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– Back in 2012, our salon had been open for a decade and a half. – Stylists and barbers
were no longer wanting to sign long-term contracts. They wanted to be their own bosses. – What that looked like
to us was empty chairs. Salon owners around the country, around the world actually,
had that same issue; we’re not able to keep
our small business open. That’s how ShearShare was born; the first mobile app that connects salon and barber shop owners
to individual stylists to fill their empty
salon space by the day. We knew that we weren’t the
typical startup founder. – Going into investors’ offices, I’m not a white man.
(Woman laughs) – We don’t live in the valley. – We are definitely proud
Texans; lone star all the way. Google for Startups took
us to the next level. – It gets you to the right people at the right time. Because of Google Demo Day, we received $500,000 in capital. Somebody sees what we’re
trying to do and they– – Validation.
– Yeah, it’s the validation that comes with that. – Now we’re in over 460 cities and 11 countries. – We were just trying
to fill an empty chair in our own salon. – To think of a problem you’re solving for yourself and then you’re helping
other small business owners, doesn’t get any better than that. (light music)

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