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This week on TGC News, Lone Wolf goes Grey,
Ab Arms shows us what Remington should have done and a new gun shop safety product that
might actually make sense! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
We have a bunch of new stuff to cover so let’s get to it. First up this week is a “new”
pistol from a company that is known as one of the top dogs when it comes to aftermarket
barrels. Say hello to the LoneWolf Grey Man. The idea with this one is to blend in… be
the grey man so to speak. Shall we go over the features? Yes, mm, indeed. Okay, so on
the bottom, you have a standard Gen 3 Glock 19 frame, but that frame has been completed
with a bunch of lonewolf’s parts including their enhanced trigger and extended mag and
slide catch so overall it should feel a good bit better than factory. The gun also features
a tungsten guide rod assembly, a lightweight firing pin kit with maritime cups, because
shooting wet glocks is fun, and some other standard internals. The slide itself is lonewolf’s
own stainless steel variant with the grey man configuration. They don’t really get
into detail as to what that means on the website but the slide has some really nice kind of
wavy cocking serrations as well as a super clean radius around the muzzle end. Moving
along further the slide is topped off with some AmeriGlo night sights and the part that
I like best… a lone wolf G19 length barrel with a custom flush cut crown. I freakin love
the way pistols look with a really nice flush cut crown. All in all there are a ton of small
upgrades that add up to a custom gun that is designed to look like a plain jane gun.
And here’s the kicker… the MSRP on the complete pistol with a bead blasted stainless
slide… 700 bucks. For a normal off the shelf gun, that’s pushing towards being too much
for a lot of folks, but when you consider what you’re getting here… maybe not. If
you want a tan PVD coating that puts the price up to about 800 bucks. So you’re essentially
getting a completely done up gun, with the exception of there not being any stippling…
but completely custom otherwise for a solid price. If you want the upper by itself that
will run you 550 bucks. So for an extra 150, you can get a complete gun instead. Really
solid value in my opinion if you are looking for something nice that flies under the radar.
I bet you know my next question… what do you guys think of guns like this? Do you like
the sleeper or would you rather be a little flashy with your defensive tools? Let’s
hear your thoughts in the comments below! Yet another company is jumping into the entry
level precision bolt gun market. The rifle is called the Mod X and the company is AB
Arms. They’ve essentially taken their MOD X chassis and turned it up a notch by adding
a remington 700 action to the mix. So what makes this different. Well from the factory
it features their own Urban Sniper Stock which has a spring loaded butt pad section for length
of pull adjustment as well as an adjustable cheek riser. However it will also take any
standard AR15 stock so you’re not stuck. It also comes with an Ergo grip which is nice
touch. And rounding out the chassis that takes AIC style mags is a 13 inch keymod handguard.
The action itself comes in 2 flavors… 308 or 6.5 creedmoor. With the exception of the
20 inch barrel on the 308 and the 22 on the creedmoor, the actions are identical. 3.5
pound adjustable xmark trigger, ⅝ by 24 threaded muzzles and of course the remington
700 action. So essentially what you have here is the gun that remington should have offered
a long time ago. The price tag on the 308 is 1199 while the creedmoor is coming in at
1249. Compared to the Ruger Precision MSRP of 1599, this is fairly solid value and with
the plethora of aftermarket parts already available for the 700 action, you have a platform
that will do well for years. We have a couple quick new products for you
guys this week. First up is one called the shot block. Now, normally I don’t cover
a lot of safety products but I thought this one was interesting. Long story short it is
a pull-fit chamber plug with a flag extending out of the muzzle. The concept is that you
pull this into the chamber of the gun using the attached pipe cleaner which acts as a
flag, AND it wont allow any rounds to be loaded at all BUT you can still work the action as
normal. With a lot of chamber flags or locks, you just can’t do that. I think they are
aiming this at gun shops where people want to truly check out a firearm yet have everyone
know its safe at the same time. The concept is fairly simple overall and because of that,
I think it’s a great idea. My only ding is that they have a metal push rod to remove
the plug and I would be concerned about that marking up the inside of the barrel if not
used correctly. Either way, pricing is not available yet and that will be the determining
factor on whether or not this makes sense for people to grab up.
Next up, from VersaCarry, the people that brought you the barrel obstruction masquerading
as a holster, we have the leather pouch with slits cut into it. Also featuring the new
“we forgot to add positive retention” upgrade! Really I don’t have a lot more
to say about this besides that. Do not waste your money on a holster that does not secure
your gun properly. This looks like a leather uncle mikes holster.
And Rounding us out this week, as I’m sure you may have seen from all the guntubers doing
videos on this gun, CMMG has released another new version of the Banshee lineup. This time
it’s chambered in 5.7×28 which is famous from the P90 and FN FiveSeven pistols. The new
Mk57 Banshee is pretty slick because it actually takes the five seven mags instead of some
aftermarket version, why fix something that’s not broke right? The gun is available in 4
different variants, 2 different 5” versions, one pistol and one SBR as well as 2 8” barrel pistols. Pricing ranges from 1349 up to 1549. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions from all over social media. This week our questions are
coming from YouTube! Well, we’ve been playing around with the 224 valkyrie trying to get
the heavier bullets to group well and a new 1:6.5 twist barrel is on the way, so that’s
probably going to be the next one. BUT I also have some other stuff coming down the pipe
in 243, 300 blackout, 9mm and 5.56. The reality of that question is that it’s incredibly difficult
to answer without knowing what your living situation is… If you live by yourself in
a house with nothing around it, you have a lot less to worry about than someone that
lives in a city with people in every direction. If you miss your target, that round is going
through at least a couple walls so be well aware of your situation. Sorry there’s not
a clearer answer. The reality is that if you are using a lead core bullet, and your target is properly angled
then you won’t have any issues. Steel target ricochets are largely the result of a crappy
target that has all kinds of pits and dings on it, OR one that is mounted incorrectly
aka rigidly mounted straight vertical. This will be fun.
And hey, if you want to ask a friendly fire question… send it to me over on theguncollective.com!
That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that button, if you
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100 thoughts on “LoneWolf Grey Man, AB Arms Upgrades and The Shot Block – TGC News!

