Live stream Arena Brawl Launch Event with Kaalia deck! | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

hey everybody what’s up I am here and I
am going live and I’m gonna play some brawl and we’ll see how it goes I have
to brawl Dex I have a Sauron aggro brawl deck and I
have a Kalia it’s called brawl yeah yeah so I’m gonna
play the event I haven’t tried it at all yet so here we go we’re gonna do it
hey there copper Corki aka Brandon how’s it going what is up today I’m glad you
could stop by the stream hey very scary Gary pee subscribe with
twitch prime thank you so much two months thank you oh my goodness I
appreciate that so much um that is so exciting I okay I’m gonna
try out this probably a deck first and we’ll see how this is I played it a few
times in some direct challenges and had some trouble I was kind of clunky but
when it works it really really works so oh oh oh oh this is probably not good
okay we’ve got man of every color yikes this open hand is not great at all
but of course you’re gonna keep it of course we are
because that’s what we do here duh oh we got an angel vitality that’s good and
this is like so good in this format because you start out with 25 life
unless you play a shock land and you immediately destroy all hopes of being
able to put your angel of vitality out there and get the plus two plus two I
just I did that I was literally talking about it and then I messed it up yeah
that happened that just happened it did it’s okay maybe we can get some life
back I’ve got some life game stuff just relaxing today well that’s great I’ve
been relaxing this weekend – it’s been very lovely actually okay we’re getting
some lands that’s good I’m going to put her out I have I put the heraldic banner
in here uh it’s pretty scrubby it’s not good but I would needed some extra mana
because I didn’t have good ways to get mana of any color Oh tap up to to target creatures why I
don’t like that at all Prison rel so what are you prison
roaming I don’t care of you prison realm either one of these like I don’t care at
all just take them my gutter bones sure I don’t that’s really not that important
to me it’s not go for it put that gutter bones in the prison the
prison around seems a real early and it like wouldn’t you like save it for my
commander that’s just my thought you should want to discard a card I don’t
want to do that if it’s spectacle cost was paid oh I don’t need to do that I
guess I’m gonna go ahead and throw her out there oh no nothing not cool not
cool Wow Kalia you let us down dang okay a
godless shrine do I need to have this enter tap can it enter let’s see I have five I have four I’ll
have five I kept no I can’t place our kids I don’t have to read okay so I’m
just gonna let it enter tat I would need to pay to life should I put this silly
thing out here oh if I do that then I could cast our cam next turn um so we’re
gonna choose it doesn’t matter what color I choose like it really doesn’t
I’m just gonna choose red this is a really scrubby card I know it is I know
it is I really I don’t like using it I guess I’ll attack with her go go yeah I’m still like why did they prison round
my gutter bones why though um God eternal Quechua is going to suck if she
gets out here okay what does sir can do because I’m not sure oh I did pick red
yay copper Corki says red that’s what I’ve
chosen I’m so sorry whenever a creature attacks you or a Plains whether you
control each dragon new control deals one damage to that creature I don’t have
dragons yet until end of turn each planeswalker you control it becomes a
4/4 red dragon creature and gains fly or I can – three okay so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna place our can my poor opponent only has three planes that’s
not good is it I’m just gonna go ahead and minus three
and create a dragon because I can protect him and my little dragons getting the buff
from the banner yes and I guess I’ll just uh oh they don’t wanna wait anymore
then I want away anymore it gives the boosts our chance dragons
yes it did they were so scared of stark and
strivings that they were just like I’m out I think they probably didn’t draw
well because they only had those three lands and you just he can’t do anything
with just three lands ooh I got a cosmetic and I got the card that goes
with it one oMG I don’t know what that card was
and they probably won’t play it cuz it seems kind of scary it’s like a colored
artifact and those are very scary to me I don’t understand them every time I see
glass casket I’m just like oh that’s an artifact
let me grab that if I’m drafting or something but then I’m like oh wait it’s
actually it’s actually a white so oh this is not good I’m definitely gonna
mulling in this okay both of those but I guess I’ll keep that that’s okay
I can deal with that uh-oh a barrier bones okay
oh wait who’s their commander ar uh-oh Oh mi guys swamp nice um I’m gonna put
this out and scribe destroy your artifact or enchantment that might be
helpful but I’m gonna put it at the bottom because I want creatures I don’t
need it right now wait blue affinity is pretty decent and
standard at the moment well it’s white and blue so it probably is what should I
do I’ll do the own thing I can cast a
healer’s hawk okay so I think they’re playing mono
black oh they’ve got her out there um so power for greater I can’t do that to her
choose blocks no I’m not gonna block uh okay so I can do this do this
I could Conclave tribunal there commander I would have to use my
creature but it doesn’t matter should I do that I should probably do that right um auto-pay
just do it do it auto-pay it you’re gonna target her
if you like artifacts it’s pretty fun well traditionally I don’t like
artifacts they scare me Oh anyway it went back to their commands
zone I did not know that would happen oh I guess because technically it’s going
into exile oh that was dumb ah yeah why did I do that prevent all non-count my
damage that would be dealt to you and other permits you control well that’ll
be good against this little thing right um where should I cask Kalia I’m gonna
go ahead and put my laundry out yeah I missed up on that Conclave tribunal I
really did oh this is life links oh but we’re attacking we’re getting life back
yes yeah I I just didn’t think about that but now it costs more so there’s that
they don’t have the manor they don’t have the man in a Castro right now Oh a
midnight Reaper oh I didn’t think about the fact that they could almost kill her
okay I am really doing poorly here really doing bad real bad okay I can’t
do anything with that I’ve gotta cast her is what I’ve got to
do oh nothing oh my gosh
that sucks um okay I’ll just nah I’ll just make this enter tapped and I will
not attack I guess they will probably kill my wanderer next turn but I can let
I can let that go no not murders Ryder yuck yeah I don’t care if you kill her
like just go for it because Ilana’s block with this just to
kill it okay we got a Plains we can cast rack dos that would be good oh this is
this is actually really good I could potentially kill all of their creatures
