampoo for you, don’t forget to take head bath,
Okay darling. Oh, herbal effect. Let’s put it. Look down. Wear it, darling. Hmmm, Play boy.
I don’t think there’ll be a war today,
I think it’s going to be romantic. Enough of murmuring.
Food is ready on table. Go and have food, darling. I prepared drum stick varieties
today as you like them, have it. How much time darling, come fast. What are these effects?
I can’t control it. Didn’t I ask you to come? Nanu, Where are you? Wow. What is this surprise, Nanu? Wish you happy marriage
anniversary, Aakash. Oh, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Do you think this lag is required? I can’t control my hunger here. Hey baby, do you feel it? Hmmhmm. Nanu, Will you forgive me? Why? I mean, I didn’t thought
of getting a gift for you even after one year of marriage. Nothing like that,
there is a gift which you can give. What is it? Promise me that you
won’t say no for what I ask. Okay promise,
I’ll give whatever you ask. Tell me. Daily I’m getting bored
once you go to office. So! – So! Somehow you come back by evening,
isn’t it. So, thought of doing any job! You’ve less matter and more effects. You want to work, right. Okay, do it. Whatever you want to do, do it.
Tell me just for information. Don’t tell me for permission, Okay. Apply in a company tomorrow. Come on, just chill. Not required. Why? Because, I’ve already applied for it. Hey, naughty. Job also confirmed.
Programmer in Yellow Earth. Timings 10am 6pm, joining tomorrow. Wow, congrats. That’s wonderful news. Thank you. Okay! Your job is confirmed,
so what gift are you going to give me now. Is it. I’ll give you extra large. Hi, good morning. Thanks. As if the wire that was
searched for got stuck to leg, as if a beautiful girl sent
an add request without asking, I don’t who programmed her,
she’s mind blowing. Hi. Hi. I’m Harish, with no hurries. I’m Meenakshi. – New! Ya. I appreciate you. – Why? Can see a bit tension
in a newly joined person. But, can see action in you. What curry? – Cabbage. Mine is carrot.
Can I tell you a joke on these two? All the vegetables together
married cabbage to carrot. Arranged for a first night also. Carrot came to vegetables in morning. Vegetables asked carrot that
‘Hey, did you do it?’ Carrot angrily answered
it as did it come alone? All the night wasted
time in removing its sarees. He got her also. Later, he too would fall. Do you know what we
can’t do in this world, Sir? Not doing our work. Drink, it’s hot. Don’t you have any work in office? Hey, look there. For idiots, Software company and
Satyanarayana Swamy temple is same. Hey, by the by, who is your manager? Ya, let’s discuss about Yellow Earth. Yellow Earth is the value
driven technology company. We understand completely
that technology needs from the day it started. Before we involve custom,
or any solutions, our success mantra is in
providing workable hands! Hey, Ganesh! What? – One minute. – What? Shit! Go away. Go to wash room. Sanjana, you too. You bloody jealous! Sanjana, my proposal! Hey, Chari! Don’t go behind her
saying Sanjana, Sanjana. What’s you Sanjana doing
last 10 days infront of a monitor which is not working. To whom is she opposite to?
First know that, use. Chari! Let me! I’ll explain you.
We’ll sit and discuss. Chari! When you called me lean always,
I thought you fondly called me, but didn’t think that
you considered me a dumb. Chari please. Go, It’s done. Hey Chari! It’s time
to break up with her, Chari. You should. Okay,
Why don’t we start a relationship? What did you say, Geetha? How could that mad girl
know that there won’t be much difference between a lean
or a fat person while having sex. Let’s show your dedication to her. Let me show you my world. God! Settle your matter with Geetha first. Oh ho! Means, Is it okay if I erase Geetha. Okay, proceed. Rahul! Did you check your mail? Anything serious. It’s not going to
work out any more, Rahul. Let’s stop our relationship. How can you say like this, Geetha? It won’t work from now, Rahul.
Let’s break up. Geetha! – No issues, Okay. Geetha! Geetha! Hello! Darling Jenny.
Her account is deactivated. Let’s activate ours. – Ya. We’ll meet in Inorbit
mall at 6 o’ clock. Check your monitor first. Wow, really. You got engaged. Yes darling. Then you should encourage in my flat. My pleasure.
Pick me up at 6 o’ clock and drop me home by 7:30. Deal darling. Jenny! – One second, ya. You wanted to buy
bangles for marriage, isn’t it? Be ready at evening 6. No, no, no.
I’m having an important meeting at 6 o’ clock.
Pick me up at 7:30 at home. Okay, cool. Okay. Hi! – Hi! Be ready by evening 6,
I’ll pick you up. Sure handsome. Shit! Behave like
human atleast one day. What? Are you feeling? You’re
not a human to feel, you idiot. Excuse me. Can you pass on
that Ash tray, please. Ya. Hi, I’m Meenakshi. Okay, Hi, Meera. New! Yes. Why are you smoking
cigarette in office? So what? Mean, your neighbors
might feel uncomfortable. Compared to this smoke,
the smoke emitted by vehicles outside is more dangerous. So, do you think anyone
would listen if we ask them to stop the vehicle
as we’re uncomfortable. Whose life is to themselves. Don’t try to judge me.
