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Hello! I think they can’t see us yet. A little bit. Scale up a bit. A little more! Aha, now it’s good. Hello! Today, we will talk about one of the most important 3 things in a video game, which is the character. We talked about it before, but we will dive more in detail this time. First, write your character proportions as you imagined it so you can design it. As an example, Mario is Jumpy, Brave, and Happy. While Sonic is Fast, Cool, and Edgy. Then apply it to the character’s appearance in graphics. As an example, the circle is used to make the character look friendly. While the square is stupid. And the triangle is Smart or Strong. With looks, you can differentiate an enemy from a friend. And make the characters compatible, like Mario and Luigi, short and tall. Or Sham and Jana, short and tall. Now for the personality, there are 3 types: First type: humorous character, Says funny things. Then you will unleash the full fury of my terrifying anger. Runaway is half manship Pinch me because tears bring sympathy to good people. But, I’m just a naive kid. Does funny things. Second type: Heroic character Does heroic things. Good at something. Like Sonic, he is good at running. However, no one is complete, They must have an issue, mental illness, or something weird, that can help you with controlling the gameplay. Third type: tough character Calm and mysterious. Says cool things. Acts mysteriously. Not a nice person. Really rough. Just tough. T.O.U.G.H! Nice to have in your game, is to let the player customize the character and weapons. We talked about appearance and personality. Now, it’s time to talk about Gameplay, and since the gameplay is based on the character, we have to set the metrics! The word has its weight. Metrics are like Length, jump, speed and these things! We want to add a little spirit to the game by adding something like the idle animation. It’s a short animation that keeps repeating until the player takes an action. We can’t cover everything in 1 video. That said, subscribe and turn the notification bell on to always be there when we upload a new video. Just like this, Peace. Peace. PEACE!

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