Look Cybergoth & Cyberpunk | Com o marido | LUCK DO DIA #2

Hello guys! For whom saw the last video and noticed I’ve made a new scenario And there are more things behind TAA DAA! (How shitty…) HA! Our dear garment rack, always; there’s Edward, There are the little bats I can stay on my sculpture I can stay here Here HERE… Hey, give back my clothes! *car crash noise* Well, for who dont know this is Kreepy My love, my husband As you resquested for him to participate, I’m here realizing your request, he’s here with me Today we’re here to make a production To participate of the video of a great friend of mine Kisses for Debs Better known as PuppetMissing And she called us to talk about a style quite different of Steampunk And this is: PYJAMAS! (Ok, joking!) Kreepy: It’s time to shave your legs, huh?! Well, let’s make it all full of clothes! *sound of magic* For whom didn’t realized, Today’s video will be about a little of Cyberpunk and Cybergoth Kreepy: While Steampunk is kind of retrofuturistic, the future of the past, Cyberpunk and Cybergoth are related to the future. Being that Cybergoth is, somehow, the trial of an optimistic future Luck: It’s a chaotic future and at the time time hopeful, Where everything in the world got fucked up, And everyone alsmost died, Everything destroyed, a lot of gases in the air and et cetera. And this is why we commonly wear gasmasks and protective glasses, the goggles As a form of protect ourselves from radiation Kreepy: Or hazardous gases; The very torn clothes transmit the sensation Of a higly elevated temperature, once we still need to be protected from the weather Luck: Well, as you noticed, it’s strongly about fiction We don’t truly believe that or live like this But partially, me and other people think that the world can go this way But it is a very fancy style, while cyberpunk is more… Kreepy: Bionic, somehow. It’s like you have a future where the apocalypse occured, And the world is chaotic. You really don’t have security about anything, neither your own DNA So, too much times there is human organs cloned and patented Allright, the costume is ready, good no?! Great! What? NA! Is it few for you? So we’ll do more! Time to do the mohawk! Talc helps with the mokawk because it dries your hair a little, but don’t mess with it later And in the clothes, because the spotted, unclean appearence matches with the style I choose the white contacts, because it gives the cyborg/ non-human appearence I choose my beautiful blue circle lenses Latex time, the one Luck dropped in the last video. There’s a tip: this is chicken coop screen, so many people use it for make-ups, including the mermaid ones And it gives a very cool effect Make-up time! I use the corrective just where my face have marks and the BB cream is not enough to cover up Today I want a smooth, perfect face I will use a blue ink, It’s for children make up, I guess And then I’ll do the black part of the eye So, I’ll use a blue eyeliner for the final drawings in the face Kreepy has done something more inspired in the Cyberpunk style, kind of aesthetic, grotesque And I’m more inspired on Cybergoth, blue, simetric, androgynous, Did you know the style? Have you already used? Comment below, send me pics! If you didn’t know, what have you tought about it? (Products of my brazilian store) I have my own fashion collection, Distopia, link below (ship worlwide) /SUBSCRIBE! Thanks Puppet for the invitation and to everyone that has watched the video Thanks Kreepy for the participation, and see you soon! Bye!

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46 thoughts on “Look Cybergoth & Cyberpunk | Com o marido | LUCK DO DIA #2

  1. Foi a Debs que fez a proposta do vídeo? Eu gostei… e… eu desejo sucesso na sua coleção, Luck. Saudades do meu amigo Kreepy… saudades de verdade

  2. AMEEEEEEEI….Eu usaria o Look preto,é gosto mais!
    Mas os dois estão lindos!
    arrasara! Como a Rubia diz,Top da balada! hahaha

  3. faz o look EMO por quer eu pedi por quer eu sou um e eu quero ver se vcs vam fica legas com o look emo vcs ja e lindos a a inda mas com o look emo

  4. que corselet lindooo,que casallll lindoooo, que vídeooo lindooo !!!
    amei as makes,e o pijama realmente tem estilo ein kkkk, gostei dessas pantufas 🙂

  5. Pow que video incrível.
    Eu amo o visual e o som Cyber Goth
    Porem não faço mais visu, nem vou em role tanto cyber quanto goth ou até underground
    Mas amei o video, simplesmente incrível, vocês dois são um casal lindo em todos os aspectos

    × Sugestão 1
    O audio de vocês ta bem baixo, claro que da pra ouvir, mas sugiro que coloquem um cone cobrindo a parte de trás do microfone da camera ou alguma estrutura que abafe a captação trazeira da camera, deixando assim o áudio recebido apenas na frente da camera, vai dar uma melhorada na camera.
    × Sugestão 2
    Façam um video, com imagens de vlogs, sobre as casas da cena underground, goth, cyber etc em SP
    Ninguém fez ainda, e acredito que vai dar um up na cena
    Falo inclusive por min, pra ver como anda a sena, as casas etc
    Gostaria muito de voltar a fazer uns visu pesado, sair do meu basico do dia a dia e curtir uns role novamente um video assim, ajudaria não só a min mas a varias pessoas que gostariam de voltar pra Night goth etc
    Beijos, bom domingo
    Sucesso, espero conhecer-los em breve
    Boa noite!

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