let’s do it none of them died oh dang oh good oh my
gosh rag dolls why did you fail me here ah that sucked so bad why would I block that this has death
touch that seems doll ooh that’s lovely okay okay so but I can’t cast it if the
commander would move from the battlefield to any other zone you can
choose to put it in the command zone instead well boo um I guess I’ll cast
her again and hope that she won’t get killed this time oh oh yes we want this
oh yeah we want this guy big time okay so I can attack or I guess I should just
attack like that’s what he’s for I don’t want to save him for a blocker don’t target her no don’t do it
Oh smells your opponent cast costume or to cast I’ve got to be kidding me does that mean everything in my hand
oh yeah it’s already gone up I need that thing that gets rid of was it artifacts
and enchantments yeah I need it right now
embodiment of Agony’s enters about it with a 1:1 counter for each different
mana cost among nan lian cards in your graveyard
I don’t okay there’s two so that’s not good um dang I’ll guess I’ll cast this we’ll do red we could attack we can
attack we can attack for a lot so we should we’re just gonna attack with all okay okay that’s okay
she has vigilance so she could still be a blocker oh oh they’re drawing cards
okay that’s fine we can definitely kill them next turn just from attacking Oh
black I guess I should have done black because I had that embodiment of Agony’s
in my hand uh what just happened destroyed our creature
okay yeah not gonna block shoot okay let’s
see um I can’t use that these are useless to me right now I can’t afford
her but that would be nice other creatures you control affine have
indestructible um I guess I will just cast this embodiment of Agony’s I have
three so that’s not great yuck yeah a 3/3 is not good should I kill
this yeah I definitely should kill this stupid thing okay we’re still okay
still ish sort of will see this God pharaohs statue is messing me up
big-time don’t be looking at my creatures I wish
I could have pump this up a lot more Oh God
yeah sure that’s cool go for it I don’t I don’t care about any
of this stuff in my hand anyways so that’s fine yeah I’m none of my stuff has haste I
don’t think so boo okay well we’re check-in caster
we’re just gonna do it Yolo I mean let’s see are we dead
are we dead no matter what happens yeah we’re dead all you have to do is attack
with all oh wait except she has lifelink hey we might not be dead we might not be dead actually okay one
two three four five if I kill this I would take five damage but get seven
life back or I could kill her I would take what one Tuesday four or five six I
think I’m gonna kill her I don’t think I’m gonna die and so she’s
tapped so she can’t do her little thing yeah can they kill me can they find some
way to kill me ah oh my gosh okay what does this do for damage to any target
and three damage to each of up to two other targets okay so I’ll have to do is
cast this do for damage their face and then attack them oh man no no no not
when it comes on the battlefield when it does damage one of the tax day okay I’ve
got two I think I’ve got to keep her up as a blocker right I have to keep her up
as a blocker hey they’re Kyoji how’s it going thanks for stopping by you’re
studying I’m sorry oh no are they gonna kill me
oh no no yeah like I feel like I can block that and there’s no point in
attacking with it why are they doing that why are they doing that they’re
confusing me who okay hold up okay this this lady has lifelink this person’s
indestructible so let’s see I’ll take oh I don’t know if I can I
don’t know if I can I’ll take one two three four five and I’ll block whatever
I block this one I don’t know if I’ll live through this ah I did oh but they
got life link back to Oh oh no shoot their stupid statue up ah bow to the statue if I’d only kept that
one thing that ice cried at the very beginning that destroys an artifact or
an enchantment I could have gotten rid of that but I was like I don’t need uh it didn’t need that I did me that I
can’t believe they got him not one last little damage boo
okay well that’s okay I mean you win some you lose some
that was close really close man I would have had them next turn hmm oh no yuck
is this merfolk oh no huh I feel like I have so many mana problems with this
deck I don’t want this opening hand at all okay I’d also can immediately tell I
don’t want this opening hand either yeah I can’t keep that that’s really bad okay
there we go we have a man of every color we have this this I guess I can get rid
of that but I hate to it’s really expensive though goodbye scar again
he’ll kite goodbye sorry about your luck okay let’s just go for it here we go
we’re gonna put our Spears fewer out there yeah this is probably for sure
muffled egg boom okay well that’s not a Merkel so maybe not maybe not oh we
can’t catch this because they don’t have two whites oh well I guess I have that
um okay so I’ll go ahead and do this and not anything else what does this do
whatever attacks our blocks if you control another nonhuman creature
wildwood tracker gets plus one plus one until end of turn
ooh what does that mean yuck why is this fox so big folio of fancies players have
no maximum hand size each player draws X cards oh I should have done this Pierce
fewer thing I’m so dumb okay yep I’m the worst Villas Broker of blood
alright that’s okay I’ll pay two life and she’s in no she’s not an angel she’s
human cleric uh okay we’ll put wait a second that’s a
1/4 we’ll put her out first we’ll put her out first yeah it is so fancy a
folio fancies the fanciest fancy is what it is ok find us something good dang
that was the worst Wow the absolute worst I messed up not using
my spear spear alas turn at the end of their end step I’m not good at that I
can’t remember it I can’t remember to do that I just like click next because I’m
trying to hurry and not slow play oh my okay well we’ve got a planeswalker what
does he do each controller or what each creature control us with a 1/1 counter
has add one mana of any color put a counter on target creature ok pass two
attackers ok ok I’m gonna do it this time I’m
gonna do it I’m gonna do one damage oh it does it to each player that’s okay I
can take the damage the fabled passage put on the battlefield tapped do I need
to do that oh actually I’m gonna cast her no yes No yeah I’m gonna cast her because then I
won’t take damage from the spears viewer right
she prevents all non-combat damage so I can use the spear spheres ability haha
and it won’t damage me I’m really smart okay I guess I’ll just kill this thing
I really hate attacking Planeswalkers it’s just a waste of an attack
honestly oh did you see my emote it’s so cute
right just the cutest little kitty cat yeah I need to update that I’ve got a
silly one of my face where I’m making really funny face but I think it would
be a better emote but I haven’t done it yet bye YouTube um look at how like my
creatures have this fancy little thing around there around the bottom part of
their card I guess it’s because of the Wanderers ability it is the cutest just