Everyone here likes my work. But, won’t like me. Darling! Hey Meenakshi! How is the office? Hmmm. Different place,
different people. By the way,
did anyone introduced to you. What introduction,
they become close. – Who? Harish. His character
is very much similar to me, Do you know that? Very jovial. If I had met him before meeting you, then I would’ve married him. Hey Harish, come here. What? Come here, she’s fallen for you. By the way, what are you doing? Come, come, come. Meera, please. No, please, What? – Not me, she. Meenakshi, what do you want? I called you, to see your back. I saw it, go. You! Mental. Aren’t you afraid of anyone? It’s important to
live than to be afraid. The world which see us
is different and the world which we see is different.
Life is too short, Meenakshi. All you’ve to do is
just live and live and live. Whatever! To live like
you is very difficult, Meera. Manasa, could you come in once. Tell me, Sir. Why’re you smiling like that, Manasa? Not only me, you too should
laugh at Sandeep’s jokes. Similar to my character, very jovial. Really! Are you married? Have a kid also. Oh! Is it arranged or love? Love! Okay, If you’ve met Sandeep
before your marriage! Would’ve married Sandeep.
any doubt, Sir. No doubt. I understood
you clearly now. You can leave. Okay Sir. Bye Sir. Shit, loser. His name is FB.
Did you think FB means facebook, no, no, Frustrate Bala. The ones who are watching
this cinema and myself, at times frustrate on strangers
who’re not related to us. Hey, talking to girl friend! I mean, scolding someone
by looking news in TV and paper. Software! Hmmm. Having unnecessary discussion
after seeing a cinema that he did that and his
taking is like that, To name a few.
So, this FB is a reflection of some of our frustrations.
Let’s see whether he would make us
smile or feel us bored. Spects Sir.
Hmmm. Sir, RayBan glasses. Sir, they came from U.S, last night. They’re original, branded.
Wear it once, Sir. How am I? Great, you look like
Jabardasth Nagababu. Hmmm. How much is it? Just 300rs. Can you give it for 30rs? Are you a government employee? How do you know that? Who else would bargain
with no connection between the price I said
and the rate you say. Hey, let me stop. Ya, Just wait, getting down.
Ya, tell me darling. Are you coming to pick me or not? Why not? You’re my dearest. Hey wait baby. – Sir, spects sir. Sir, please take it.
– One second, baby. Okay. – Hey, put it. Hey Baby, how is this? Hey, you look handsome,
do you know that? Really. – Buy it. Great, Sir you look like
Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Hey Stop. Do you think
I’m a government employee? No Sir. – I’m a Software engineer. Let’s talk truth now. – Sir, it is! What’s the price of it? 3000rs. Baby! Can you give it for 2000rs. Okay Sir. Hey, hey, hey. Take it. You! Hey baby, did you see? Wow, you’ve reduced 1000rs. Ya, What do you think of me? Hey, Do you know what you’re talking? He’ll lose if you
encourage like this. Hey, Who are you? Cut the phone.
Do you understand what you did? What did I do? You bought 300rs spects for 2000rs. You’ve lost 1700rs. Really! Why’re are you saying really? On saturdays and sundays,
you guys get on to road, increase the rates,
and making us hard to live. Hey, Do you know one more thing? Software industry
is danger that Tsunami. Only few will die in Tsunami. But if software industry
gets into loss, then all of you would lose your jobs. Hey, come on, Chill man. Ya, we’re chill because of you. You’ve multiplexes
and Imax to see cinema, but Lakshmi Kala and
Sashi Kala in Moosapet for us. Is it? Pubs and discos for you,
but Dhanalakshmi wines and Savera bars for us.
Coffee day and pizza corners for you, while pani poori outlets
and irani cafes for us. You guys are getting those
also in different flavors. You mean, Condoms. Hey boss, even they too should live. Hmmm, grow man, grow. Grow! Nanu, let me sleep
for some more time. My dear husband,
once look at the watch. Oh shit, why didn’t
you wake me in the morning? Now, how could I get
ready and go in half an hour? How many times should I tell
you to stop cigarette smoking? Please, cigarette smoking
is the only weakness in me. Don’t ask me quit it,
especially while going to toilet. You started! Hey Nanu, Could you
put paste on brush and give? Sorry. – Please.
– I’ve work in kitchen. Madam, Paper. Madam bill. One month is over already.
– Yes madam. Okay, take it tomorrow.
– Okay madam. Nanu! Coffee Nanu. I poured it in flask, drink. How are you so busy
as if there is no time to give even a coffee to husband? Why can’t you pour
yourself and drink, instead of getting irritated.
Your over actions has increased. I prepared brinjal curry today,
here’s the box, Is it because I like it. No. Then, for whom? Because hero BalaKrishna likes it. Oh, you’ve finally target NTR family! Hey Nanu. Can I ask you one thing, please. What? I want to roam the entire
city with you on bike, while you’re wearing half saree. Please, please, please, please. Aakash, we’re married.
