LeverEdge Final Pitch New Venture Competition 2019 Business Track

[APPLAUSE] Hi, everyone. I’m Nikhil. And I’m Chris. And we run LeverEdge. So raise your hands if
you have student debt. Don’t be shy. We’re here to help. Now look around. We use this to your advantage. LeverEdge users
group buying power to negotiate down the
student loan interest rate. In fall 2018, when Chris and
I were looking for our own HBS loans, we got together
hundreds of students across the top B schools. Then, we went to banks, we
knocked on bank branches, we called, emailed CEOs,
and we negotiated a deal. That deal saved 400 students
more than $3.3 million. That’s about $8,000
each on average. Since then, students
have asked us to negotiate an additional $120
million in loans for this year and that’s growing by the day. We’d be remiss not to take
advantage of this opportunity. So if you’re an EC and
you have student debt, you can join us by
the end of the month. And we will help you negotiate
better refinancing rates. If you’re an RC and need
a loan for next year, or you know anyone
who does, you can join and we’ll help you, too. Signing up is easy. It’s fast and free. And there’s no
obligation to take the deal that we negotiate. Over 200 people from
HBS have signed up, including over 50 from
the class of 2021, who haven’t even made
it to campus yet. So what we think is
you should join us. The more people who
join, the better we have a chance to
negotiate a better deal. And we hope that we have
a chance to help you. [APPLAUSE]

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