so cute do what’s that combine guild mage fairy vandal ooh what is that Oh pass to attackers don’t let me forget to
do this Pierce viewer because I will I will forget why are you talking her this seems
honestly seems rude it will get plus one plus one if you control another non
human creature it guess so it’ll be a 3/3 oh I had to resolve that yeah yeah
I’m just gonna let I’m just gonna let that go I’m not gonna let my commander die
because of that no way it’s only until end of turn
yeah okay so now I’ll do this boom take that hi didn’t take damage yes
okay fabled passage here you go get on out there um okay okay this thing has
spectacle at the beginning of your upkeep spawn mayhem deals one damage to
each player if you have ten blah blah blah
you make asses for a spectacle Clause rather than semantic laws if an opponent
lost life this turn okay so let’s can I do that oh I don’t have the black it’s
one black black dang okay ah ah sorry I’m doing things I promise
okay I’m gonna go ahead and do this and get another black land oh I didn’t under
tapped I’m such a scrub but I can actually still cast this if I just do it
right now yay it worked out Wow that’s shocking
that is really shocking it worked out Wow who knew not me
I didn’t plan that no way exhale target creature with power for a greater I
don’t want to excel my own creature what the heck
okay they have the fairy vandal one of your dryer set in Christ Sharon put a 1
1 counter so I should attack because I don’t feel like I don’t think they’re
gonna block it right they’re probably not gonna block it they can’t do
anything to trick me okay good we’re fine we did it we’re good look at
some damage now I just need some angels to come out so I can gain some life okay
but the spot of mayhem will deal one damage to each player ooh and click it
counters oh yeah no no not her okay oh they didn’t attack at all hurry
well I’ll just eggs out her like I’ll just do it I don’t even care if the
wanderer dies like I’ll just do it get out of here lady
I mean okay well we’ll throw the spinning wheel out here I guess um okay
I mean so manna so I can get this guy out here I only have six and he cost
eight so let’s see can they do anything they can’t do any of this they don’t
have enough mana players can draw X cards okay so I’m going to attack with
both of these okay they’re not blocking okay cool
that’s fine right okay we are okay we’re actually
really good they’re down to nine health now oh oh they’re tapping their mana
individually uh-oh what does it mean each player draws X cards
okay sure I would love to draw a card thank you so much that was awesome divine visitation um I don’t have any
way to get tokens right now so that’s not super helpful hold up what’s
happening put it on Connor anti-christian control
then it fights bla bla bla bla oh no I don’t want you to kill my dude dang that was not cool not cool at all
okay that thing’s gonna be a 3/3 so I’m not gonna wait a second
I can’t block it with this I’ll just block it with this right well when I
just block it with this is it gonna kill isn’t gonna kill my thing nevermind I’m
not gonna block it I feel like they’re gonna kill my thing they didn’t have any
mana so I guess they couldn’t have killed my thing oh well prison realm
okay what should we get rid of their fairy vandal um or maybe this folio I guess we’ll get rid of their fairy
vandal oh it only exile is a creature or
planeswalker okay I want to keep that I was thinking it could exile like any
permanent but that was wrong obviously okay we’re getting there
we’re getting there nope what am i doing I just love that Kalia has vigilance
that’s great that it’s just so great I love it it’s the best she’s such a good
commander also like that should cost three mana ooh
hydroid classes this is not cool we’re gonna want to kill this thing
somehow like real fast how I don’t know okay I was gonna block it with my bishop
of wings this time yeah divided ization is not really good
for me right now not at all I don’t have any way to make tokens okay the mountain I still can’t cast this
shoot why could pay five and tap their classes that would actually be good
should I do that I’m going to going to okay and then I’m just going to attack
with her next okay okay just one more turn one more turn and we got this we
got this as long as they don’t get another flyer and I’ll just tap that
thing again and we got this easy easy super easy yeah we’re okay yeah when are they gonna do are they
gonna catch this again nope oh no that thing is reach oh no
that thing is reach okay that sucks oh that thing is flying dad sucks – okay
we’re just gonna be patient and we’re just gonna spear skewer them to death is
what we’re gonna do and we’re gonna hope that they don’t kill us first Pass
i straight-up cannot block if they attack with the crasus like I can’t okay
they’re down to two Oh riot and flying okay so I could give this thing haste
but that’s really not good I can tap a creature I could force them to block
with their arrow monk ulis no no that thing has reached – dang okay
we’re gonna cast this and we’re gonna give it the counter we’re not gonna give
it haste yes go ahead and resolve we’re gonna
give it a counter okay next not going to attack nope can’t attack and we’re gonna
in turn okay okay it’s fine we got this okay this thing’s adapting that’s not
cool that’s not cool past two attackers all right do I block this or not I say
no I’m not blocking this I’m not blocking this because I don’t know should I block it no I’m not blocking it
II I’m scared not to block it I’m scared
they’re gonna do something to like buff it up okay they didn’t they didn’t deals two damage among one or two
targets so I can do that and spirits cure or I can do I can do Spears
I said spear skewer I can do spear spear on oh they are really going for it I’m
gonna go ahead and do this and then I just need to do that on my turn
who disenchant my turn they’re dead they’re so dead yes
that was a good game spin spear skewer yeah spear spewer whatever same thing
same thing yay that was a good game though for real it
was I liked it ooh fairy formation and I got the card
fairy formation do you always get like the same one that you get the cosmetic
for if you do why do they act like it’s gonna be a surprise card like why do you
act like it’s gonna be a surprise just like show me that it’s both of those I’m
okay with that because I’m like tricked into thinking it’s gonna be something
random but it’s not so just just show me both of them at one time how about that yeah I mean I like having the cosmetics
but I probably won’t use very formation ever because it’s blue I just don’t play
blue but a fairies deck might actually be really fun I could try that but is
that is a maybe okay we have two lands I I hate that I don’t like that at all but
we have a shock no I can’t keep this I have to Mulligan oh this is better this
is already better bishop of wings disenchant this is not great but it’s
okay we’re gonna keep it that’s for sure we’re gonna go ahead and just play the
