LAUNCHING A BUSINESS – My Startup is LIVE! | Vlog 017

Sharespark Sharespark hey everyone
Heather here and I am super happy and excited to announce that Sharespark is
alive and just so you guys know the whole like alpha beta full launch thing
there’s really no designation in terms of the actual company it was more in my
head who I was mentally gonna tell alpha it was kind of cool because I had
decided to you I decided to launch to the internet so i purposely didn’t tell
anybody that I knew because for Sharespark my point is to try to reach people
that I wouldn’t normally be able to reach if I didn’t have the internet so
that was kind of like the true test and it was great it was crazy i actually was
contacted from people all over had some people from different countries contact
me and it’s just it’s been really cool and so reassuring that Sharespark is
something that is going to make a difference in people’s lives and i’m so
excited about it and I’m excited that other people are excited about it so
it’s just like I’m just so I’m so happy and proud anyway Sharespark really
quickly for youth and older adults especially I feel like there’s a huge
gap especially with youth because they don’t know a world without the internet
and older adults are struggling just to keep up with it so you know those are
kind of like my main target audiences I hope to help and I think what a really
cool thing about a Sharespark is going to be is there’s definitely going to be
the education component so how to videos tutorials guides a blog stuff like that
on like you know trends and news and how to utilize digital media but I think the
really cool part is going to be the empowerment so getting you to move from
being a consumer to a creator of media because I feel like that’s the best way
to kind of truly understand the impact of digital media in our society how you
could use it in your own life to achieve your own goals whether their personal or
professional so you know if you want to learn a new skill apply for a job start
your own business um showcase a talent I mean this is all
stuff that you can use digital media to do things that you could not have done
for sure if you didn’t use it so that’s what Sharespark’s about I keep calling
it the movement because it really doesn’t matter if I’m the only one who’s
making media the whole point behind it is you know to truly affect change you
guys watching this have to participate and actually make media so I’m really
hoping that it catches on you know we’ll start small and we’ll go from there until you
just make digital media whether it’s you know photos on Instagram or videos for
YouTube or graphics podcasts I mean we’re going to do it all and it’s going
to be a lot of fun I’m really excited so we’re going to be focusing on positive
and productive content and there’s also be a huge focus on collaboration and
using the internet to get information so no matter what your age is industry
culture wherever you are I think that digital media could definitely help you
achieve your goals so that’s what Sharesarpk is determined to do and that’s our
mission and when I say our I mean us follow Sharespark media all the
social-media handles our Sharespark media visit the website if you have any
suggestions on anything questions comments anything I would totally
appreciate your feedback comment below shoot me an email message me whatever it
is but yeah thank you thank you guys

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One thought on “LAUNCHING A BUSINESS – My Startup is LIVE! | Vlog 017

  1. Ahhh my launch date when Sharespark Media was finally announced to the world. Looking back, I'm proud to say that I've been able to make a positive impact on so many aspiring creators but there's still a long way to go!

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