Now you should be matured. Do you know how hard
it is to manage entire day in half saree. Oh! Half saree! needs half saree! What’re you hobbies, baby? Playing cricket, Shuttle, Hockey. Wow, every sport has bats. Who is your favourite player? I’m okay with any ones play Sekhar,
but it has to be perfect. Then, from today onwards,
you’re in my team. Then Meera! I can’t do anything to her,
so I took into the team. Hey, What can you do? Take sweets, its divorce day. Do anyone celebrate divorce day? Humans will do. Means, are we animals? Do you any doubt? What is she talking? Sweet! Come on Chari, you can do it. Come on,
you can do it Chari, come on. Hmmmm, Chari.
Gear rod is very important for a car, Similarly, that is important
to flirt with a girl. What is it? – Muscles. Take it. Oh no. If it’s very strong,
then I can flirt with many. Why’re you trying so hard?
To enjoy with whom? Happy divorce day.
– Happy divorce day. He was cute like a sweet heart. Because of you,
he might become brave heart. Shit. – Hey, get up. Madam, smile is a
strength in our life. But Love, is a weakness. Which flavor can we try today,
darling? Oh. Ya. Really! – Of course Jenny! Hi guys! – Hey Ganesh. Hey Dude, are you busy? Nothing. Hey Rahul, you’ve to attend
my marriage at any cost, Okay. Anything for Jenny. Ya. Hmmm, how is the
marriage work going on! It’s not yet finished. My divorce day. Oh, congratulations madam. Thank you.
– Happy divorce day, thank you. Hey, What’s up?
– Sweets. – Thank you. – Thank you. Happy divorce day.
– Happy divorce day. We can’t understand her. Whatever, we should appreciate
her boldness. – Yes. Leaving her husband!
She is Ramgopal Varma’s type. Ya, ya. – She’s living
as per her wish. It’s not called braveness,
it is called fate. Then, What we do is called! What’re you doing? Nothing man.
You both are getting married, Oh! – but we’re sharing the coke. Hey you! You funny. Sweets! Thank you. Hmmm. Everyone wants to be like you.
But, it won’t be possible. Anyway, Why did he leave you? We loved each other while
doing Ph.D in university. We told in our house
about it after studies, but it didn’t work out. We eloped and married.
He was working as Correspondent in N TV. We bought a flat also. He used to love me
and take care of me. One year has passed without knowing. I told him that I
too would go for a job, as it was boring
once he goes to office. He accepted for that also.
I joined in job. Two, three months passed
in same way, happily. Later, our problems started. She started to suspect me. The world which we thought is ours,
become mute. He suspected that I had
an affair with my colleague. He asked me to leave the job. Why should I quit my job,
when I’m doing nothing wrong? I’m living alone
for the past one year. Sorry Meera. If man starts to suspect,
then it’ll be throughout his live. It would be same
if you talk to anyone. Did you ever convince him? I thought it’s not required. Don’t worry about me?
You tell me, how is your life? We too married without
our parents approval. Aakash is a nice guy.
He takes care of me. Infact, he can’t stay
with out me even for a second. Don’t think like that?
Man’s mood is like a Chameleon. We don’t know when
they’d change colors. I trust my husband
that he won’t change. Even if he changes,
I’ve a medicine to get him back to normal. I’ve the medicine
to get you in my way. Nanu see. Look at opposite. Wow. I feel very proud while
they look at you like that. What is it? If someone is looking at his wife,
then husband’s selection is super. What a beautiful lady! – Look, look. Do you think he need her. See Nanu. How they looked,
what a figure and what a husband, as if I didn’t match you. That’s why, you’re gorgeous. Okay, go. See Meenakshi, he’s looking at you. Let him see, Aakash.
I’m hungry, let’s go. Aakash, leave him. Aakash, listen to me. Aakash, no. Leave me Aakash, leave. Come. Why did you beat
him like that Aakash? It would’ve been a big problem
if something happened to him. Not beating, should slaughter him.
He would be dead by now, if you wouldn’t
have stopped me. Aakash, Cool Aakash. Shit. Is this your anger
on him or love on me. Look Meenakshi,
I’ll be sportive if you talk to anyone or see anyone.
But, if anyone takes advantage of my sportiveness and tries
to touch you, I can’t tolerate. You think whether it’s Love or anger,
whatever you might think, you’re mine.
You’re just mine, that’s it. Not only wine shops,
people are not leaving even medical shops.
They drink in that shop and swallow tablets in this shop,
no one would change. This is the only one which is empty. This is the right
place to buy that thing. Hey! What do you need? Hey, Can I have a tablet for
nonstop motions since last night. That! This! That! This! Hey, What do you want? Sir, that. Excuse me, Can you give
me one Kamasutra condom packet? No thanks. – Okay. What? Come on man, grow up. Why’re you looking like that? Can we bunk the office, today? This is bus stop.