fabled passage and I’m gonna want let’s see I guess I’ll get a white because oh wait a second I definitely need either a
red or a black or I won’t be able to cast my Kali yeah okay we’ll just get a
red whatever whatever it’s fine oh and I drew a red yeah okay yep
typical I should have taken a white I knew I should have taken away I need to
wipe a bishop of wings and I have all these white cards that’s what happens
braska go Gauri queen is their commander Wow I’m probably dead oh there’s a white
okay we’re okay we’re straight up okay right now I’m
gonna cast my bishop of wings because why not Yolo maybe we’ll get an angel
really soon I i I think that Callie is an angel like I
always think that she is and she’s not she’s a human cleric it’s not weird
she’s human cleric she flies I find it kind of bizarre I’m actually going to oh that was a guild gate not a shock land
oh I’m so dumb I literally can’t do anything okay and turn we’re ending turn just occurs portal exile Sark we should
control their return that card is a battlefield under its owners control pings first strike until end of turn
exile target creature control on five hundred Suns guess what I’m going to use
that on this creature why because I don’t know how else to use it I just did
it I just did it sure whatever I probably should not have used that card
on that but I don’t I don’t pretend to be good at this game at all so there you go um I should probably shock
their Med of the oven Legion like definitely I’m going to goodbye goodbye
night and then I’m going to cast your own on combat damage butter but no I’m
gonna cast her get out there Kalia get out there and give me a card all right
I really wanted an angel but this will work a dragons okay I want an angel so
it would do my bishop of wings would do its thing you know oh well at least we
got something because many of these games we’ve gotten literally nothing
don’t do it she just wants to live her life why I’m just gonna bring her back
I’m just gonna cast her again oh if only I had had my wanderer out there she’s
gonna be out there now nope not going to attack if I’d had my wonder out there
that couldn’t have happened wait no it would have happened cuz murder is not
damage right murder is just you’re dead destroy yeah that’s right that’s right I
know how to play this game I really do I know how to play it it’s real it’s
really real yeah they’re looking at my wand right there like what what does she
do again why are you playing this card good question because it was in this
deck that I found online that’s why that is why
yeah okay oh look they made their Fox blue oh I want to make my Fox with you
yay karyam you’re blue now ooh foreveryoung nice okay I really want to
cast my rack dos a showstopper because I want it to work
I want rack dos to do its thing okay we need all of these creatures to die
rack dos come on Oh one of them died the death touch creature died yay it works
nope we’re not attacking an turn I don’t want to kill my own creature come on
game can’t you be smarter than that when Rock does the showstopper interested
battlefield flip a coin for each creature that isn’t a diamond ever imp
the strange creature whose coin comes up tails yeah that’s right ley line prowler
you’re dead Oh No Lilliana dreaded word general oh shoot
Oh No I hate that I’m gonna say nice though
but I’m actually like crying inside perihelion this discard scares me vehicles terrify
me oh I know what I’ll do I’ll kill Liliana I’ll just do it I’m gonna kill
the Liana I’m gonna give this thing haste and kill her I would like to give
it the counter but I’ve got I’ve got to get rid of her I cannot let her stay out
on the battlefield she’s already ruined to me once she made
me kill my rack dos and I love rack dos it’s just this big flying demon does a
lot of damage and he’s really great okay now what um let me see an angelic
exultation dang it stop killing my creatures perihelion okay let me try to
figure out how this works tap any number of creatures you control with a total
power of 4 or more this vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn
flying first strike vigils oh ok so I miss I so I need some big creatures
whenever it attacks you create 2 for 4 angel creature tokens that’s nice yup I
got nothing here yes I’m gonna cast her go lady go give me something good oh that’s good but we’re probably we
probably aren’t gonna be able to cast that anytime soon I have one two three
four five six yuck yeah we’re not gonna cast that anytime soon um yeah okay so she can’t take a
non-combat damage either so that’s good Brasco goal gari queen
I’m straight-up dead whoa whoa dang okay it’s okay
none of these cards in my hand are like any good right now I need some land is
what I need need some more land so I can cast some of this stuff all right go
ahead and attack my planeswalker it’s fine
oh Conclave tribunal okay so I can Conclave tribunal abrasca that would get
rid of her um this is so useless to me right now this is straight-up useless to
me right now this is the only thing I’ve got so I guess she’s going back into the
command zone I know that now which is fine um disenchant what no okay
my own thing no a sky tether and chimp attendant creature has defender and
loses flying well they don’t have any fliers yeah I mean I guess I could use it on
something that’s not a flyer but I really don’t want to I’d rather wait
until they have a flyer a beanstalk giant oh oh I guess they’re looking
they’re doing it sorcery search your library for a basic land card went on
the bottle fill in shuffle your library oh no they’re proliferating oh they
didn’t have anything to proliferate oops okay sure
go for it yeah go ahead kill her it’s fine I don’t care okay but we got
to draw something good we’ve got to draw something okay
that’s not good that’s not this really honestly horrible oh my gosh this is so bad this is gonna
help me get more mana I guess next turn whatever we’ll pick red Oh or this turn
I guess I’ll just cast this thing anyways I need to I need to get some creature so
I really need to get some creatures if I can cast my Kalia again I can search for
a creature but she’s getting very expensive now
very expensive hey there MTG strategist how’s it going hey there Muhammad how
are you I’m good I’m probably not good real soon here not good at all do you
see that giant it just became a 9 9 y Ickes can I guess this next turn is
there any chance nope no there’s not 1 2 3 4 5 6 I don’t have 7 and this thing
costs 8 good cast my Kalia though enchanted creature has defender and
loses flying I could put that on there gee Beanstalk giant that would do it this creature can’t attack that would
actually be good don’t do anything don’t owe the hint if
I can’t do anything you can’t counter me what am I thinking I’m not playing blue
um I guess I’ll cast the frickin spinning wheel I mean yeah okay so next
turn I can cast my villus but don’t want to cast this enchant I’m the only person
with artifacts and enchantments out here game oh my goodness so I’m playing the
brawl event and I’m 100 no don’t wait a second
wait a second but that’s her children for a basic land card yeah do it
