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Hi everyone and welcome in this special Le Bon Look episode, because today we answer to all your questions. What’s your name? How old are you? What is your job? My name is Luca Maria Pragassam, I’m 26 and I develop the BonneGueule’s Youtube channel and the content of the BonneGueule brand. What is your career? After the high school diploma, I studied economy at the Sorbonne, which is nice because we study a lot there… Honestly, without the Vietnamese restaurants around, I would not have survived. Then, I joined a Parisian business school where I studied a lot again… I should be over there… Yes I’m studying a lot… In fact, I managed a student venture that helped me to enter the fashion industry and I met Geoffrey and Benoit. When did you start to be interested in fashion? (You see what I mean: more style interviews…) I was around 17 I think, I was working in the public administration to get money, and when I did not have any work, meaning very often, I was looking at different articles on the internet like “How to choose the perfect shirt?”, and I found Benoit’s articles, who was the men’s fashion guru. Then, I got interested by other blogs like Parisian Gentleman, etc. For the style interviews no worries, they are coming very soon. Don’t panic… Please… Other passions except fashion? Yes, I really like photography and music I have played since middle school, I had a group called “Fennecs sur Cour”. We had good time. By the way, I thank my mother for buying me a drum, her biggest regret ever since… It cost her a divorce !!! How tall are you? You look so short in the pictures. First, I am not so short, I am tall enough to enter roller coaster and this is the most important. We receive many questions about shortness, some men’s complex and I want to say you should stop complexing about it. We can be well dressed even if we are not very tall or even short. So do not complex. What is this mustache? I do not see what you mean… Which clothes do you prefer in your wardrobe ? Strangely, I am not attached to my clothes, I wear almost the same things… I would say my full grain Meermin boots, a flannel RRL overshirt and, it is jingoistic, but my Kurado BonneGueule jeans, since they start getting turquoise reflections and it was hard to make them appear. By the way, is BonneGueule working on a more affordable line? Yes, yes, and yes, there are many people asking us, we will release a more affordable line. Our designer, Alexandre, who you know well works a lot on it. The project should be out in a couple of months, I cannot say more… No, I cannot say more. Which product do you use for your hair ? For my hair ? I use American Crew Fiber. A small pat after drying your hair and we’re off ! To be honest, I change my wax regularly but this one is great so I will keep it. Where is Jean-Paul from the first episodes ? Jean-Paul… We first met in a cellar, he had amazing jokes, we were like brothers until everything stopped… Quickly, he started to get jealous and I understood he wanted to get to headline… After a heated discussion, he decided to leave the country to live his dreams like he said. Today, he has a peaceful life far from all those chains holding him back… In fact, we had to give it back to the company that lended it to us… It is less funky… How is the shooting? Fine. Thank you. Why is it only Luca who presents Le Bon Look? At the channel creation, we wanted to outsource to professionals and we quickly realized it could not work since they do not know the BonneGueule’s community. So, we thought it would be better somebody of the team should present it. And I volunteered because it was a challenge for me to make Youtube videos. I already had fun at the beginning and I am still as happy as before to present it, and no worries many things are coming for 2017. Are you alone for making the videos ? No, I am lucky to have… I will show you… The famous Steven Spielberg ! How long do you need to create an episode ? Where does your information come from ? For an episode like “How to choose your winter coat ?”… I need about a day for the searching and writing, then we need 4h for shooting with Pierre, two days for editing and a day for putting the finishing touches, modifying etc. Which equipment do you use ? Until now, we were using a 5D MkIII we changed for a GH4 for 4k videos on which we added a 24-70mm. For the sound, we use a lapel microphone we hide very well with Pierre… and then, Pierre edits using Premiere and After Effects. Make a great hairstyle tutorial for the FAQ… I would be cool bro’ ! Ok bro’ ! You are many asking for this episode about hairstyle, no worries it is coming. Do you have specific advice for colorblind people? It is an interesting question, I saw glasses correcting colorblindness, I add the link in the description. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask to your friends, it is the best solution for me. Try to focus on materials, volumes, etc. How to wear our first rings and where to buy them? Rings are very personal. It is difficult for us to give advice for everybody for this accessory: personally, I wear stones unlike many men. My advice: do not think too much for this accessory and visit stores and try. Concerning the stores you have: Gudule, Corpus Christi, and if you like stones you have Harpo, that’s it. What are the stylistic sacrileges ? Yes, the ankle socks. I do not know if you can imagine but the guy who invented that thought he would make short socks to do not be warm in summer, but long enough to see them sticking out from the shoes. Between you and me, better choose invisible socks in summer. They are as effective and they do not stick out from the shoes. Yes, the wooden and plastic bow ties too… I do not know in which world we live but this is making me… it makes me nervous. Are your brands recommendations always impartial or do you favor the ones you have partnerships with ? For reminder, we neither have ad nor affiliation in BonneGueule, We are a totally independent media financed by a fashion brand which is ours. So, in our Youtube channel, we work exactly the same way : we choose the brands we talk about and we are never influenced. If it is good we talk about it, if it is not, we do not, that’s it. Are you not afraid, by creating your own BonneGueule line, to become less objective in testing brands ? We never promote our brand when we give advice in both, bonnegueule.fr and the Youtube channel. Our goal is to highlight brands we like without thinking too much, we will continue this work during our line’s creation, cross my heart. I cannot find the final touch to my style. Any advice ? In fact, it is your job to find it. Advice are there to lay the foundations but the last kilometer is for you. Add rings, a casually knotted scarf, a patch on a denim jacket, a bottom hem you personally made… Style is a small accumulation of customizations. To which Instagram accounts should I subscribe to find inspiration ? Same thing, it depends of the style you want, I advise you to use hashtags. For example, if you want to know more about sprezzatura, you write in English “sprezzatura”, which is sprezzatura and you will get many accounts. I advise you to do not subscribe to what I call “billboards”, meaning influencers accepting everything coming from brands, styles are not always interesting. If you want names, I personally follow the Instagram account of nigel_cabourn, and his incredible universe. He modernizes clothes and it is nice to see it. Similarly, you have the Instagram of Gauthier Borsarello, vintage.for.fashion, we interviewed a short time ago in “Le Vestiaire de…” He gives you inspirations if you like vintage and explains you many things about the clothes origin, etc. Otherwise, you can visit the Instagram account of borasification, it is a good inspiration, who masters the clothes upsizing, meaning choosing larger clothes on purpose. He gives a lot of inspiration about the workwear and streetwear and he is really nice ! If you love the sartorial art, I advise you to look at the Instagram account of the British brand, Drake’s. You will find a lot of inspiration. And the immortal Alessandro Squarzi if you want to wear white pairs of trousers too… it is always great. How Luca does to have his tooth so white ? For my tooth, I use the new toothpaste… Will you make a “Le Vestiaire de…” about your own clothes closet? We already did it, some of the team have been interviewed. We will go deeper in the wardrobe of everybody. Benoit will be interviewed soon and Florian too. I cannot wait !!! When is the Le Bon Look episode about “How to have a nice face ? with advice about hairstyle, beard, glasses… It is in the process but this subject takes a lot of time so you have to be patient… Who is Jean-Marc’s girlfriend ? I do not know… Thérèse… Are you not afraid to be limited by the number of subjects in Le Bon Look ? To be honest no. In bonnegueule.fr we have already 1,000 articles published, so imagine how many videos we could make… At least 1,000 for sure. Are new Youtube videos formats coming ? Yes, there are several formats that will be uploaded: first, Benoit will have his own video called “Let’s talk about clothes”, I invite you to discover it and Nicolo, our Community Manager, will test clothes in video so, many things are coming. This FAQ is over, thank you very much for all your comments, every time we are very happy to read them, “To be honest, you are the classiest guy on Earth !! LOL You rube !” Almost every time… There are also many nice comments !!! You are now more than 30,000 to follow us and to comment each video. Thank you, please continue it is our first inspiration to write our subjects. Bye…

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