Lensabl makes custom lenses for any glasses

Optometrists don’t make it easy to put new
lenses into a pair of frames you have and love. It can cost more than a new
pair altogether. New startup, Lensabl, is on a mission to keep
your favorite frames on your face. Prices start at $77 for a standard replacement
lens and can go as high as $400 once you start combining prescriptions with mirrors or tints. After you customize lenses, you submit your
prescription online. Then ship the frames and wait for them to
come back to your door. We ordered a few pairs. They arrived quickly and the quality was roughly
the same as what you get from your doctor. It’s a fun way to bring back vintage frames
or replace the trippy colored lenses on your Snapchat Spectacles. Lensabl is already working with hot fashion
brands to customize a new pair.

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7 thoughts on “Lensabl makes custom lenses for any glasses

  1. This company is horrible! They stole my money by putting the wrong lens in my glasses frames. Customer service don't care about the customer. Save your time and money and go somewhere local to take care of you glasses needs. I really hope they go out of business because they are the biggest scammers I ever seen. I plan to report then to BBB. .

  2. worked for me , perfectly I sent a very rare pair of 1940's AO 23 (forerunner to ray-ban) . with fingers crossed and alot of trust , Lensabl did exactly what was needed , worked around the addon side shields an made the lens fit exactly.

  3. Thank you for sharing..Video is really interesting and full of necessary information..I the video carefully and then apply all the steps carefully. .

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