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Welcome everyone it’s us, The New Kids On
The Blockchain I’m Ash and this is Lisa but I can’t quite hear you
there’s too much fun and relaxation around we’re in Spain this week but
we’re still bringing you the crypto news what’s on the show on the show this week
I talked to David Segal about Bitcoin and deflation versus inflation and how a
meme I posted last week may not be the only viewpoint we have part 3 of 5 from
crypto for beginners this week trading on exchanges if you want to know how but
before then a little news roundup first up in news from TechCrunch
Facebook plans June 18th crypto launch here’s what you need to know token the
cryptocurrency will be a stable coin a token design to have a stable price to
prevent discrepancies and complications due to price fluctuations during a
payment or negotiation process Facebook has spoken with financial institutions
regarding contribution capital to form a 1 billion dollar basket of multiple
international fiat currencies and low-risk securities that will serve as
collateral to stabilize the price of the coin the information reports Facebook is
working with various countries to pre-approve the rollout of the stable
coin usage Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be transferable with zero fees via
Facebook products including messenger and whatsapp Facebook is working with
merchants to accept the token as payment and may offer signup bonuses the
information also reports Facebook also wants to roll out physical devices for
ATMs so users can exchange traditional assets of the cryptocurrency team
Facebook’s blockchain project is overseen by former PayPal president and
vp of facebook messenger David Marcus his team includes former Instagram VP of
Product Kevin Weill Facebook’s former corporate head of Treasury operations
Sunita / Sauron who the information reports will oversee the tokens Treasury
and many elite engineers cherry-picked from Facebook’s ranks they’ve been
working in a dedicated part of Facebook’s headquarters off-limits to
other employees to boost security although the nature of partnerships
needed for launch has led to many leaks governance Facebook is and talks to
create an independent foundation to oversee as cryptocurrency the
information reports is asking companies to pay 10 million dollars to operate a
node that can validate transactions made with this cryptocurrency in exchange for
saying governance and a token it’s possible that node operators could
benefit financially too by introducing a level of decentralization to the
governance of the project Facebook may be able to avoid regulation relating to
it holding too much power over
currency now on to Bitcoin from CNBC Bitcoin is becoming a safety trade in
this market says crypto bad Peter book bar investors are flocking to
Bitcoin is uncertainty looms on Wall Street the cryptocurrencies meteoric
balance this year could be a sign that it’s becoming somewhat of a safe haven
admit increasing volatility in the stock market bleakly advisory groups Peter
book Bart said Tuesday on CNBC’s futures now moving on to EOS from Bitcoin East
gaps are mostly useless and EOS users are mostly box
the majority of blockchain taps including EOS a chunky slow and
struggling to attract users now according to a shocking report by add
chain they’re also rife with bot traffic in spite of Queen Bayern and voice
announcement as Facebook consults with the US CFTC block one plans to launch
voice it is a social media platform where users won’t be products perhaps
that will steady EOS which is down 20.5% week today from coin desk block one
founder of EOS is using its billions to buy back more equity block one the
company that built the EOS blockchain is in the middle of another equity buyback
in order to bring on more strategic investors a source familiar with the
matter told Coyne desk the company has previously conducted
equity buybacks in order to resell those shares to new investors that it sees is
helpful to its business the source explained the source declined to provide
further details about who would be joining block ones list of backers on to
light green app and CCN like when hash rate skyrockets amid rumors of next gen
minor availability once again like what has been a standout with its hash rate
achieving a new all-time high according to Mike Coyne Foundation director
Franklin riches in a recent blog post while other coins and gaining value
alongside LTC only the fifth biggest cryptocurrency has reached a new hash
rate peak like coins bullish hash rate may be a result of a new light coin
miner becoming avail the ant miner l5 according to the
litecoin talk forum the latest generation minor is now available for
rent on bit dear a computing power sharing platform this drummed up some
curiosity on the forum on to Cardno now from altcoin buzz Charles Hoskinson
hiddens at shelly test net launch on twitter charles Hoskinson the crater of
Cardno a DA has revealed on Twitter that Cardno
is ready for the Shelly test net expected is that the self node test net
will be released in a couple of weeks the Cardona community has a reason to be
bullish again according to the founder of Cardinal Charles Hoskinson users will
be able to experience a main net like experience of the network sometime next
month so on blockchain banter now I posted a
meme yesterday which was about the inflation against the US dollar versus
deflation of Bitcoin and David Siegel shot me a comment saying that this was
one view on it but he would like to share some other viewpoints so I thought
let’s get him in it’s always good to chat to David and David either
great to see you at good to see you again so tell me tell me your thoughts
on this meme that I posted right so let’s get into macroeconomics and money
a little bit because I it’s clear that the founders of this mood decentralized
movement movement in the blockchain movement and people like Nick Szabo
and whoever next Satoshi Nakamoto is these people are Austrian economic