  1. One gun a month for 10 months of course. If I took the ammo for a year I would only have ammo that year, the guns per month gives me the guns afterwards. Even if I am unable to keep the firearms at least I was able to try a different gun each month for a year.

  2. One gun per month hands down!
    What’s the best 243 platform for shooting heavy bullets?
    Still waiting to see Laugo Arms Alien 😐

  3. New Gun Every Month for 12 Months…I dont have anywhere near me to shoot….so really Im stuck collecting guns with no idea when the next time Ill be able to shoot unfortunately.
    A new gun a month would give me something to look forward to also…

  4. If i got to choose the gun each month i would go that route. I could afford most of the ammo then the guns I'd like to own.

  5. ill take a gun a month… dont have enough time to take advantage of the free ammo for a year, and the best outdoor shooting spots in south florida have all gone to crap

  6. On the Grayman gun, an editor from USCCA actually made it with them and writes about it in the USCCA blog.

  7. I like a non flashy gun and love the price of the lone wolf ! And the new rifle that Remington should have built maybe my next 6.5 Creedmoor. I would like a gun a mouth for a year .

  8. CMMG makes a family of pistol caliber AR pistols in 9mm, .45, .22 and 5.7, but no 10mm. Really, you chose 5.7 instead of 10mm. I wonder how many rounds of 5.7 vs 10mm are bought every year, same with the firearms themselves.

  9. in general, for home defense, id pick .45acp .38spl +p or maybe a .44spl. as noted, your location, skill level, budget, etc all apply.

  10. Those slide scallops are m&p style.
    The most dangerous gun is the one you dont see.
    I guess AB arms didnt get the memo, Mlok>keymod.

  11. Depends on the guns and how good of quality ammo for a proper decision on the question. Also .243 for the win as why are we trying to reinvent the wheel with ammo as there has always been good options available for years but no modern sporting rifles in those calibers. Another good calibers 280 or 270 22-250

  12. Helllllp!!!!!! I'm confused. Federal Premium Ammo just came out and said publicly that 1/7 is best for 90gr 224 bullets and that 1/6.5 is best for 223? What the heck?


  13. Hey john. Just got my x-caliber .224 valkayre barrel in 1 6.5 twist. 90gr smk group good with 26.5 gr of rl17. 95 smk grouped better. I did get their bolt head. It is just like shooting a 6.5 cread for accuracy. 1 moa no problem. Took it to 600 yards. Really impressive.

  14. One gun every month. I don’t have time to shoot enough right now to be equal to say a 10k weapon every month.

  15. one gun a month for a year or unlimited ammo for a year? What a cruel man you are! Ugg, I guess ammo. I can train up for the year. I can always purchase the guns I want later, slowly over time. Besides I guess I already have more guns then any sane person ever needs…but there are some holes in my heart. An M1 Garand shaped hole is one of them. Also a Nagant revolver. I mean I need to finish off my Russian weapon collection after all.

  16. I am going to go with one gun a month. I can buy ammo for what ever gun I want, I can't buy one gun a month.

  17. AMMO! ALLDAY EVERYDAY! Guns are forever. Ammo is food for guns and always runs out.

    The AB Arms rifle looks legit!

  18. I like a slicked up gun that doesnt look to flash. My carry is a CZ75 P01 with full Cajun Gun Works parts, slim CZ Custom grips, and fiber optic sights. It was 1150 for gun and parts. Its an amazing gun that doesnt look like its been worked over like a comp gun.

  19. If Mikhail Kalashnikov would have been a capitalist and patented his AK-47 design . How much money would he have been worth at his death? ATTENTION RAPID FIRE QUESTION.

  20. Thats easy. One gun a month for 12 months!!! My biggest expense at the range is the guns i rent…….i like shooting new toys.

  21. Shot block is nice but barrelblok from bloksafety dot com (curse youtube) is better quality and worth the price, check them out they even have one for AR's. The only plus shot block would have is being able to put oil on the pipe cleaner that could evaporate to inhibit corrosion. For the grayman assembly the word I got is that thanks is to be given to USCCA's Kevin M. for visualizing a sleek setup that lone wolf liked it so much they brought it to market, and yes low profile man in the gray suit style carry guns are the way to go.

  22. One gun a month would be nice, if I could choose them, and unlimited ammo for a year is rather restrictive, unless my firearms all use the same ammo, which I don't have set up. So I would want the firearms and buy my ammo for them.

  23. LOVE the idea of the dressed up glock for a bit less. Subtle guns are better and I actually like the two tone look for once.

  24. Ammo, so I could stockpile the rare stuff, and be the friendly local range salesman. For all your 'I forgot my ammo at home' days

  25. This may be a stupid question, but I’m still kinda confused by the answer I’ve gotten (by a couple people). The 5.56×45 rifles accept .223 rounds, but .223 can’t take 5.56. I understand, but what’s the compatibility of .308 and 7.62×51? (And is there any other cartridge you could run in a 7.62×39, I get that it’s cheap to get, but I’m just curious, never heard of any.)

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