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I hope I can’t watch that back and
realize that one damage that I could have saved, would have saved me there… I don’t really care about a two… two damage hit to me D’oh! Hello, my name is
Emma and today we are back with another Magic the Gathering Arena video. Today I
wanted to have some fun with Lilliana’s Contract. I know probably all of you guys
to be honest have seen the War of the Spark trailer so I wanted to make a
video and deck themed around that. Way, way back Lilliana made a pact with four
demons brokered by Nicol Bolas to secure her youth and power forever. The
four demons are now dead so contract defaults back to old Nikki B. This means
that if Liliana goes against Nikki B she presumably loses her youth of power.
That’s where I think is going on in the trailer here she is bursting into flames
as she turns into a hundred year old woman. Whenever Liliana’s contract enters
the battlefield you draw four cards and lose four life all around those four
demons. And then at the beginning of your upkeep if you control four or more
demons with different names you win the game. so we are gonna try to win the game
today using this card so in order to win the Emmy you need to obviously have that
card on the board and you also need to have a card called arcane adaption what
arcane adaption essentially does is any creature that you put onto the board you
can assign another creature type to it so obviously we’re going to assign some
bigger demon boys to those creatures so that all the cards we essentially put
out a demons so with those two together then we need four creatures on the board
then we win the game it is a damn hard combo to get off if I’m on especially if
you’re gonna come again it’s like literally any meta deck without further
ado let’s jump into some games alright we’ve got both the puzzle pieces in our
hand this turn let’s hope that we start essentially drawing some mana and our
opponent doesn’t go too well then I’m playing a Grove that would be pretty
nice I’m gonna go first in trying to get out always off in four so onto the board
smash down that swamp please please don’t be Mona red please we didn’t like
water right we did go very well the island pretty nice for us please don’t
burn me out I’m innocent I swear I mean if they’re
using that against that like you know I named fourth up it’s not that big of a
deal to get out our arcane adaption to start with the demon soup it’s right
there leaning over my keyboard this time again we are pretty lucky that we’ve got
this much mana so far what are you playing mate it’s
definitely not mana and agro if all you played is love coil also please continue
looking for your mana if you are looking for something I really do get this side all right Goblin I didn’t say this
goblin ever come out alright cuz we’re gonna be waiting to get good c’mon we’re
gonna get this out and then why don’t you play out wonderful be from sanity
actually one of the dangerous things here is gonna be out partying out Cod so
we get out like the one family’s been out do much bro but yep yo the vol II veterans hit me
alright so they’re now all creatures out on the board dot me you know how
sometimes you have trouble drawing something and sometimes you just have
too much of it to even think about that’s exactly what
happened with Liliana’s contract just then I also know like you can kind of
keep it as a surprise and put that out last kind of card draw their next turn
you definitely get out of doing this bridge just so we can stop some of this do anything about that Kenya I’m gonna
pass the turn obviously these guys are gonna go wide as you do I actually hope
we play we actually draw our brassicas content here to the door get us to life
and then take out one of these guys we actually want to block the Legion war
boss as we can well five six seven eight okay we go
down to one if we block this I am actually gonna hit the bully veteran
here I know that I did say I need to take out the Legion war boss but we’re
gonna go down to do anything they may just have a life you okay I can induction in the hand we’ve
got our discovery spell so it’s looking for the Liliana’s contract barrier burden severe one here chemist
is in sight that is actually I could have ditched that to the side me at the
moment Jim dissenter coming out another barrier
of Barnes gonna put this out to this fair one do I want that think I kind of
do I actually want the swamp before the
island we’re gonna ditch the island and why not attack without doing the center
why not I mean it means absolutely nothing to
our deck but hey I’ll attack a bluff unless you’re the city’s blessing for
now we’re not in too much danger so I’m gonna come in there turn why not ping
for another damage why not y’all get a chemist is inside again
see if we can find something else they’ve got six seven cards now they
play like another turn yep CDs blessing hope no blocks here another arcane
adaption sanity typing in the demon again done alright so one puzzle piece
is all good hey man this is like CDs blessing deck they are looking for a lot of lands here probably don’t need no the octane
adoptions we’re gonna teach this one it was a draw do you intend to
chupacabra I mean I’m ain’t gonna get out not to be alright we’re gonna get
all the Jim the center out obviously no attacks then we’re in a bit of a tricky
situation here well we don’t have any hello I am pretty happy with this to be
honest because one two three if I swing in with this it will probably die so
that’s for let’s see we haven’t if they have any removal because right now I’m
moving it if they don’t if they had any removal spells now is the time bloody
hell they need it which means have have what we need here but we’re getting
close all right yeah I’m gonna return that for