You go to office first. Oh Stomach ache, mom stomach ache. Is it. Stop over action and go. Okay, come from office early. I’ll bring flowers for you, Okay. Okay. Hello. Hi Madan, Where are you? Hey! Oh my god! By the way, What’re you doing now? Will be taking photos
of beautiful girls like you. Hey Meenakshi. Thanks. – Are you Okay? Ya. Who is he? Looking stylish than me? Is it Harish?
Shit. He doesn’t have a car. Then, who is he? Oh my God! Hey Meenakshi. Bye! Call you in night. I’ll be waiting. Who is he? Come on, who is Who is he that I don’t know. What? Flashback! Kind of. 10th, Inter or Degree. 10th. Name? – Madan. This is me, and it’s my darling. Love you darling. Yo baby. Thief, Thief, Thief. – Relax baby. Thief! It’s me, relax. Thief! thief. – Sexy baby,
come to me baby. – Thief! Okay, I’m only coming to you baby. Baby, come to me baby. – Thief. Baby, Sexy lady. Thief! – Baby. Hey! No, no, no. Stop. I’ll kill you. Hey! Nanu, It’s me Nanu. Sit down. Nanu, cool, cool, cool. There’s so much violence
in wives! Oh god, Where did you hide this angle,
all these days? Look, how you are?
Like a current shocked monkey. By the way,
which idiot gave you this idea. Look Aakash,
I like you by your normal look. See, how cute you are.
Love you darling. Did you see how he reacted? If we were there in his place,
we would’ve come to the point straight
and asked who he is? But, he. I’ll prove who is real darling? Nanu. You had a friend in Inter.
What did you say his name is? Madan. – Oh. What is he doing now? Fashion photographer. Why? Means, today in cab! Aakash, some one has come, look. Sir, Courier. To Meenakshi!
There’s no from address. What’s there inside. Nanu! You got a courier in cover. Open and see what it is? Might be your personal! Oh, What personals would I
have without your knowledge, Aakash. Yes. Shit. What’re they Aakash? Wow, they’re so good.
When did you take them without my knowledge. That’s what I was about to ask you. When did you pose for these
photos without my knowledge? It’s true. Without you and
me knowing, how can these photos? Six months back, I wore this saree! Means, you say that without
your knowledge the photos were taken,
and sent to your home address. Oh no, isn’t it.
How could these photos come to my address without me knowing that. Do you really don’t know who he is? What do you mean? Don’t you trust me? Nanu, It’s not that!
– Don’t touch me. Nanu, It’s not that!
– I said don’t touch me. Nanu! Please listen to me once, Nanu. Please Nanu, Nanu. Oh Shit. Hello! What to do you want me to do now? Hello! Sir, could you please
give it to madam once. Tell me, what’s the matter? Sir, It’s common to be
angry for you in this situation. Sir, please listen to me once. Tell me, What it is? Sir, actually I’m a photographer. My hobby is to take
photos of beautiful things. One day, I saw your
wife in a shopping mall, took photos of her
as she is beautiful. Isn’t it wrong? Sorry sir.
That’s why I’ve sent you the photos and memory card
to your house as I can’t show my face to you. But, how do you know the address? Address! I followed her
that day to send photos to your house as I want to surprise her. I’m really, Sir.
Sorry sir, really sorry sir. Hmmm. Okay, okay.
– Forgive me Sir, please. But don’t do it again, Okay. Really you’re so broadminded Sir. By the way,
how’re the photos that I took. Photos are too good. It’s fantastic. Thank you sir. Hello! hello! Crazy man! Bye darling. Nanu. Who is on phone. Hmmm, Hero Balakrishna. Nanu, Could you turn back, once. What? Could you look down once. Did you write Sorry. No, look down once. Nanu, milk. Milk! Marble’s smoothness
can never match to your smoothness at hip.
By the way, how come your hip so smooth? Look at this part, Oh God. When look at your feet, Nanu! Why’re they wearing shorts? This is not America, it’s Hyderabad. After this 3G culture has come,
not only girls, even their parents are spoiled. What is their dress
and their attitude? Spoiling the entire society. Hey darling, come on. Even this negro has a boy friend! Go and do festival. Hmmm. Hi Sexy. – Hi Dude. They’re not looking
like going to college, they’re like going
to Kamasutra cinema. How much time will you make me wait? Don’t you have anyone? Come on baby. Age bar. Sir,
do you need girl friend at this age? She’s my daughter. Grow man. Hey Ganesh. I couldn’t
believe that Jenny did like this. How can she marry Rahul,
while she is engaged to you. They had affair from before it seems.
She told me everything. Hence, I made them together. But, you have sex with her, isn’t it. Hey, Marriage is different
and sex is different. Marriage is sacred like
going to Tirupati and tonsuring our hair. But sex is like
going to saloon and getting shaved. Don’t club them, Okay. Correctly said. There won’t be much difference
between a lean person and fat person while at work, baby. You know what baby, just take! Hey Jack, have a coffee, come on. Come on, it’s funny.