I need a black I think right you have need a black hey that helps you okay but
they so that was fine because they wasted their assassins trophy on Matt
uh-oh what does this mean no spells cost X let’s see Cass where X is the greatest
power among creatures you control that’s nine I’m just gonna say nice what else
can I do at this point yeah go ahead
just go ahead and throw her out there it’s fine oh my gosh
oh my gosh yikes so there’s that oh wait a second can I get rid of this oh I
should have done that what’s wrong with me I should have done that before they
used it I’m the worst I am just the absolute worst okay
scrying does that help me at this point or am I just dead probably just dead pay to life Turk pitcher gets – to – to
attend return I don’t think I can do anything I don’t think I can come back
from this yeah pretty sure that I can I mean I think they can just like destroy
it immediately right oh wait only for converted mana cost three or less okay
so that’s good oh never mind there they have a death sprout yeah it’s
dead and and I’m also dead so I’m just gonna say good game yeah I’m straight-up
dead I am straight-up dead look at that giant it’s a 10/10 those that was insane
I thought I was so smart when I put that when I put that enchantment aura on the
Beanstalk giant I thought I was like really clever but then they immediately
got rid of it boom okay so I’ve had um I’ve had two wins it’s alright
I’ve had two wins I think why does this why is this like weird but doesn’t count
how many losses you have I guess I’m just gonna keep going then yeah that’s
what I’m gonna do I’m gonna keep going I really like I really like this kalyana
deck she’s fun ooh a Johnny oh my goodness I guess this
is probably gonna be all life game day ooh command tower that’s helpful I’ve
never had that in my opening hand prison roam Conclave tribunal got her bones
live Doom whisper oh okay this is not a great opening hand but
I have okay man huh so I hate to get rid of it so I’m
probably gonna keep it even though I have a free Mulligan I’m gonna keep it I
can cast Kalia I’m turn three and potentially get
another creature so we’re okay I think we’re okay I think we’ll see we
will see a Johnny the great hearted he’s so good up there already gain in life I
knew it was a life game I knew it um let’s see I’m going to first of all
cast this and cast my gutter balls hey gutter bones get on out there
you crazy Skelly boy oh no what’s this ooh I hate this card it’s just real
obnoxious everyone knows it is gonna go for the fabled passage and um yes okay I
guess I’ll get black I guess I’m gonna swap whatever and their wall attack
because now they have this little slot thing up here and what’s the point
what’s the point I am a root warlord okay well I’m
getting a lot of mana now um okay I’m gonna catch my commander yeah oh oh okay
that’s really expensive I mean I love it but that’s super expensive you may pay
white and tap for untapped creatures you control offline I can’t do that so I’m
gonna take this because I can cast that sooner and I’m not gonna attack okay
this thing is probably gonna be annoying right I am Groot warlords power is equal
to the number of creatures you control oh okay so that’s why it’s a two-five
right now I have prison row and Conclave tribunal so yeah we’re okay oh wait a
second ooh what’s happening um I am NOT going
to block but I am gonna get rid of that creature next turn oh you better believe
it a rafter demon okay so okay wait a
second yeah I’m in a prison realm it I’ll cast this because I don’t need the
manor right now I’ll prison around this thing okay and then I get to scry do I
need that I really don’t right now I have let’s
see I have three mana in my hand so I’m okay we’ll get rid of that
and oh this thing has reached but it will die
so should I do that yeah definitely because kellyanne’s vigilance so oh they
didn’t even block it they didn’t even mark it nice yo dang okay not cool
well I can’t Conclave tribunal it so there’s that do whisperer
Oh actually I could just cast this guy I definitely will pay to life and surveil
– I don’t want to do that does this thing I’ve reached nope
okay so we’ll attack with her again see if they’re gonna block with their grazer
they’re not okay they’re just taking that damage that’s fine they’ll probably
make some more tokens Oh Oh Johnny’s coming out y-you gave three life when
they gained life they can draw a card put a 1-1 count on each could you
control and a loyalty counter on each other planeswalker you control okay they’re gaming life that’s fine go ahead
sure if if they’re gonna draw a card they can just go for it I’m cool with
that and oh they did not attack with their
warlord nice I’m getting a lot of planes alrighty then um okay
should I get rid of their Oh Johnny I guess I probably should I need to make
it more expensive um let’s see or I could just kill it this has trample
so I can definitely just kill it okay hold on a second just give me a second
going to attack there Johnny with both of these next okay they didn’t block I guess they
wouldn’t it would be done um I can cast the rafter demon or let’s see should I
Conclave tribunal this thing I probably should you can’t decide um I’m gonna catch this and my mana was tapped real table so I
can’t cast my bishop of wings whatever it’s fine another Johnny uh what a daybreak
chaplain Oh gross what does this one do create a 2/2 white
cat soldier oh no name the Johnny’s primate oh no oh why are they attacking me like this why
are they attacking me with these one ones oh because these have life length I’m confused they have one mana up I’m
gonna block these but I’m afraid I got no they can’t do anything I don’t think
they can do anything okay they just got some life back
oh boo I guess they should just resolve all you didn’t see a notification oh I’m
sorry what’s your here now so it’s good okay um I guess a little Conclave that Ajani
right or the or the primate Oh gross oh okay I’ll do to the planeswalker
because one two three for okay they can keep making the ajani’s
primate so I need to get rid of those okay and then also I’ll just put this
out there sure and I’ll just put this out there
sure okay so I’m going to attack with this and should i attack with the doom
Whisperer also it’ll then be tapped I think I’m going to they’re getting a lot
of life games but maybe I can do damage faster than the life game that they’re
getting we’ll see does this have life link no it doesn’t have life link it
just gets a counter this has life link Oh gross okay oh no they’re giving all their
creatures counters yuck okay what what why okay so they’re gonna
get life like I’m going to okay let me think if I attack if okay if I block
their ajani’s primate with my Raptor demon and my gutter bones I’ll do six
damage whenever you’ve gained life but they’ll won’t they’ll get more life in
that right will they get two counters off of the day break chaplains life link
I’ll just I’ll just block it with the Bishop of wings also and we’ll block
this with this okay okay they don’t know why I triple block
that thing and I don’t know why I did either