economists they really believe in the fundamentals of Austrian economics and I
want to just make people aware that there are three main schools of thought
for us for economics there’s Keynesian economics which kind of less and less
these days is really has any predictive power or becoming it as a useful tool
there’s Austrian economics with which I’ll explain in a minute and then
there’s monetary monetarist and those are the three main schools so Austrians
believe that gold is the best money the best money is not made by governments
the best money is a universal store value and gold is the traditional ones
so they use gold as an example because it’s got 500 years of history and
there’s this certain amount that could be mined every year but not that much
and it generally is perceived around the world as a store of value so why can’t
it be money and there and I have a bunch of answers to that because I’m a
monetarist right so so I want to break this down to see a different point of
view okay first thing is does gold really work as money and and we’ve seen
over centuries that gold gets abused as money and is often the cause of huge
economic problems for example the Great Depression now up until the Great
Depression and for about 400 years people didn’t trade in gold coins so
much they they printed paper notes because they’re easier to carry around
right and the paper notes represented the gold supposedly legal tender means
that it you could tender it and receive your gold and it would be one-to-one but
that always got abused whenever they wanted to fight a war or conquer new
they would just print up a bunch of money and say yeah we’ll get the gold
later don’t worry we need the money to spend it now and in the Great Depression
what happened was people hoarded the the paper money if people hoarded gold
knowing that the paper money price would be readjusted it was fixed and it would
be readjusted and that was a deflationary period when we when people
knew that it would be worth more later so they didn’t move then no nothing
really moved the economy couldn’t go because nobody was moving gold and that
was a real problem that’s that’s deflation that’s very bad
and so this we have this history with gold that it as there’s demand increases
for gold thus people hoarded and hold it and that makes your stuff worth less if
you think about it if your house is priced in gold then if people decide
that gold is now more valuable that makes your house less valuable right so
gold actually makes a very bad unit of account we don’t want to price things in
gold it’s too volatile and if and it’s separate from the demand for gold itself
so fiat money was created and and in 1971 just became free of anything it’s
just paper it’s just printed there’s no nothing behind it and that actually
turns out to be not so bad it’s not as scary or bad as you think
and the monetarist approach is that the the in rate of inflation which is what
your money buys is directly proportional to the amount of money in circulation we
can see that simply by imagining what if all of the money in circulation doubled
overnight and everybody knew it if everyone knew that now there was twice
as much money in every wallet in every account and every everywhere then prices
would what what would happen to prices they would double immediately people
would immediately double prices and we’d be back to the same equilibrium as
before right it’s the same with if you have 10% inflation and everybody knows
it prices will go up 10% on a long-term basis okay so that’s so and now the
question is is this bad well we know that if it goes up a hundred percent or
a thousand or ten thousand or a million percent and they’re always
adding zeros at the printing press to keep printing money in and it takes now
a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a cup of coffee in Venezuela we know that’s
bad that’s hyperinflation so people have images in their mind of
an hyperinflation whenever we say inflation maybe they confuse these two
things because a little bit of inflation isn’t necessarily bad a little bit of
inflation might be very good for the economy and that’s what I want to
explain so 10% inflation too much too hard we can’t keep repricing everything
and everybody’s everything goes up 10% a year that’s too difficult on the other
hand 0% inflation means that there isn’t enough stimulus in the economy to get
things moving and that’s because of something called stickiness and I break
that down in a in a piece I’m gonna point you to on my website but there’s
general stickiness around prices and wages people wages don’t automatically
adjust to what’s going on in the macroeconomic ahna me people your your
landlord doesn’t magically take less if there’s a bit of a recession or the
economy isn’t growing you’re you don’t want to get paid less that doesn’t feel
right even if if your company is struggling and they say we’d like you to
take less money well that doesn’t feel so good because my my expenses haven’t
changed right so this is there’s a lot of stickiness in the economy that I
think Austrian economists don’t take account of so there’s this kind of magic
Goldilocks number for inflation that’s 2% if you have 0% it doesn’t move move
things quite enough and if there’s four or five percent that’s a bit too
volatile and too much too much stimulation but 2% turns out to be a
very good number for society and a number for an economy that will cause
people encourage people to spend and encourage the economy to grow now is it
bad well it’s bad if you take the money you extra money you have and put it
under a mattress if you put your money under a mattress then it will erode the
value over time in fact Oh with 2% inflation how long does it take for
prices to double anybody out there no it will take 36
years right because if there’s 1% inflation then it will take 72 years to
double if there’s 2% inflation it will take 36 years for prices to double
that’s not so bad you know you can remember 36 years ago prices changed