Do you want beer? And one more thing Gee,
We’ve to break up. What? Just think once,
won’t it be boring to be on same project for long time.
It’s same here. We’ve to be updated. Change babe. Hey, It was me who
taught you all this. You silly Gee.
Do we stay in house ever just because we learnt to walk there. Have to roam the entire world,
darling. Anyway, you’ll find
some one else, baby. Hey. Do it Chari, come on. Come on. Won’t be much difference between .. ..a lean or a fat
person while having sex. Come on Maggie, let’s go. Don’t feel sad, madam.
Laugh is behind us and we’re behind laugh.
Life will be like this. In our office,
many of their hearts is vacant. Why can’t you get into one of them. Coffee Nanu. Nanu coffee. Nanu, didn’t I say coffee. Hey Meenakshi, Why’re you so angry? You’ve decided to mix chilly
powder in coffee instead of sugar. I’m very sorry. One more thing. There is a speciality in today. I’ve been seeing you
since our marriage that you respect my likes, every second
you try not to disappoint me. How could I thank for it? You want me to be happy always,
and you do anything for that. I thought about your attitude
of givingness all the night. So, I took a strong decision
that will make you happy. Yes Meenakshi.
I’ll never touch it in my life. It’s a promise.
With regards, your darling. Last puff, let me finish it please. Love you darling. Wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you so much. Just a flower! No party! Happy birthday Nanu. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Meenakshi. Have a bite. Do you think I’m a kid,
arranged so my balloons. Done with the arrangements? Film star,
Sanjana is going to perform on behalf of Meenakshi’s birthday. Really! Hey husband.
How could I prepare food if you won’t send me out of
bedroom even after 9AM. Adjust with a parcel today. The customer you’re calling is busy. Please call back later. Hmmm. Let me wait. The customer you’re calling is busy. Please call back! The number you’re trying
to reach is currently switched off. Leave a voice message!
– What? Switched off! Hello! Hello, could I speak
to Meenakshi, please. May I know who is speaking? This is Aakash, her husband. Meenakshi left to home. What? Sir! – Okay, sorry. Okay Sir. Nanu! What happened Nanu? Felt Headache! By the way,
how come you’re here at this time? Its! I called your mobile
but it was switched off. When I called office,
they told that you left to home. I came running as I
was worried about you, Nanu. They asked me to take
rest as I can’t work because of headache. so, I came to home. Oh! I didn’t see mobile.
Got switched off. But main door is closed,
how did you get in? I don’t to disturb you,
so I got into the house through terrace door, Nanu.
Your health is not good. Come, let’s go to hospital. Come, come. Come Nanu. No, no. Not required, I had tablets. You go to office, Aakash. Okay, you take rest.
Call me for any help, Okay. Hello! Why? Okay. Okay, fine. Okay. Where should I meet you? Okay, bye. Madan, madan, madan. Aakash, get ready. Madan! – I’ve to go early. Take coffee.
Are you going to kill it? leave it. Here, box.
Aakash, I kept your shirt there. Get ready soon, it’s getting late. Bye! Auto! Singapore town ship. Okay, sit madam. Sir, do you need cigarette? Last puff, let me finish it, please. ### Minakshi! Whose car is this? Hey Madan! Shit. Hey Saidulu, What happened? Meera madam suicide. – Meera! Yes madam. Meera! Meera! – Oh no, madam. Meera! Call the ambulance. Meera! Hello, What? Suicide, Okay, coming. Turn the vehicle, Seenu. Why did you do this, Meera? Aakash! I’ve come Aakash. So what? Whose car is it outside? Ours. What? You bought the
bar without even informing me! Hmmm, as if you’re doing
everything after informing me. What do you mean? Hmmm, I mean what I said. Meera attempted suicide today. Hmmm. Leaving husband
and attempting suicide, it has become a trend
with women these days. What happened? I don’t feel to eat. Why? I don’t feel to eat, that’s it. Your extras not at table,
I’ll tell you when you come to bed, you idiot. He’s coming. Are you imagining about
bed under moonlight? No, I’m imagining about
my pillow which you’re squeezing. Could you give it? Go away. Sir, sir, What’s your name? Ramachandra. Ramachandraya namaha.
What’s your Gothram? Arjunayanama. Arjunayanamaha.
What’s your wife’s name? Savithri. – Savithriya namaha,
chanting mantras. What’s your name? – Priyanka. Priyankaya namaha.
Your husband’s name? Lingababu. – Lingababu ayanamaha.
What’s your gothram? Paani gothram. Paani gothrayanamaha.
You come. One minute please, take the prasadam. Grow up, dear. By the way, why didn’t get ready,
it’s already 8 o’ clock. I’m not going to office. Why? I don’t feel like going, that’s it. Why’re you going so early today? Meeting with Hero Balakrishan,
want to come! Hello, Okay. Hmmm. Ya, Aakash has gone.
I’m waiting for you. Oh no, Aakash has come. Okay. We don’t need any baby soaps. I’ll come Okay, bye. Do you know how hard it is
to manage entire day in half saree. Hey Meenakshi, are you coming? Ya coming, but not there. Why did you change the plan suddenly. Will tell you Madan.