haha I really just I want to kill it is what it is I what I wanted to I want it
for sure to be dead okay okay so it would have gotten counters afterwards what okay they didn’t have it anymore
okay that was confusing it was confusing for me too
oh no your Wi-Fi is messed up um I probably
will not be I probably will not be on for more than an hour from now
um I should have done this Pierce despairs viewer thing I don’t have any
way to create tokens but I’ll just put this out there anyways I guess I’m going
to attack with both of these oh man I have to attack this stupid thing bang okay they’re just letting it go yeah I’m
so sorry that you can’t see the stream I do have a Sauron brawl deck but um I am
going to finish this event Oh No why are you tapping my creatures Oh yuck okay six seven eight and they’ll
get lifelink I’ll just let it through I don’t care I
don’t care just do it whatever sure guess what I’m gonna hit you for one
damage and hit myself also you know it’s fun
ah I don’t want this and this this is something I do not want okay they have a
lot of Flyers now so that sucks I guess I’ll just not attack and we’ll
see what happens we’ll see what happens oh no they’re
making soldier tokens so their little tree okay I will I just I want to kill I’m gonna
block this we’re gonna kill this this is dead um we’re gonna kill this and we’re
gonna kill this okay sure go nuts dang here you go
take that spear spewer oh wow a mana geode that’s really great I’m getting to scry choose up to to
target permanent blah blah blah nope that’s not gonna help me I needed that
last turn uh yeah we’re just uh is this not like linked no I guess I can attack
with this oh they can block it with that and that won’t die anymore well I think
they’ve got me I think they’ve got me dead don’t see any way to come back from
this one okay they’re putting counters on all their creatures I’m just not
gonna block no blocks there you go there we go we got another loss but like
this events not over you can just lose twenty times in a row
and it will keep going oh my goodness let’s try again
I don’t like that deck that was not fun not fun ooh what’s this
oh this is like the this is like the pecan for all day okay we’ve got some
better manner this time a disenchant oh I can’t cast that oh it’s too expensive
uh I can’t keep this so whatever my creatures are like super expensive Oh No
now I have all these mana artifacts this is bad I’m keeping this one it’s bad but
I’m keeping it of course I am why wouldn’t I oh these I’ve got some
card draw that’s the thing I can cast Mike alia and she can help me get
another creature while wishing well oh wow look at my opponents beautiful
sleeves I have some of those too but I don’t use them I just used my my fancy
super fancy arena lens oh yeah this little fairy is just so cute okay we got
a doom whisper umm I’ll cast this and I don’t need to pay the to look for it it
can use enter tapped because I’m gonna have a real slow start is what I’m gonna
do here it looks like my opponents having a slow start too so we’re fine
we’re fine we’re gonna get Cali out there and we’re gonna look for some more
creatures no why oh my gosh I’d really likes arcane that would be
helpful but I can’t take him it has to be what an angel a demon or a dragon boo
I have so many of those in here I don’t understand like how did I not get one I
fold them looking at my Kalia uh whenever a Pidgey control attacks alone
and gets +1 +1 or exited my creatures you control huh this is so helpful or I
could cast this scry and then cast my healer talk as well um I guess I could
try to do this whenever they try it if they try to kill my if they try to kill
my commander I could I could try to like use that properly maybe ok we’ll attack
go go go Carol yeah go yes she did it she did 3 damage please don’t kill her
oh uh oh we’ve got a little fairy out here flying deaf such a life link aah
why okay we need to kill that we need to kill that thing um okay
let me think I’m gonna cast my doom whisper that’s what I’m gonna do doom
whisper is very scary uh no attacks and well I’m turn yes
now they cannot attack at all oh this is a three-color deck I did not realize
that uh-oh what’s happening can’t attack or block know should I pay
to life in surveil – I’m gonna do that first oh that’s good and that’s good too
I’ll keep both of those okay yeah go ahead boo
if I get my enchanting that removal thing I can use it on that and get rid
of that blob made just binding um dang okay it can cast this we’ll get our
spinning wheel out there and we’ll cast this mean cat okay
oh wait a second I could use this on my doom whisper and that would drop the law
mages binding it gains first strike until end of turn I’ll do that if they
like try to attack with something okay I’ll do that on their turn
don’t let me forget it’s an instant okay don’t let me forget
okay I’m gonna I’m gonna definitely do it on their turn I’m going to trip that
hahaha wait what’s this Oh whenever you cast an artifact I jam
it create a fairy no no okay I’ve got to find a way to kill her you Add to add
what does that say add to manner of different colors Oh No
I assume that they’re never going to attack with her because like they’re
just gonna want her out their creative berries I’m gonna bring this back yes I did it it worked it worked ok so
now we have another planes like in castor Actos oh ok
we need RAC dose to kill all of their creatures this is what we need
go RAC dose go kill them all and kill one of mine what oh my god I didn’t know
he killed one of mine I’m such a Skrull oh ok I’m going to oh my gosh ok I’m an
attack with doom whisper and Kalia okay this has death touch so they might kill
it but I’m just I’m just doing it I’m just doing it they’re not blocking any of it
oh whoa whoa oh my they did not block any of that I don’t really know why they
didn’t like chunk block oh oh oh I see oh no oh no this is not cool I really
need some a jam and removal like right now right now I don’t know if I’m gonna
get through this event with five wins honestly uh okay is this like the
pre-contact like entirely my turn favorite passage
seriously seriously right now okay I can I can look for a card and lose
life oh this is this is actually probably
good because these two have trample so they would get eggs it would be an eight
eight so I guess I’ll attack with rack dos next we’ll see if they will block or
Matt okay they’re double blocking their triple blocking they’re killing my rack
dos it’s okay I’m just getting rid of some of their fairies because they have
too many obviously way too many um and I want to do my fabled passage thing yes
what color do I need I need a I could use a red or a white I guess what what
exhale card fly like okay sure go for it okay and turn why do they
have so many enchantments and artifacts not cool okay I can attack again with my doom
whisper next turn and it’ll get oh this is stupid
honestly um I’m gonna search for a card that’s what I’m gonna do
oh no nice la not as well that’s not what I want angelic exultation okay it’s gonna give
