Le Casque Aëdle x Merci

Just like a fine watch Headphones have a primary function which is to reproduce music in the most faithful way We are going to try to extend this function upwards so that these headphones become not only a gadget but also a true companion for the nomadic and modern traveller A lasting product that will hopefully be transmitted It always start with technical requirements that we systematically poetize It means we will write down what we want to feel with the sound on this or that particular item We would use authors, emotions or feelings Then, we translate these into actual technical specifications by breaking down frequency ranges and tuning out lows, mids… in order to be as close as possible to our primary intention We like this idea of getting into a bubble Before anything, what has been driving me is the craftmanship approach being able to create a product myself with actual people around me I think people can feel, when touching our products that these have been made that way Hopefully, people can create a different kind of connection with this item.

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3 thoughts on “Le Casque Aëdle x Merci

  1. Bravo pour votre vidéo …
    A quoi cela sert-il de faire une vidéo qui est superbe pour venter le casque…… Et ne pas répondre au client qui ont un souci prise jack . Aucune réponse de mes mails de vos services ainsi que du revendeur Parisien achat qui a était fait par le net
    Je suis Propriétaire d’un Aedle Vk-2 et d’un OSD 1
    Souci Jack du OSD1
    Demande effectuer en 2018 ….!!!!!
    Manque de sérieux de vos services et cela ne donne pas l’envie de faire l’achat du VK X

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