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100 thoughts on “Linus Tech Tips INSANE Studio Tour!

  1. Linus touring iJustine's studio: Haha look more wrapping paper and amiibos haha
    iJustine touring Linus' studio: WhY iS tHeRe So MuCh StUfF hErE :O

  2. 5:22 imagine you are watching using computer and someone sneaks behind you and you accidentally think about porn and open those video…

  3. I'm not sure if your cock could be further away from her whilst showing her the arcade….I feel I can (with continuous watching ofcourse) break your mind and how you cant deal with the opposite sex….just saying

  4. The whole “find a suitcase and see if I can fit in it” just made me remember an old ass tobuscus video with ijustine at ikea. Crazy.

  5. Pre-linus i literally knew nothing about pc's…except that they will probably rule the world one day. Oh and cool tour thanks, really enjoyed this.

  6. I can't believe you both haven't (hadn't now I should hope) played a Virtual Boy. I might be older but I think you're both the same similar era as myself. It was gonna be a big deal lol… ('85 btw)

  7. 0:57 he has a lot of editors but that means he pays them. All that means is you keep 100% of the profit from YouTube 😁

  8. All I am gonna say! This is a Computer Self Building/Gaming/ Server Networking Awesome world to be involved in!! Love It!

  9. @iJustine @LinusTechTips I recently discovered Linus's YouTube Channel a couple of weeks ago and have watched so many videos of his that I feel like I've got to know him along with his Team quite well, I've been following you since I joined Twitter and only discovered today that you know Linus and you've showed me more of Linus's Premises in this one Video, Love Linus's response to your Yoga Video idea and your response to the Pillow on the bed! lol – Great Video btw! 🙂

  10. linus to ijustine : you have a significant hoarding problem

    when linus is the master hoarder for every technology existed

  11. Your video shooter is poor in showing whatever needs to be seen for example when he was showing this and that !!! At 6:10

  12. After watching this, I don't think anyone needs to give me guff for how messy my workstation gets when I'm working on digital art haha

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