Lou Dobbs ‘skeptical’ of US-China trade deal happening

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100 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs ‘skeptical’ of US-China trade deal happening

  1. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
    Great show…. Super cool… 34

  2. Let us make China far more responsible for their products they sale to us. There are many cases here in the USA like the bad sheet-rock from China that ruined many houses and China did not want to
    stand behind this. I still remember thousands of dogs that died here in the USA from eating dog-food that came from China. They/we need China to be bonded and able to pay for any of these mistakes, just like we do here in the US! And yes there needs to be a place where Americans can file complaints on bad deals or products from China, so we can have recourse and just compensations. Besides this China can keep their (god forsaken) Fentanyl out of our precious country.

  3. WOW? SOOO
    E X T R E M E L Y
    B R I L L I A N T!

  4. How do you trade with an oligarchy. But we have an oligarchy too ,but it's little bit different. It's run by the Elite New World Order. So I guess it's really no different.

  5. We can not get the Canada/Mexico deal passed so why would China be in a hurry…thanks to Nancy. I am not sure if we need to deal with China in the first place…give a good deal to non-Communist counties.

  6. China desperate to make deal.
    Why not wait for next year and put tariffs on China?
    Or initiate phase1 trade deal for 2020 year 1stJanuary package and take a holiday vacation.

  7. China is Foolish to Believe that Waiting for the Results of the 2020 Presidential Election would make better trade deal. Because if Obama's Presidential Pick Wins, China Loses.

  8. Lou
    I think the aluminadi was talking about china would feel all those downturns
    Aluminadi is the dem party
    When they talk just believe the opposite
    And its easy to pass bills by the dem house
    Vote yes then find out whats in it later

  9. Any trade deal with China is just propping up a failing communist dictatorship. US financial firms that are investing heavily in China are incredibly stupid as the money is just used to prop up the commies and investors should look ahead to the day they lose their entire investment. The same goes for retirement funds. All funding into China should NOT be tax-deductible when the principal and interest are finally lost.

  10. its not all about money dear Gentlemans!! there is much more important issues about the China deal! Pr.TrumP know what to do!

  11. China SHOULD be begging for a deal , at least with Trump , you know he wont leave any stone unturned , the U.S is MASSIVE when it come's to consumer's , so ANY COUNTRY would love a deal with the U.S , hold out till you get what you want , because you dont NEED china , they NEED you !!!

  12. China will renig at the 11th hour and LAUGH about it, most likely … QUESTION: How much STOCK on the MARKET has CHINA BOUGHT? Wasn't a consensus reached the last time they cancelled at the last second? Maybe they're watching BIDEN and seeing just HOW BAD he is, and realizes that it's NOT in CHINA'S interest to connect themselves further to HUNTER'S 1.5 "BILLION" payoff

  13. A specter is haunting USA—the specter of Communism. All the powers of old USA have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter

  14. china views itself as the middle kingdom through which all trade flows and they feel with some justification that they were badly used for 100 years, they are not the middle kingdom and they need to get over the past. they have not negotiated in good faith since nixon so yes they need to be treated as a predatory trader over 100,000 chinese nationals are working in sensitive jobs in the us and almost all of them report to the chinese government. they are not our friend nor is russia this does not mean we can't trade with them it just means we need to be careful as should they war is bad for all but the arms trade.

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  17. They will come to a deal because they have to. They can't exist any other way. Of course they will cheat for two reasons. The main reason is they lack control of their own people and companies. The second is that is the only way they know how to compete. Within their own system, they would grow too slow to survive internally. Their own government promotes this internally. They live by dog eats dog within, and they export this mode of operation, with government disregard on their own end. Their own problem is for them to find ways around agreements, before they seem to agree to anything. As soon as they find a loophole or can create one, they will jump. What has them stuck right now is Trump doesn't make any holes for them to walk through.

  18. We want a USA China trade deal, but we wont get it, china isnt going to submit to anything ever as they already stated in their white paper. This is hyperbole

  19. Communist Chinese will not make any deal before 2020. Plain simple. They thought Biden will beat Trump and he has sniffed his last head yesterday. Even Obama does not prefer endorsing sniffy Biden.

  20. China does not want a deal and will not agree to any deal with tariffs or any deal that has restrictions including bans or sanctions. Trump has stumbled down an endless road with no destination.

  21. We ALL need to back President Trump on China Trade Deal. Pelosi NEEDS to pass USMCA for OUR COUNTRY. She hates President Trump more than she cares about the USA economy.

  22. Stand with Hong Kong, America.
    Human Rights.
    Xi, Sir, Plz leave Hong Kong to the Laws they are ACCUSTOMED TO.
    Thank U, have a nice day, bro.

  23. "TRUMPANATION". (noun , adjective). The act of lying, or lie made to promote your own authority, especially whilst intimidating witnesses.

  24. If Pelosi is holding back on USMCA. She's not only hurting Trump but she's hurting all of us as a nation. Because this program would prosper us as a nation. It's time to fire these demon possessed democrats that have thrown God away and are trying to destory our nation! The way we fire them is go to the polls in 2020 and vote for all conservatives. Oh Ya Let's do it!