First come to mindspace bus stop and pick me up, Okay. Bye. Hmmmm, Hi. Please, leave me from here onwards. Whatever you do,
I won’t commit to you. Your friend Meera also
said same thing in beginning. Meera! What’s the relation
between you and Meera. You were shocked, right.
Do you know why Meera attempted suicide? Meera also eloped from
house like you and got married. Her husband also has one
weakness like your husband has, Suspecting her. I followed Meera, took photos. The other day, while Meera
was taking bath in bathroom, took video. I sent the photos to her house, created the suspicion
about her in her husband, and gave a choice whether
to commit with me once or show her nude video to this world. You bloody!
I can even leave my husband, but will never commit to you. She couldn’t tolerate
my torture or commit to me, so attempted suicide. But, she has to commit
to me at some time. Wait, a sexy lady
like you is calling. Hi Jubilee hills Geetha! He’s torturing my wife like
this for the past six months Sir. But you won’t believe me if I say,
so myself and Meenakshi planned this. Unless we get the
girls videos from him, We can’t do anything to him. Because, it’s a very
sensitive issue to deal with. What you need! Choice is your baby. Seenu! – Sir. Ask the force to come to the spot,
immediately. Okay Sir. Over to control room. Then, How did he
take Meenakshi’s video? Myself and Meenakshi
has never met before. She met me for the
first time to get Meera and myself together. Forgive me Meera. But, there is someone black
mailing her by taking her video, and the same person is
the reason behind our break. I came to know this
when Meenakshi went to his flat for first time. Hi Nanu. Madam milk! Madam Paper. You! You bastard, you bloody. You rascal. Cool down baby, cool down. Relax my dear,
have some water, come on. Tell me why’re you
torturing me like this? Will tell you. Why’re you so excited? Actually my target is
couples like you who eloped and got married without any security. I’ve videos of many
girls in this city. Few of them has committed,
few of them are about to commit.
Do you know? Nine months! I’ve waited for nine
months to trap you. Nine months! Yes. Nine months ago,
I took your photos. Sent them to your
house after six months. Wow, they’re so good. Means, think how much of
your data I would have collected in this six months to trap you. Which day you wore what dress,
which day you wore what color dress,
which day you went outside alone, you were happy with your husband,
which day you were happy with your husband,
which day you felt sad,
which day you joined the job! everything, everything I know. What I expected happened one
day after waiting for six months. I understood that there
is illegal affair between you and Meera’s husband. That day, I followed you from
bus stop to Coffee day. But, not only me,
even your husband followed you. That day I came to know that
your husband is suspicion about you. So, I gave the photos
to your husband. Sir courier. Without you and me knowing,
how can these photos? Do you really don’t know who he is? Don’t you trust me? Hello! who is this? Let’s talk about myself later. By the way, how’re the photos? Means, you’re one
who took the photos. If you’re shocked for photos,
then how it would be if I show your nude video! What? Do you remember one
day you went hotel Minerva, with your colleagues for a seminar. Yes, so. Coffee spilled on
you while drinking it. You went to wash room,
removed your top. Yes, so. You removed your bra
also as it is uneasy. I shot the video while
you removed your bra. – What? Smile! So, your nude video is with me now. So, what do you want me to do now? You’ve to do whatever I say, baby. Are you threatening me?
I’ll tell to my husband. Your husband!
He’s already suspecting you. He can’t even doubt how
he received courier at night 9 PM. You’re threatening
me that you’d tell him. Wait for a second,
I’ll show you how I deal him. Hello! Sir, could you please
give to madam once. Photos are too good. Oh thank you sir.
Thank you very much. See, how your appreciated me.
This is my talent. You’ve only one option
in front of you Meenakshi. Either to tell your
friend or to Police. But, I know that you
won’t do such foolish thing. By the way, think what happens. Your video will be available
in market, if you tell someone. So, what do you want me to do now? Smile first. Once you go out! Who is on phone? He will ask so. What would you tell? Do onething. Hmmm, Hero Balakrishna. Tell him seriously. For the time being,
this is what you’ve to do baby. Call you later. Kiss me with smile. What? Kiss baby, kiss me. Kiss me! I phoned your husband
to test whether he is still suspecting you. Hello! Hey darling, happy birthday. You’re enjoying the party! Who is this? Hello! Who is I’ve started my game from that day. Hello! You’re going to your house now. House! What I expected
has happened that day. As your husband is
suspicion about you, got into your house
by a different way. It’s my plan to make
your husband’s suspicion about you to reach peak level. Later, when I called you today! You’re going to office at 8:30 AM. Why? – Smile. Kiss me while smiling. Like wise,
I arrested your husband in my fist. Your husband will play the way I say. You’re telling lies. I don’t believe. My husband might suspect me.
