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[Music] alright so we’re doing another test this time is on youtube so i just finished doing a test on facebook live yeah it was a quick test so this time i am doing a test on youtube live using my internal camera on my laptop slow quality but just to show you an idea and win a global lighting situation as well I Mykelti University it’s about a 28 p.m. right so when I blow light environment make sure the audio over here it’s gotta make sure the audio is good here but yeah this is what you can expect and so on so right can bring in different stuff like this bring it breaking news slide and then I can bring in my main camera so you know he set up the stuff that we can do with the videos of the castle I couldn’t be doing a more in-depth teaching on how to use live videos also so that he’s coming up very soon show you how to use live video for your business for your community and your organization whether it’s nonprofit whether it’s your name it right so you can be able to do transitions like this now you cannot do this from mobile device and you can only do this from a professional encoder and professional software but it’s easy to teach you can teach anybody how to use the stuff folks really not they prob where you can be using a template like this to be doing your interview right interview with ice cream academy you can bring in a remote test you know I’d rather more just talking you can be bringing in a slide show you know slice your presentation you will bring in a video slideshow and then you can bring in your main camera so this is the main camera monitoring the CPU 26 which is good so I’m gonna be doing some training your workshop on how to use this platform to generate more leads in client so this is just a quick test that we’re doing on YouTube alive coming from the laptop all right so yeah yeah yeah so transitions like this slideshow you can bring even more guests as I said on your show and then you can bring in your main camera right then you have your lower thirds your no goals your your name and so on so so yeah also i’ll be doing a little bit of training on this very soon so this is just a test i did this earlier on my facebook live now i’m doing it on youtube so you can get an idea of what to expect and what kind of quality is also so without further ado I’m going to leave you with this and then come back cry family peace

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