fairly slowly over the course of time that’s pretty reasonable what’s cool
though is that that stimulates the rest of the economy to grow so you don’t put
your money under your mattress you put it in the stocks and bonds or some kind
of interest bearing you know accounts or real estate right and other kinds of
investments where those will grow those will outperform the inflation so if the
inflation is zero you’ll find that stocks and bonds and entry and real
estate will outperform that let’s say 4% a year or something but if inflation
goes up then out then in investments will outperform even more so there’s
always this gap between investments and inflation that’s relative to the amount
of inflation so it’s not a big deal as long as you don’t put your money under
the mattress that’s where you get hurt so yeah the roads your cash over time
but who who sits on a mountain of cash you don’t do that if you have cash you
put it in the market and that will outpace inflation and in fact then your
buying power increases over time so instead of this this chart that goes
down and down and down in what you can buy what really happens is it goes up
and up and up because there’s this continued gap between the amount of
inflation and the buying power of the money you earn and we can see it just
physically 36 years ago if you go back 25 30 years we can now afford more stuff
right prices actually come down over time and our wages continue to go up so
we we are effectively Richard going back just going back to the meme I posted
which I’ll throw up quickly that was just literally as the old I mean
everybody seen it before but it was the shopping basket analogy of like look at
1928 you’re twenty dollars bought you this look at 2017 you you know you’re
your shopping cart is empty now let’s reverse that
look at Bitcoin in 2011 what it bought versus now with it so I mean it’s a
fairly crude you know kind of visual demonstration but ultimately where does
Bitcoin sit in your theory thereof under the mattress versus this versus that I
mean obviously hugely volatile investment but based on the mean below
it does make some sort of crude sense that that has protected through the
inflation over that period of time no this is a misunderstanding and it’s
common so it’s it’s this is difficult material and it takes reading lots of
textbooks and studying macroeconomics but Bitcoin isn’t money it’s not a unit
of account we don’t want to price things in Bitcoin your your landlord doesn’t
accept Bitcoin for a really good reason you know and your and your your lender
doesn’t accept bit doesn’t lonely you Bitcoin and accept Bitcoin or doesn’t
loan you pounds and then accept Bitcoin as as a repayment for a really good
reason it makes a lousy unit to price things in if you we were pricing
everything in Bitcoin look if everybody in the world that Bitcoin and that were
the only money then there’d be no inflation there’d be no worries it would
be there you wouldn’t be the price would be fully stable price of everything just
be priced in Bitcoin but the problem is there’s no inflation built in so it
would be hard the business cycle would then whip us up and down through through
economic activity and economic downturn and that’s the that’s the Austrian I
would say flaw in the Austrian model that there’s no way to adjust the amount
of money in circulation to counteract the business cycle this is called this
is called ant you know you what you could have Prosek cyclic or anti cyclic
monetary policy and that’s the cool thing about fiat currency when the
economy is doing poorly when nominal GDP you then when output drops the Fed that
the Bank of England can just print money and
throw it into circulation and that will stimulate and that’s a good thing it’s
supposed to be counter cyclical to the business cycle if output drops they can
print money and get it going if the economy is really running too too hot
and people are our prices are rising too fast they can actually pull money out of
the economy and slow it down and they don’t have to do it by magic or by
wizardry they can actually do it through some rule-based approach so everybody
knows what they’re gonna do it doesn’t have to be a they all have a meeting and
decide what to do that day they could just say ahead of time what they’re they
could declare ahead of time what their strategy is called a kind of an
autopilot monetary policy which is what I advocate for and that is know much
better much better than Nick Manto I mean obviously there’s there’s there’s
articles in real debt fear we can we could go on for hours on this but where
people want to like deep dive into more of this stuff and try and correct some
of these wrong thoughts and perceptions they may have where can they come and
find more of these learnings I don’t want to say people are wrong because
Austrian economists are very adamant that they are right so I just want to
say that there is another point of view and it has a lot to do with what we’ve
learned about stickiness and the real-world effects of monetary policy
first thing to notice is monetary policy is not very good the Bank of England
does a poor job of managing the pound and the Fed does a poor job of managing
the dollar and so it’s legitimate to say that product is not very good legitimate
to say the pound and the dollar are not really helping because the Fed always
hurts us and makes bad decisions but they could fix it so my my point of view
is the dollar is a good product it’s just poorly managed and we need a more
algorithmic approach to monetary policy and I write about that you can find it
in two places one is is on medium it’s called a short primer on money and the
other is my new website cutting through the noise net at cutting through the
noise net I have a new blog post every day I’ve got a video interview with
someone interesting every every Friday and I have if you look on
the website there are topics and one of the topics is macroeconomics and that’s