But he has more love than it. Is it? If I tell him, then he’d
kill you and become a criminal. So, I didn’t tell him
and came here to face you. If so, tell me what
has he sacrificed for you? He left cigarette for your sake. How do you know that? I told you that I know everything. Tell me, Won’t your husband
will never smoke cigarette? Yes, he won’t. He promised
me that he won’t smoke for life long. Is it? Come. Look! There, at pan shop. See, How he is burning
with suspicion. Why’re you playing with my life?
What do you want? Don’t worry. I won’t rape you,
that’s not my character. You should like me,
and commit yourself to me. If I don’t. Simple, Both of us will
go outside now, my hand will be on your shoulder,
will walk closely, your husband will see
it and divorce you, finish. Hey, think. Not here,
go to your house and then think. I’m giving you 24 hours time. Means, tomorrow morning 11 AM,
there is a good muhurtham. If you cheat me at that time,
then people would talk about you in internet and
mobile that a new figure has come. I’m habited to enjoy
married girls in half saree, because they look like virgin. Now you can go darling, bye bye. Hey Dilsukhnagar Sreenidhi! One lakh less, please. Hey, cool, cool, cool, cool. Why’re you making me a psycho? You’ve commit for one week as
one lakh is less, you’re the balance. He’s taking videos of many
girls like this, blackmailing them and playing
with their lives Sir. Okay, I’ll look for good
muhurtham and call you, Bye. Then, Why did you
call me again, today? Do you think your husband
has gone to office today? Yes. He didn’t go. He went as if he’s going to office,
but came back and hidden behind your bedroom’s curtain. Hello! Smile. Put headphones.
Get ready by humming song on TV. Go to bedroom while dancing. Now tell me as I say. Ya, Aakash has gone. Ya, Aakash has gone. I’m waiting for you. I’m waiting for you. Oh no, Aakash has come. Oh no, Aakash has come. Now, disturb your hair. Hi sexy, now convince the sales man. We don’t need any baby soaps. Remember 11 o’clock. You know
what happens if you miss that time. Go, get ready by wearing half saree. If your husband has
come here by following you! There he is. If he comes!
Husband, you came at the right time, he took my nude video and torturing
me for the past three months. If I tell you, then you’d
kill you and become a criminal, So I didn’t tell you.
Since then, he’s blackmailing and blue mailing me. Meenakshi! What is this Meenakshi? Why would I black mail? What video? Why’re you telling lies? You’re enjoying with
me for the past three months. Now, you’re telling lies
as you’re caught by your husband. Sir, I’m telling the truth Sir.
Don’t believe her. No Aakash, he’s telling lies. Shut up Nanu. I know.
I know that you’re enjoying with him. If you could’ve told
me that you like him, I would have given you divorce long back.
I’m sending you divorce tomorrow. Go away. I’ve already planned this also.
This is my intelligence. Drink. Hats off to your brain. I was waiting for a
guy like you all these days. Really. I like guys like you
who think negatively. Even in cinema,
I like villain instead of hero. You wasted time by following
me for nine months, Do you know that?
You’re not less in anything. You’re six feet,
handsome personality. You’re not less when compared
with my husband, darling. I don’t want to waste time,
let’s commit. Where is the bed room?
Come darling, let’s move. Come darling, come on. Any girl should be flattened
for your intellectual brain. By the way, what’s your name? Nag. Wow. What a romantic name, darling. How did you get
the thought of putting the camera in bathroom, darling? If I tell about my intellectuality,
then you won’t stay calm. Is it? What is it? Sssshhh. It’s a top secret.
I never told anyone till date. Hey, why did you get up? I came here as I liked you,
but you’re not telling to me also, go. How could I don’t reveal it to you,
will tell you. Tell me. Not like this. Then! You remove one thing
at a time from your body, I’ll tell one thing at same time. First, remove that frill. Will you tell me now? I didn’t shoot your video
while you removed your bra that day. What? – Yes darling. So many girls like you has fallen into my trap without videos,
committed to me. How do you do it? Ask the force to take positions.
– Okay Sir. You thought for a second
when I told you that you removed your bra,
that second I understood that you removed your bra. In case if you haven’t removed your bra,
then you could’ve said me who the hell am I,
I didn’t remove bra at all. I’ve left so many who said so.
That’s where I play my trick. If they get connected,
then I’ll trap them. Why did you close? You’ll see what’s going to happen? Hey! Stop. Let’s go, move. Police! You bloody! Hey! Stop, hey stop. Hey! Hey stop. Hey stop. Where are you going? How can you get me caught? How can you get me caught? Quick, quick. How can you get me caught? Aakash, Police are coming,
leave him, please. Aakash, leave him, listen to me. Aakash, leave him.
Please stop it Aakash. Aakash, leave him.
Aakash, please leave him. Aakash, leave him.
Police will arrest him. Aakash, leave! Aaksah, leave him you idiot,
leave him. Aakash, leave him. Please. I know that you’ll react like this,
hence I didn’t tell you. Aakash, Police are
in down stairs. I don’t you to become a criminal, leave
him Aakash, No. Leave him, Aakash. Nanu! Nanu! Nanu! He killed my Nanu, Sir. He killed. Hey, you killed her. Killed her Sir. She’s injured badly in
head as fallen from long height. She could’ve gone to Coma
if brain was dead. But, luckily it didn’t happen.