my doom West for a +2 +2 still be seven seven so I guess I’ll do that just to
like sort of force it why do they keep looking at this Oh I’m not really pulling stuff out of my
graveyard so that’s fine I suppose okay are they gonna kill it
yeah they can kill it I guess if they block with all of those tokens that’s
fine go for it sure whatevs I mean I’m getting a little
bit of damage thrown like a tiny bit just a tiny bit okay we’re back to like
Commander versus Commander of course my commander is not in a good place right
now because she’s a 2/2 I mean honestly like will you stop
making me exile cards for my graveyard this is not a thing I’m not bringing
stuff back I don’t care about it draw cards and discard a card sure go for it okay hello precognitive perception oh scribe three and I’m sure their scribe
three and then drawing three because yeah it’s their main face Wow
they’ve just drawn a lot of cards okay arcane signet so they’ve got
another fairy okay and a golden egg they’re getting another fairy and
they’re still drawing cards oh they put a tranquil Cove I’m not gonna block that
no no no no no this thing has does such an lifelink
okay I’m gonna do this because I’m getting literally nothing okay
wow this finally something not super helpful but it is something sure I think
I’m going to attack with her and just kill one of their fairies or I can cast or get nexor and have plenty
of mana um I’ll just wait in block but they may not have I don’t know I don’t
know oh this is super obnoxious honestly stop I’ve not brought anything back from
my graveyard this entire game so why like why okay well there she is I should have
attacked with her and killed one of their fairies dang okay I’ve got my
little dragon out here my one little dragon got to go for it dragon you’ve
got to I mean there’s no point in blocking with this thing because I can’t
kill it so I won’t they’re drawing cards of course of course very nice I’m
drawing lands a shock oh boy not helpful okay maybe we can get maybe
we can get another creature okay there we go that’s something we’ll
be able to block stuff with that for sure um so I’m going to okay what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna save the shock for their turn a block I’ll block their commander
with my dragon and then I’ll shock it to no attacks and turn that’s what I’ll do no they’re they’re doing stuff yeah go
ahead okay they’re drawing more cards you’ve
33 cards in their day left they’ve drawn half their deck why are you looking at
my graveyard oh my gosh I’m not pulling things out of my
graveyard so just stop they have like I live like fully on of
cards here I don’t even think it’s their turn is it is it their turn nope that is all my turn Wow okay what’s
that Oh emergence own oh that’s gross all
right okay I think they’ve gotten cocky so they’re
going to attack with their commander wait they’re not oh wait yeah okay
they’re not oh do it oh my gosh okay I’m gonna get describe so that’s
something I don’t really want this card I can’t do anything with this card I’m
gonna put it at the bottom but I risk getting another land but I’m gonna take
that risk because I don’t want that card the card is like no good to me right now
okay we’re casting this okay oh it’s still a
seven seven and then I’m just gonna wait I’m gonna save my shop for when they
attack but oh good they won’t attack anymore oh okay
it’s whatever I mean I guess I can kill one of their fairies but what is
happening right now what are they about to cast I think it’s
still my turn right oh they’re gonna Conclave tribunal my thing oh my god okay well I’m just gonna leave because
this is not working out for me and they’re not really doing anything so I’m
just gonna go cuz this is taking forever they’re not even attacking me I’m still
at 11 health man okay I’m gonna try one more I’m obviously not gonna get five
wins but I’ll play one more game and then I’ve got to hop off oh no this is
KY car okay I’m probably gonna lose this game too
oh my god I have five land okay not cool we’re definitely taking that Mulligan oh
my god this is awful we’re definitely Mulligan again okay
this is not good oh my gosh this day oh it it can be real bad I don’t want this
I don’t want that and I guess I’ll keep that I guess I’ll get
rid of that why can’t I get rid of it oh I just oh I just needed to get rid of
one oh my gosh okay I’m okay sort of sort of I’ll just go ahead and
get that hey there Ram me one nein nein nein I do
get a free Mulligan and brawl that’s right um I guess I’ll take a plane
whatever I think the free Mulligan is really
really nice I like it a lot but my decks still it does not have great opening
hands it really doesn’t um will do this so we can scry ooh I don’t want that
that’s like super expensive also it’s a flying vehicle so it’s scary hey bear
wizard oke what is up how are you all doing this afternoon I
started out doing this brawl event pretty well and now it’s just going
downhill like really really fast real fast I’m gonna put her out because
she will get the plus two plus two yay um I have not played against skycar yet
but I’m guessing this is not gonna be fun that’s what I’m guessing
dang why that is not cool ah okay we’re going to do this and we
can let it enter tapped and then we’ll just cast our commander hopefully she’ll
give us something good well that’s super expensive and we won’t get to play it
for a while but it’s still good and it’s better than nothing so we’ll take it we
will take it I can cast my dragon next turn that’s good and it will give me
some trailer tokens so if we draw another land I might be able to cast my
villas pretty quickly actually we didn’t draw another land we drew a spear spewer um oh right it flying I will cast this and I’ll give it the counter
I’m in I could give it hey stand just like a tag with it but I kind of like
the counter better so there we go that’s what I chose um spear spewer
rapacious dragon so it creates two treasure tokens on my mana geode okay
that that’s good too if I can get my villus out there we’ll be doing really
really nicely and I think I have I have a destroyer chairman thing so maybe I
control that that would be amazing um okay I’m gonna cast my mana geo the
creatures aren’t attacking alone right now so I’m gonna put that at the bottom
and then I’m gonna catch this guy you have a lot to do for Halloween oh
are you an Ireland I did not realize that um in Ireland they treat Halloween
like Christmas Wow so it must be a really big deal
I think Halloween is fun I got some candy for trick-or-treaters so I’m ready
to go and I’m ready for the Halloween stream that I’ll be doing on Wednesday
it’s the day before Halloween but extra on Wednesday nights so that’s when I’m
doing my living stream and I’ll be in costume no don’t do this to me that was
so mean honestly I’m gonna cast my dragon first so I can get the treasure
tokens one two three four five six seven eight nine and then I can cast my Villas
next turn oh that was so rude get good cheesecake thank you for the sub you
subscribe for two months wow I really appreciate it that is awesome