  25. no deal with communist China they have already threatened to United States it's it's they intervene with Hong Kong. they would rather the Hong Kong people suffer then to use humanitarian negotiations with them


  27. We have always subsidized the farmers. I hear more misstatements implying that what is going on NOW is different then what HAS gone on in the past. President Trump has exercised NO authority or taken any action that OTHER Presidents have not taken in the past. All I can conclude is that most of the media propaganda is designed to influence the under 33 year old or so crowd, that has not lived long enough to see that there is nothing new here. NOTHING. The only new thing is MEDIA PROPAGANDA and the idea of THE RESISTANCE. The idea of THE RESISTANCE has literally promoted a type of slow burn CIVIL WAR pitting party politics above National Good. The scorch and burn RESISTANCE is burning bridges upon which both parties have used and crossed in the past and the damage to NATIONAL UNITY and TRUST IN POLITICAL PARTY POLITICS is so gigantic it is impossible to calculate and places the only real question of the continuation of the Unite States of America as the same country we have seen for the past 200 plus years. THE RESISTANCE is a regression from a developed state to a lesser state. From sage Democratic Republic to a Banana Republic. From civility to ruination. From unification of our peoples to divide and conquer. From UNITY as is our named "the United States of America' to the disjointed Independent "Regional Special Interest Groupings of America." WE HAD BEST GET OUR ACT TOGETHER.

  28. Our good President Trump is trying to fix the trash that x Obama created. so don't let that hurt your ears because we all know y'all do not like to admit that Obama was a big screw-up as a president.

  29. Deliberate polosi, shes a failure and a deceptive corrupt politician who our president out witts and out does her everytime along with her corrupt party followers. Polosi is no leader for anything . No matter how hard she tries ,no matter what lies and plays shes makes up against our president, she will never be successful In her deliberate attempts and corrupt actions to hinder this successful President we have!!! They will never succeed because they are the failures.

  30. Skeptical? Me to, I’m hoping there is no deal. The CCP needs to be under siege. Criminal lying thugs. I could go on and on. But I think everybody needs to research this further. Happy Thanksgiving to all and God bless us everyone. if everybody thought like me, it’d be great, lol.

  31. If it's the American importers that sell more extra products to cover the tariffs they pay, isn't that is the Americans who are absorbing the cost of trade war?

  32. The Chinese are not getting changed into good corporate citizens overnight. These guys are corrupt, deceitful, dishonest , corporate pirates. Trump, needs to send them to school and getting them to become law abiding corporate entities. I do not think the Chinese are flexible enough to change unless, their life depended on it and there was no other way to have trade with the west.

  33. Lou's face at 10:26. "The Senate has recieved 400 bill from the congress and they sit on Mcconnell's desk. Gun reform would pass if they had an up and down vote". Lou goes stone cold. GOP refuse to bring anything to a vote.

  34. Why should we EVER GIVE MONEY TO CHINA, They are the worst human right violators along with the Congo, Africa, California, new York, phillipines so why do we help them?

  35. "Nearly $1.3 trillion was spent on corporate mergers in the 1980s, more than the annual economic output of the UK. About 90% of all mergers were between companies from the industrial world. "..

  36. Falling apart because of the Demobrats are too busy with impeachment to sign some of the many deals on the table. You have the best chess player at the table. President Trump will get the deal on his terms.

  37. These people can't see past the short term thats why China has the advantage that they have today and if Trump wouldn't have gotten elected they would absolutely "eat our lunch" in the future, hopefully it's not to late.

  38. what do they sell we cant buy somewhere else?
    lots of cheaper labor in africa
    we cant build cell phones in africa?
    south america?
    we could build a ten lane maglev railway all the way from hudson's bay to tierra del fuego
    whos stopping us?
    we don't need china for nothing

  39. The only Americans who do good by selling out our tech and industrial jobs to countries like China are the elite and huge corps..small business in America will not benefit from their scheme..it needs to be illegal for any American company to build products offshores..50 years of this scheme and we have tent cities on the streets of major cities..that's not prosperity for the individual American worker. Do not buy anything not made in the USA PERIOD..these elitists want to get into China's market so bad they don't care what happens to us..DONT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS DONT VOYE FOR THEIR PUPPETS and DO NOT COMPLY WITH THEIR TREASONOUS LAWS AND REGULATIONS ..its time for YOU TO FIGHT BACK! Only traitors would sell their countrymen and women and children out for money! FK THEM!

  40. Nothing to be worried about. If China doesn't sign it, it will punish itself much more than it will punish us. China depends on our market to almost 80%. They simply can't win this trade war, no matter how you slice it.


  42. Sad, the lack of knowing, you lie, all MSM lies, still no truth about c_a drug/weapons trafficing, 911, JFK, NWO agenda, via UN

  43. No deal with China of any kind if a deal is made that shows that we support the CCP everyone can see that America will be stronger and be a great leader in our world

  44. The American people are great builders in any trade our country is on the right track Our President is working for people and the country he loves

  45. They are killing people and selling their organs….get us outta there! Get Bloomburg out. Get Zuckerburg out…Get 'em all out…..we don't need to support this kind of government…..

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