where I have a fairly short and simple breakdown of most of these concepts and
and then how how we could put monetary policy on autopilot so it actually is
counter cyclical and and I think that’s far better that than Bitcoin or gold
because those things and people haven’t really seen that we don’t we haven’t
really seen an economy for a long time that’s based in something like gold but
it’s very Pro cyclical as you get you get higher highs and lower lows and you
know when you have a recession ash it’s bad what does it do it puts the low
income people out of work first it hurts lower-income people most right so
anything we can do and if we could fix Bitcoin or some cryptocurrency to have
that counter cyclic property and help low income people when there’s a
recession I I’m all for it I’d love to learn about that but the monetary policy
of Bitcoin in theory and so or is just that it’s basically fixed it has there’s
a fixed number and that means it’s volatile and that’s that’s when it goes
down that’s bad for people yeah yeah well it’s great to get you on I’m gonna
have all the information down below in the show notes so going gets make sure
you’ve got all the viewpoints on this because it’s not a good thing to have a
narrow viewpoint on anything David it’s always a pleasure to chat
thank you for coming on and I hope we can catch up in the near future thank
you as always happy to good morning team chiraq here at crypto
for beginners in this video today I’m going to show you how to buy and sell a
crypto currency exchanges and withdraw that crypto from that exchange okay so
let’s get into it okay folks so in this part of the video I’ve got two exchanges
currently open she’s a really excellent exchange I
really recommend that and then the standard coinbase accounts I have open
here with which I’m going to be sending a theorem from KO coin to coin race and
a demonstrate sending so apparently I’m receiving in another account okay so
getting into it let’s look to sell yes you need to move this so what you need
to do here is go to trading account okay your coin we need to do is go to
your transfer button here and because when you deposit to KT coin it goes into
the main account all we need to do is go from the main
account to trading account sort of put at any office and like that and that’s
successful I like to exchange if we are going to change the theory when I click
you Thiam here you’ve got the main pairs I’ve got bitcoins here in pairs Accio
coins shares and new and we’ve got the off so only Aussie theorem pair down the
bottom here which is available it off now says talent there okay and we’re
looking to sell so caught empty us and now you can click 100% if you bring TANF
either way and we can look at the market order book on the right here and the
current market price is in the median or mid price between the bids and he asks
the buys in the cells and you’ve got no point not two four nine one or two
buyers looking at no point not to 4 7 9 6 and I’ll get filled if I put an order
in down here which I will leave is to demonstrate that so I’m going to put an
awkward not 2 4 7 5 4 so that buyers are looking cheaper prices here and the
sellers are selling yes more expensive prices up here I’ll sell that now same
success it’s executed there that’s dropped 24 34 and I’ve got available
etherium not point two four seven 53 55 58 dollars okay so I’ll go to assets and
withdraw and we want to do now is go back into coin base and this is like any
wallet so if you like you send and receive you’ll see QR codes public keys
that’s the thing will go to receive etherium almost anything athe theme just
address I understand brilliant give them their copy the QR code will copy this
wallet address here that says it’s copied it’s okay you’re
going I’m going to select to withdraw and leave at the top the theorem fully
understand the risks so what address control V paste that in
there zero of X for a to be 30 it makes that matches yep that’s right
ending echo 2 2 1 3 6 this is 1 3 6 put the maximum Ironton ah that’s a good
point maybe shift from trading back to main account gonna call myself out there
took a click etherium and transfer trading to me an account not point 2 4 7
5 2 3 by 5 that’s being successful now we can go to the draw apologies for that
clicking cerium you fully understand and you can see the balance available paste
that address in click max don’t need any remarks and we’ll click confirm I just
banged my 68 trading password in click send code by e-mail verification
code to come through wait for that to come through emeritus one four one five
nine google verification so I offer two factor authentication setup on this
account and with that I can safely leave my mobile phone to enter code like so it
changes every 60 seconds and that’s confirmed drawing now and there we go
it’s in progress that’s worth drawing so I’ll come back in a bit and show you
that in the chrome base account oh cool so now that we’re back in coinbase
giving it about two three minutes and the theorem here has arrived received a
theorem from a theorem address you can see I’ve spent a little bit on the new
coin based Visa card since then but yep that successfully came in at 11 o’clock
today and you know the send button appears I’ve got a little Theory
imbalance there you can send that to whatever address you want my putting me
if iam dressing there or even an email address if you so wish pretty
straightforward and again you can receive more if you wish to using the QR
code or the wallet address there this is the same procedure pretty much for every
exchange and wallet sending and receiving so what you’ve done it a few
times like anything you’ll easily get used to it that is pretty much that that’s it everyone thanks for joining us
next week we’re gonna be back in our studio we might even be joined by a
little furry friend buddy who we missed terribly while we’re away but we’re
coping and in the meantime remember until we see you next week
you’ve been blockchain

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