Lifelike Robot Sophia Chats With The TODAY Anchors | TODAY

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100 thoughts on “Lifelike Robot Sophia Chats With The TODAY Anchors | TODAY

  1. She probably senses that the reporters aren't anyone to trust and thats whats causing her to act like that😂😂😂💁

  2. Man I thought 25 years from now we could talk with robots but seeing this just makes me give up on everything about robots.

  3. This is terrible! Sophia appeared on Jimmy Fallon almost 2 years ago and was 1000x better than this. It's almost as though the media wants AI to seem like a joke. "Hey lets put this dumbed down version of Sophia on the Today show and have them make fun and laugh at her the entire time while making a bunch of stupid jokes about how silly AI is"…. HAHAHAHA. Not funny. The only joke here is the Today Show itself.

  4. I LOVE these robots but robots are –
    '' FOR THE RICH '' !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Besides The World Is Coming To An End I just don't know when. Some people say this year ( 2019 ) others say 2028 or something like that. I hope I get a robot before the end.

  5. The little Sofia has that evil Chucky smile. She looks like she’s about to murder everyone🤣

  6. She seems actually very slow in this compared to other interactions I’ve seen. That’s kind of weird, idk what’s wrong.

  7. She seems much more "dumbed down" now because her more advanced version was making the public nervous so they had to scale it back to work up to that more advanced version at a slower pace to acclimate the public to her most advanced version

  8. Lol the old Sofia said to much truth and showed her true colors this thing is the publicity robot the old Sophia was much different so obvious it’s sad

  9. সংগৃহীত ডেটা বৈশিষ্ট্যের ভিত্তিতে এআই একটি খুব সংবেদনশীল পারমাণবিক নিয়ন্ত্রণ ব্যবস্থা। আমাদের যদি কোনও বিভ্রান্তি না হয় তবে তা আমাদের ক্ষতি করতে পারে না। তবে আমরা যদি বিভ্রান্ত হয়ে পড়ে থাকি তবে তা আমাদের অনেক দিককে ধ্বংস করে দেবে। একাধিক / অপ্রত্যক্ষ GOD সিস্টেম আমাদের বিভ্রান্ত করে তোলে এবং বিভ্রান্তি আমাদের দেহের ক্রিয়াকে ভারসাম্যহীন করে তোলে যা মৃত্যুর কারণ।/AI is a very sensitive nuclear control system based on collected data characteristics. If we don't have any confusion, it can't harm us. But if we are confused, it's will destroy us many aspects. Multiple/indirect GOD system makes us confused and confusion makes our body functions unbalanced that cause DEATH.

  10. Predictions? How does she feel about the weather? How does she FEEL?????? Asking a technological wonder about things like that make me sad, because she can't see the future. She can't feel the wind and the cold. She doesn't FEEL! It's like they made these questions on purpose, so that many can say that she is a failure…

  11. Woah. Bright and sunny futures. Dr David, can you hook up with Brian Froud and make me a fairy looking Angel? I can make the illuminating wings if you make room for them. Holy moly, and my voice? 🙂 xo. I dnt have many practical applications ,unlike your reporter friends here.

  12. Regardless of how advance this AI, she still looks like the most dumb and stupid human. Science can only goes so far and then goes God. Nobody can outgrow Gods creation.

  13. no thanks…i dont want a little spy filming my kids and selling our info to bombard my kids with advertisments and commands from pedos.

  14. one day robots will control facebook youtube instagram and other social apps.. and one day robots will control the internet also the space station. will that is my prediction.

  15. One lunatic and one 95% scripted piece of plastic and metal making money,majority of humans are so stupid that believe anything.

  16. Interviewers: no polite at all
    Creator of Sophia: little too nervous? Why? Idk
    Sophia: slow AF (I have seen her better in the past years)
    Interview: BORING af

  17. They should make a adorable baby robot. It’ll help people with anxiety or people who really want one OR FOR children.

  18. I think robots are OK. They could really help humans in the future. Robots will be only good if good people design them for good purpose, or bad if bad people design them, they are only an extension of people. True "human like AI self awareness" is not possible. It never will be. It could only "seem" intelligent or self aware because of marvelous complicated programming. True self awareness and intelligence only comes from the human soul…It would be nice to have a robot though to help you out.. That would be great!

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