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(upbeat music) Welcome to Unboxed Daily,
I’m your host Jason. I’m Anton and I’m back. Alright, well guys we wanted
to try a new format today you know, we got a new studio setup, we’re trying just lot’s of things. And, today, rather than
just talking specifically about one product, we thought we’d do a
little bit of a round up of the interesting news
that’s come across our plate that we thought would be interesting. And Anton volunteered to help. Sure, let’s do it. Definitely didn’t twist his arm. No. Well it was kinda my idea, to be honest. So if it sucks, my fault. (laughs) So the first thing
I wanna chat about today that’s on my radar is
the fact that the LG V40 has five cameras. Now this is something that
I know we talked a lot about in a previous Unboxed Daily. There’s stuff that I know
other people talked about but I just feel strongly that
this is too many cameras. Like we’ve actually
now hit the point where the number of cameras in a phone, is kind of not a selling point for me. I mean, you’re a photographer,
do you think that you need you know, a back camera that includes a wide, a standard and a zoom shot? You know if you had asked
me this question maybe, I don’t know, two, three years ago,
I would have been like that’s ridiculous, five
cameras in one phone? I was of the mind where, you had a device, that was dedicated to
doing one thing very well. And then if you wanted
it to do something else, you get another device. But then fast forward to, I
don’t know, two weeks ago, when I got my iPhone XS
Max, which is amazing. I mean it is a great phone. You’re absolutely right, I just worry that we’ve
spent so much time and energy focusing on phones and the
cameras that go in them that we’re losing the point of phones being these communication devices. Quality should be more important
than the number of cameras built into it because maybe
that functionality is half fast, Maybe that functionality is just not as good as if you focused on making one or two cameras in
the phone really exceptional. What if, all five of those
cameras are exceptional? Are they? Like they are supposedly
for this V40 right? So the thing is if you are
someone who values image quality, and you only want one device, then of course five
cameras on a mobile device is not too much, right? Fair. Listen, fair enough. Well we’re not gonna finish
this debate anytime soon but I do think it’s worth continuing. If you wanna know more, go
check out MrMobile’s video, where he reviews the LG V40
and talks about where it meets up to the expectations
and where it falls flat. Well speaking of cameras, you know, one of the other things that
have popped up on the radar that I think is worth talking about is the new GoPro HERO7, right. This is the latest in GoPro’s
core line of action cameras and for me though I think
that the question to ask, and I’d love your thoughts on this is, is GoPro ever gonna reclaim
the momentum it used to have? Hell no. Because GoPro thought it was
gonna be the next big thing. GoPro was super focused
on, not only it’s cameras, it was trying the drone thing for a while. It was big deal, and
then it really wasn’t. There have been many iterations of GoPro where I was like, you know, what? This is I’m gonna get. Right. I never bought one. But you never got one. I never ever got one. Right, right. I look at the HERO7 and I think the image stabilization
really is beautiful. You really almost don’t need a gimbal. And at the same time, with
the audio quality being good, it’s got lots of different
profiles for different kinds of video and you
know lots of great slo-mo. I mean it really does have
a lot of great capabilities. I’m still not gonna buy one. -You know why?
-Why? Because I’m on my couch all day long and I’m old, and I’ve got kids. And you know– But I’m not old and I don’t have kids. You’re old bro. Dammit. I would argue that the
HERO7 is an attempt by GoPro to reengage their core audience right? They’re doubling down on what
originally made them great. Which were action cameras
for people who wanted to show off these incredible
tricks they could do or the remarkable, you
know, physical activities and accomplishments that
they were achieving. My problem is that that is
probably in the past now. I mean honestly what’s to
prevent me from just bringing my phone with me and doing
similar kinds of stuff right? Granted the HERO7 might be
able to take some more damage, but the reality is, as you
were just saying before, your phone is a multi-purpose
functioning vehicle now for this kind of stuff. You don’t need a GoPro
specifically for this. Not that I could actually
do any flips or tricks while I was snowboarding, but I go slow enough on the
slopes now where I could hold my iPhone out and it would be fine. And you know what– Who needs slo-mo when you’re going slow? So if you do wanna see
more about it though, I mean I don’t know if
you’ve watched it yet but iPhonedo’s video just came out today. I did not see that yet. So he’s got his review of the HERO7 and he’s got a separate video
doing specific comparisons between the HERO7 in previous generations. Totally worth watching. He’s got his character
that he’s doing though, I don’t know if its
gonna be a thing or not, but you’ve gotta give the
man credit for trying, ’cause he looks terrible in
a wig and its pretty funny. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know who he kinda looks like? He kinda looks like, a busted Adam Scott. (laughs) iPhonedo. [Both] Busted Adam Scott. Okay so can we, bring it
back to phones for a second? Yeah, of course. I spent a lot of money
on this iPhone XS Max. Yes, you did. And a year ago, I was like there is absolutely 0% chance that I was going to be spending
$1,000 on the iPhone X. (laughs) Jokes on you. -I know.
-Yeah. But isn’t it crazy, that flagship phones are probably gonna be at least $1,000? I mean, I think that’s on the low end now. Do you remember what you paid
for your first flip phone? Like, I don’t think I paid more than a couple hundred bucks for mine tops. Well it was also different
because they had subsid– Yeah, subsidize. Subsidized by cellphone
carriers and stuff right? Now you’re all on your own. I know. It’s all basically layaway at this point. I mean– No layaway you gotta wait. Yeah true, that’s fair. -Yeah, it’s–
-It’s 0% financing really. That’s somehow worse. So you went from the iPhone SE which is an incredibly
inexpensive phone to this one. Are you at least happy
that you made the leap? I have to say yes. Okay. Because I’m taking advantage
of all the technology that’s in there. Okay, but it doesn’t change the fact that the prices are going up. Do you think at some point
there’s gonna be a ceiling. Is fifteen hundred dollars too much? Is $2,000 too much? -Yeah.
-Okay. I mean, again, last year I
said $1,000 was too much. Give it a year and then maybe it isn’t. But the reality is, I mean, we’ve basically got mini
computers in our pocket right? I mean the lower Lenovos,
the lower end Dells, you can actually pick one up for less than what it cost for you
and I to get our smartphones. And I think to me that’s the crazy part. We’ve come to expect phones
to be everything for us. But we still have this
mindset that they have to be less than a certain price point. And maybe we just need
to change our thinking. Tailosive Tech has a video about this, where he actually specifically talks about the thousand dollar price point, and how we’ve all come to expect that. And really his thoughts on sort of whether that’s good or bad, and how that’s gonna look in the future. Totally worth watching
if you haven’t already. Anyway, that’s it from
us here at Unboxed Daily. If you like what you saw
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notification button I mean, I feel like that’d be nice. I feel like, that’d be a generosity. Thank you, in advance. In the mean time, I’m Jason. Anton. Thanks for joining us,
we’ll see you next time. Peace out.

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