LOTR LCG Deck Spotlight: Stand and Fight the Harad Way

All right let’s go with a new Cardboard
of the Rings Deck Spotlight I’m Chad and this is a deck I built called “Stand and
Fight the Harad Way” a link to this deck can be found in the description of this
video. This is a Harad deck that does not use Steward of Gondor It uses Kahliel, Arwen, and Spirit Glorfindel The gimmick of this deck is to use Kahliel’s ability: Action: Discard a Harad Ally card from your hand to ready a Harad character in play.
Limit once per phase. And the spirit event “Stand and Fight” It cost X choose an
ally of a printed cost of X in any player’s discard pile
put that Ally into play under your control it can belong to any sphere what
you do is you discard a Harad Ally using either Kahliel or Arwen’s abilities and
then use Stand and Fight to play it because Arwen can discard a card to gain
a resource you can generate up to 6 spirit resources by round 2, allowing
you to play any Harad Ally from the discard pile assuming you have Stand and
Fight let’s talk about turn 1 I have found when I build a deck I want to have
a plan for turn one that involves questing and defense questing you can
send all three heroes for a willpower total of 8 then if you have to do a
defense discard a Hirata Ally – ready khalil and he’ll defend for you now
you’re going into turn two with the ladder resources possibly a horrid Ally
in your discard pile and most likely one in your hand round two you should be
able to play one of those big her out allies and then this deck is really off
to the races alright the big three fury all shoe
buyer use an if you get those three allies into play your her odd deck has
worked this deck in addition to the stand and fight has a couple other ways
to get them into play you can give a yell elf friend and now Arwen passes her
resources to him he has a second ability resources from Kiehl’s resource pool can
be used to pay for her odd of any sphere bypassing the resources to
him he can pay for fury all or use an or even help pay for you buyer with his own
resources speaking of your hand in your opening hand you want to see the elf
lights light of a Lenore and elven light elven light of course is the card that
pairs well with Arwen’s ability discarding it to gain a resource
spending a spirit resource to pull it back into your hand plus another card
and light a valinor allows Glorfindel Tequesta fout exhausting other cards to
see in your opening hand our stand and fight and one of the big three Harada
allies there’s a third way to possibly generate resources to pay for all these
horrid allies the ziggy stargazer way use stargazer to look at
the top five cards of your deck rearrange them and then discard two with
Ziggy and put those resources on coil this deck really is easy to pilot once
you get rolling you’re either gonna be using stand and fight or Ziggy or a
combination of the two to generate lots of resources getting all three big
Harada allies into play plus the other minor Herat allies requesting you got
glad reals handmaiden she’ll quest for two and also reduce your threat Elrond’s
counsel will give you a will power boost but more importantly reduce your threat
keels headdress gives you the amazing ability to give all of your hard cap us
one wield power plus a refresh action do not forget this it’s easy to forget
exhaust the headdress to shuffle the topmost harad ally in your discard pile
into your deck so even if you’ve already played your stand in fights you can
still get her odd allies back into your hand to pay for them the normal way I
really don’t have much more to say about this deck I’ll just go through some of
the extra cards elven jeweler is one copy gives you a chance to discard some
elven lights to play them or a harad al I do Nadeem remedies your healing
desperate defense is great with shoe buyer for our handling a big attack and
of course it’s a spirit deck so there is three copies of the test of will
I hope you give this deck a shot I’ve played it quite a few times I haven’t
lost with it yet I have found that it’s quick start with the three powerful
heroes and being able to get at least one hero level Ally into play by turn
two has made this a very fantastic deck and I look forward to hearing how your
playthroughs go thank you for listening and watching take care everybody bye bye

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