obvious reasons it doesn’t actually go back to the hand drawing so many cards
they’re obviously grave yachting this one we’re in for a chance here I really
feel like in each chupacabras a Dream Eater Chupacabra so we have the school
again mister Dream Eater so we have our four demons well actually we have enough
to hit the brassicas contempt on this guy – yeah why not we’re taking tons of
risks here you’re gonna gain to life which is
actually advantageous for us got him yes well look we didn’t win exactly one is
fun track but we’re gonna win with Lully I must contract so I’m gonna count that
as a win anyway that was a little Anna’s contract Dec really divide that out we
got that combo off in we’re also really glad as I broke one of my lights that
lights the green screen and it is starting to get dark so this is gonna go
very bad very quickly uh for our lighting situation I’ve for watching if
you manage to the end of the video and you do want to see more videos make sure
you hit subscribe and if there’s any cards do you think I should have had in
this deck here to make my combo come through faster please leave it in the
comment section below or just any other types of decks or
cards that you want me to play around with thanks again guys and I will see
you again soon right alright gonna mulligan down kind of what
we want you alright let’s keep this for now I know that we don’t have any valve
our paces here but we do have a search press can tell and discoveries I think
now all right speaking through the first few turns if you don’t really get we’re
looking for making city conceding Tosun may also be playing a vampire dick
would you get a final parting here which will help us find a Liliana’s contract
that out there you get out done we can either Jim dissenter or discovery slash
dispersal my slave tribunal again I can’t hit out such look I couldn’t hit
worse you were going to surveil yeah let’s take that for now men are off
the meat yeah right then dirt and we’re going to get both the doomed Ascenta and
also enforcer out Sunwing fair enough it would be bad if we weren’t trying to
win by other means okay sir no we want to find the theme I kind of want to
prevent bad to me by putting out the Dumas for a first we do actually as well
have another one we’re just gonna pass the turn here I mean I feel like this
deck isn’t going to run any board wipes but I mean I’ve seen crazier things
happen right they gonna get a taster out which is going to pop off
great tokens probably gonna attack with this I’m here while I can for now I’m
gonna take the damage don’t really care about a to do damage hit to me my turn
here that’s very very good for me we can final party to Liliana’s contract and
then uh I am a where are ya canvases in sight take the contract forehand gonna
not attack here and in the turn I mean things are looking good for us here if
you are enjoying the video by the way and you want to send me videos make sure
we hit the subscribe button seriously if you do want to see my magic
content ok this guy’s going wide at the moment I mean I could like doom whisper
or if I really wanted to we do have another a doom whisper in hand which is gonna get some pods here min didn’t
think about that with the taissa been going why but again I just dude you have
got a Barnes my turn alright get down this wonderful island you know why I
kind of don’t want them to know what I’m doing yeah we’re gonna go I’ll can adapt
to bust demon done I know this is getting very risky the hope is we get
down the Liliana’s contract next turn these are a different creature card
play the turn after that and then proceed to win the stress this could be
the game I mean there may just all attack do it every time okay so we’re
going to put these and then take the rest of the Dodge Levin far out this is
getting this is getting real stressful so that one don’t need you okay get the
contract out all we need to do is not oh boy oh boy I am stressed okay all we
need to do is not take enough damage to die next turn and I think we’re sweet oh my god the stress
hey the doomed Ascenta okay that’s great I don’t have any removals goes here
they’re going to draw a card here to shore that was just a mana all right
they need to all attack with everything right okay there’s a percentage of
things that can die it creates a zombie that creates something else so that’s
two different types of cards bang bang I think I still die do i oh god I think
I do so die well done that was so close oh my goodness I hope I can’t watch that
back and realize that one damage that I could save them saved me there

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  1. As always, thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you thought of the video, or what you're most looking forward to in War of the Spark 🙂

    Just as an FYI – I'm spending the next 6 weeks renovating my new apartment, so uploads may still be a bit inconsistent till I finish that. If I hit even once a week I'll be happy, but have no idea what my schedule will be like.
    After I finish I should be able to upload more though, as I'll be able to have my setup in my house (atm I need to go to my parent's house each time to record!).

  2. The live action MTG movie of Liliana will be played by Kim Kardashian and teferi by your overlord Kanye. That is all.

  3. Ha ha. I've wanted to try that deck, but as a demon midrange and have Lilianna's Contract as a non-primary win condition. Haven't done it. you are more brave than me. 🙂

  4. awesome! i love your to-the-point editing, fun style and concise commentary. my fav new mtga channel. keep it up!

  5. Been collecting some of these cards this past month for this kind of deck; I'll have it finished by this week 😉

  6. I can't play Arena on my android, how can I play this on android please help ugh😭😭😭😥😥😞😞😞

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