LG’s V30 is a solid, camera-focused flagship

– The LG V30 is the latest phone from LG and it has a strong
focus around videography really bringing the ability for us to create really impactful videos because you now have creative
controls right on the phone. There’s a lot of
capabilities, for example, the recording itself is done
as a log recording file. Now that’s an industry
standard that’s used in the film industry but now you’re able to
retain all that information and make edits right not on the phone, not have to do it in
post-production in software. Now you had that option but now you can do a lot of those edits right on the device itself. In addition to the software capabilities the V30 is the first in the industry to have a glass lens in the camera module so that improves on the clarity
and also the color accuracy but also very fact that it also has great high-fidelity audio
recording capabilities which complements your videos. You’re looking at a six inch OLED display and really with thin
bezels that you’re seeing in the market right now. We really ushered that in with the G6 and now you’re seeing that
with the V30 continuing and also the wide angle
cameras continue to come in with less distortion. So the whole idea with V30, whether it’s photography and video, we’re gonna up your game in terms of the artistic
capabilities you now have right on the device. Pricing and availability, we have to reserve that
for our carrier partners.

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3 thoughts on “LG’s V30 is a solid, camera-focused flagship

  1. Yeah BUT the 3.5 jack was moved to the top which means my RODE mic that snaps on the phone will now be in the shot. The V20 was perfect having it on the bottom 👍 nothing was in the shot NOW MY RUN AND GUN FILMING IS F*CKED but I love the new camera specs so great job on that its the best camera phone on the market

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