She’s all right now. Nanu, will you forgive me? All this time,
I’ve lived with Suspicion disease by wearing a mask of cover. I suspected you without
understanding your struggle all these days. For that, I’m really, really sorry. Love you darling. Love you Nanu. Mom, where’s dad? They objected your
love for their prestige. If they can’t change even
their daughter is in hospital, then no one can change them. You don’t fell.
All of us has come. Let’s be happy. Hello! – Hi Meenakshi! Who is this?
– Can’t you recognize me? First tell me who you are? So, I became so
far even to recognize. Can you tell who you
are first or cut the phone? Hey Meenakshi! It’s Madan. Madan! Is it you? Where are you? Look in front, once. Madan! Hi. Handsome! Hi Aunty. Come, Aakash. Brother-in-law. He was my
sister’s boyfriend, prior to you. She would’ve married him,
if you wouldn’t. Sister! Do you think he has changed? No only he, no one will
change who thinks like him. They’ll act as if they’ve changed. They might look in
a negative way outside, but will have a positive angle inside. It is, getting fixed to
their wife that they’re priority to any other person in this world. This might be the reason even
their wives get adjusted to them. Didn’t I say not to open your eyes? Oh Aakash,
Why did you bring me here? Tell me. Wait Nanu. Open your eyes now. My God. Beautiful. Candle light dinner in moonlight!
Romantic idea. Why do you struggle?
We could’ve gone to some restaurant. I arranged it in terrace
as I don’t like going to restaurant. Why? Why? I don’t like, that’s it. Oh, Why can’t you tell? Imaging that we sit
like this restaurant. Hmmm, Okay. Four teenage boys would
come into same restaurant, will see your hot figure,
want to have dinner by looking at you and
shift to the table next to us. They would be looking
at you all the time without looking at others. If everyone thinks this way,
then no one in this world would go out with his wife. Look Nanu, again you! By the way,
you’re suspecting me, isn’t it. One second. No,
no, why would I suspect you? No, no. I think that way by
listening to your words. Your feelings later. Come here. Can I tell you the feelings
of all men on this earth? Every man who has such
a gorgeous wife, would look very bold outside. But, they’ll be very insecure inside.
Do you know that? Means, you too feel insecure,
isn’t it. Of course. You know,
there is no woman more beautiful than you, in this world. Is it? What? Covering! No. Romance. Is it black magic! Hello, stop brother, stop. I’ve been seeing you
from the beginning of cinema, unnecessarily getting frustrated
on people who are not even related to anyway,
keeping your face in a different way. I don’t like you at all. Why’re getting frustrated
with this ugly face? What’s your character which
is in no way related to this story? Am I, Sir? Director’s obligation. This character is created as
there is no other character to play. Don’t mind, Sir. Director’s obligation! – Yes Sir. Did director take
money from you? – Sir. Nothing Sir,
everyone come, everyone come once. Move aside. Come sir, come. Everyone once, Love you darling.

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100 thoughts on “Love You Bangaram Telugu Full Movie | Rahul, Shravya | Sri Balaji Video

  1. enjoyable movie. the villian was good – as he chose not to rape but let ladies come to him by will. only back drop is heroine should have fallen from 2 or 3rd floor – would have been easy to go with the story that had went realistically throughout about insecurities of a man with a beautiful wife.

  2. e move chusina tarvata okate anpinchindhi chadhuvu vuna lekuna asti vuna lekuna andham vuna lekuna house lo nunchi bytaki pokudadhu job cheste manaki dhakadhu sailent ga intlo pani chuskunte sipr

  3. Good movie …ee kalamlo elanti movie ravali chala coupules vidipothu naru nice good chala manchi messege echaru

  4. ๐Ÿ“ฒ*Whatapps* *00212645760441*๐Ÿ“ฒ
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    ูˆู„ุง ูŠู€ู‡ู€ู…ู€ูƒ๐Ÿ‘ ุชู€ู€ูˆุงุตู€ู€ู„ู€ู€ูˆ ู…ู€ุน ุงู„ู€ู€ุฏูƒู€ู€ุชู€ู€ูˆุฑ๐Ÿ‘จโ€โš•๏ธ ุงู„ู€ู€ู„ู€ู€ูŠ ู†ู€ุตู€ุญู€ู†ู€ูŠ ุจู€ูˆุตู€ูู€ุฉ ุงุณู€ุชู€ุนู€ู…ู€ู„ู€ุชู€ู‡ู€ุง ูƒู€ู… ุฃุณู€ู€ุจู€ู€ูˆุน ูˆุญู€ุตู€ู„ู€ุช ุนู€ู„ู€ู‰ ู†ู€ุชู€ุงูŠู€ุฌ ู…ู€ุฐู‡ู€ู„ู€ุฉ๐Ÿคฉ
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  5. Excellent movie๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’› villain role is extraordinary knowledgeable villain๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ’›

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