LG Robots at CES 2017 – Hub Robot, Airport Guide Robot, Airport Cleaning Robot and Lawn Mowing Robot

with the Internet of Things gaining a greater importance the LG home IOT section grew in size. This year at CES, LG announced it was launching a new business and just by looking around you can probably guess that LG is now targeting the robotic industry so that will find out how these LG robots can change our daily lives there is a robot that will make you smile just by looking at it. This small and cute robot called up body plays a central role in home IOT it acts as an intelligent assistant controlling home appliances it recognizes the users voice and even takes orders furthermore by using its sensors the hubbot will provide customized solutions based on your habits and your environment for instance when the temperature rises the hubbot will recommend you turn on the air conditioning and when the air quality is poor it will advise you turn on the air purifier the hubbot manages more than just your appliances it also gives basic information such as weather shows your favorite videos and can even read recipes while you are cooking. Hubbot will be your assistant whenever you need it now if there is a robot in charge when you’re inside the house what exactly happens when you’re outside well the out-of-home IOT is LG’s proud advancement and the robotic industry and all the smart robots you see here are making their appearance for the very first time here at CES 2017 people easily get lost at airports and find themselves wandering around not knowing where to go this robot will soon be in charge of guiding travelers at incheon international airport in Korea it can speak four languages and give general information about the airport it will provide gate information and even an escort service along with the information robot another robot will be operating at the airport the cleaning robot it will be scanning and cleaning the airport to ensure cleanliness at all times thanks to these new robots including smart lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners LG home IOT smart thingQ is making our lives more convenient in and outside our homes better life with IOT

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