I’m so glad that you like my stream wizard oke you are dressing up as the
Joker that’s cool I will be dressing up as Sauron
so yeah that’s exciting my opponent is just drawn a lot of cards but like not
really doing much anything they could like cast their commander and they’re
drawing more cards they’re gonna have to get rid of some of these cards wait is
it my turn no it was their turn don’t have hope okay all right we’re gonna get
Phyllis out here pay five black black black auto-pay do it
I like Auto pay that’s a nice feature a real nice feature okay we’re gonna
attack with our dragon go dragon do some damage get in there dragon yeah the okay we’re doing okay doom
whispers good we could we need doom whisper out there that’s great and we
can always catch Kalia again she can help us search for another creature why
are they looking at my dragon hey don’t become my dragon my sweet
little dragon is not it’s just my minutes own business
Dolan’s acuity Oh what ooh what is that you came to life
and draw a card okay sure go for it they are drawing so
many cards doom whisper um villas are really fun they sure are Pat crack fever
what are you doing hey okay hold up what’s about to happen no don’t do this not the head oh my
goodness pakrac fevered thank you for the bitch Wow that is so awesome I
really appreciate it um yeah so there they go they’re gone okay I can still cast in whisper but I’m
not really getting to like do any damage so boo okay oh I can cast on of hope too
and then I can make soldiers that turn into angels if I forget my divine
visitation out is that a great idea or what yeah okay so this is fine I just
need them to like not kill all my creatures like just maybe don’t do that
and then you know I’ll be okay uh oh this oh okay this is not good because
this thing is gonna start making these crazy spirits okay but if I can start
making angels that’s better than no don’t do this please
come on are they what are they what are they prison roaming should I do the scry
firt surveil a healer’s hawk a jet adjusted cars
portal both of these cards I I’m sort of scared of but I’m keeping them we’re
saying yellow I didn’t know I don’t know what they’re targeting with this thing
oh yeah they’re targeting doom whisper come on he was harmless I mean he’s only
a nightmare demon what’s the big deal right what’s the big deal okay it’s fine eh okay so I can not do multiple things
oh wow what just happened why did they sacrifice their creature do they have to
do that I’m so confused I don’t know what
happened all right I’m gonna cast my divine visitation and I’m gonna cast my inner talk get out
there healers hop you can be a little blocker for a spirit I hope they don’t
get rid of my divine visitation or my Donna hope because that’s what I’m
banking on right now like the big time no why are they foiling all of my plans
what oh no what draw card and discard card no Chandra Oh God oh no no don’t do
this mera arena it had an error in shutdown okay it’s coming back it’s
coming back oh my goodness hurry my opponents waiting for me okay
um I’m getting back in it’s fine reckless Mars I’m really sorry I hope
you understand that my arena crashed and I’m not yoke’s big yikes I should
probably do that I should probably do that yeah I should definitely just try
to draw a card oh I knew what that was it was this
thing I don’t know how to play this card I don’t understand it
I guess you I guess you use it as a block you use it as a tricky blocking
thing oh no look at these plants walkers Oh yuck and Chandra oh no this is really
bad this is really bad and the Thibault your opponents can’t get life confused
about why they Oh sacrifices spirit to add a red I was like why are they doing
that I don’t understand okay well I pretty much I got nothing here so she’s
going out I mean oh oh okay this is fine I can’t cast it but it’s
okay um pretty devil create the elementals and give a creature first
strike and trample oh okay I’m just gonna end turn okay
what are they gonna yeah I can’t shock their Chi car I’m are set why oh god
this is awful why are there so many Planeswalkers out
Wow Wow I spoke way too soon cuz they’re not
done casting planeswalkers there’s this a Healey okay alright
sure go ahead just go ahead oh my gosh uh what just happened I just I have no
idea what they say today I have no idea four five six one two three four five
six seven okay well I can cast make sure to set Mike’s turn so yeah how about
that Oh No what is that
I’m the Harry what is this why are there so many planeswalkers in this day this is gross uh I I just have no idea
what to even do oh my goodness I knew this deck was going to be opinion to
play against but I don’t know who’s gonna be this bad
I’ll tell you that I did not know it’s gonna be this bad put a loyalty card on
every red clay longer in control okay uh yeah I don’t think I got this one
I really don’t I really don’t are they playing Super Friends are what I mean
yeah it looks like it all they need is it’s a ferry then an attack so just
straight up did not attack I’m so confused
guess what tibalt you’re dying that’s right surprise two bolts dead
yeah I hate this deck – it’s awful it’s so horrible uh yeah I guess I won’t
attack since they have like 51 ones it’s gross it’s really gross I mean look at
all of these and in the Jiri law mages binding why stop don’t do this to me oh my gosh this is awful I mean like
there’s definitely a to fairy in this deck right definitely
okay they’ve killed they’ve killed my commander they sure have
they sure have this needs to be banned reckless Mars what are you doing to me
this is not cool what oh my god there’s more okay um so I think we’re just gonna
concede because this deck really sucks why did they do that they can’t block uh-oh I guess to just give this thing
counters okay you know what here we go good game I’m out
yeah let’s not this is not I’m not waiting around for this I mean I already
did way to go for this so yeah that was gross that was really gross really gross yeah I mean I thought I was gonna get my
five wins in like no problem but that can happen you got two weeks and I
probably have five losses but they don’t count losses in this thing so yeah boom
uh yeah where’s my arena why’d it go away where’s my progress I guess I guess they
do count losses and they were like you’ve lost too many times you need to
stop playing it’s take a break like it’s over I feel like that’s what they’ve
just told me what this event I’m kind of hurt so there’s that um I do have to
help off though so thank you everyone who stopped by at my schedule change
stream today I really appreciate it I’ll be back on Wednesday night at 8 p.m.
central and it would be my Halloween stream and I’ll be in costume I’m gonna
be dressed as Sauron so I’m gonna be playing only Soaring of course they
could have to so try to stop by that if you can I hope you can and I will see
you all soon have a great rest of your day wait deck was so bad it ended the entire
stream yeah no not my deck their day their deck was so bad it’s true it’s
ending the stream bye everyone bye

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