Last Minute 2018 Holiday Tech Gifts!

(gentle holiday music) – Yo, guys, Jonathan here. Black Friday sucked. Cyber Monday is here, though. Things are looking up, and I’m kicking today’s deal list off with potentially the
greatest Cyber Monday deal of all time in human existence, Barrel Monkeys for $3.82. And that, my friends, for that price, you cannot build yourself a custom water-cooled gaming PC. From there, if you’ve
been looking to pick up a Galaxy S9 but have been
holding off for that deal, that deal of the year, this one caught my eye. You get a Galaxy S9 unlocked, but it’s not stopping there. You get that, plus, an Echo Spot for $519. They are basically
giving these things away. PSA, though, these deals, these prices, they will change, they
will sell out faster than these fingers can
eliminate existence. And what’s also cool, is this Infinity Gauntlet is also on sale for Cyber Monday, link below. Link below. Not up there, down here. I don’t feel so good. So next, for those that
caught the Mac mini setup, again, one of the best
things about the Mac mini is the fact that you can build it out any way you want and at your pace. So maybe, you’re not
about that thicc life. Maybe you want something
a little more low-key, a little more reserved. There’s an Acer 23.8 inch monitor on sale for $99 right now. Maybe that’s not your size,
that’s not your flavor. There’s a ton more on sale, link below. Next from there, coming in, a potentially the second greatest Cyber
Monday deal of all time, second only to Barrel of
Monkeys, JENGA for $9. That’s a cheap way to get
your kid off the tablet. And JENGA is fun as shh. – Sha-ka-ka. – Next from there, if
you’re looking to step into the smart home game, the Echo Dot is currently on sale for $19.99. That is cheap as hell. For that price, you could grab 10, you can grab two for your
brother, for your sister, for your friends, for your family, to people who you mildly like. It’ll make a great gift. From there, you guys
know I love Philips Hue. It’s what creates that beautiful
splash of color behind me. And today, as the Hodge twins would say, there are all kinds of Philips Hue and Amazon Echo deals
just sandwiched together in different configurations. So I will drop a link to
everything in the description. With that said, I realize Philips Hue can be a little on the pricier side. So if you don’t wanna dive
into that ecosystem just yet, there is a Sengled
Multicolor Smart LED Kit with two bulbs for 49 bucks. Try and beat that. Next from there, speaking
of smart home items, if you’ve been looking to
upgrade your Wi-Fi system, this is the Orbis. It’s actually what we
use here in the office. But we paid $299 for ours like suckers. And you don’t have to be a sucker. It is currently on sale for $199. Next from there, if you
like your USB sticks looking badass, my friend,
I got the one for you. This is a 64 gigabyte Kingston Elite G2 on sale for $9 plus $10. – 21. – I know it’s crazy as
smartphone prices go higher and higher and higher, it seems like 4K TVs go
lower and lower and lower. As JD Tech TV said, it’s essentially the normal now. And there’s never been a
better time to buy one. Not only can you grab a
43 inch 4K TV for $249, there is also Amazon Fire
TV built into this guy. Granted, it is Toshiba,
which isn’t the best brand in the world. But again, it’s a 43 inch 4K TV with pretty solid reviews
for under 300 bucks. TV people, it is now your time to shine. If you have a nice TV, maybe you want to upgrade
your sound package. – Oh, well, well, this here? Oh, it’s just my package. – There’s this pretty sweet
Polk Audio Sound Bar with a sub. And the icing on the top,
the cherry on the cake, is that there is built-in
Amazon Alexa compatibilities. So we just got tech sandwiches just piling in our faces right now. RAM boys, laptop boys, you
guys looking for a deal potentially and, or an upgrade, there is an eight
gigabyte kit from Crucial on sale for 48 bucks. In a time where it was
looking a little dark for PC upgrades, where those prices were just skyrocketing, this is actually a breath of fresh air in terms of PC deals. Next from there, if you were pissed off at the 2018 MacBook Air release, and that really wasn’t your jam, the 12 inch MacBook actually
isn’t a terrible idea. And currently, it is $200 off at Best Buy. So you can scoop up this
little dude for $1,099. Camera people, if you’ve
been looking to grab something to get into the game without dropping a ton of cash, I got the deal for you. The Canon T6 is on sale for $399, but you get two lenses. So that’s essentially everything you need to get started out of the gate,
making some crispy content. Apple Watch people, if you’ve
been looking to grab one, but don’t wanna spend all that Apple cash, you can pick one up for
under 300 bucks right now. It is Series 3, but I think
that’s a fantastic deal if you’re just looking
to grab an Apple Watch for the first time ever. Now, I realize this is
an older model from 2015, but B&H has a pretty solid deal on a 15 inch MacBook Pro for $1,599. And I realize, you’re technically supposed to pay tax, and I’m not telling
you how to live your lives. But I’m just saying, there’s a good chance that if you check out, you’re probably not gonna pay more than $1,599. (dramatic music) Newsflash, got that FreshTech
TV Gloria Borger update. There is a Canon 60 32 item pack with seven lenses on sale for $2,400. Cyber Monday is shaming Black Friday. You get an indie filter,
you get an SD card, you get a lens. You could just buy the
pack and give away lenses to your friends, or you could use them. Your choice. Speaking of crazy packaged deals, B&H has the Mavic Fly More Combo for 280 George Washingtons off. Crazy, that’s quite a bit of deals. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. If you did, and you are
feeling like being awesome, make sure you guys smash that like button. If you missed it, I recently dropped this beautiful Mac mini setup with that ultra-wide thicc boi. This is Jonathan, and
I’ll catch you guys later. (upbeat music)

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  2. Selling something is not giving it away. You still have to pay for it.
    They are still making money on it. It probably cost like $200 to make. That's including landing costs.

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  7. Great video but…B&H and every other online store that used to not charge sales tax now has to if the customer lives in a state with sales tax because of the supreme court ruling earlier this year. ABT was a store I'd shop from regularly and they confirmed that as of October they were now charging sales tax to every buyer regardless of their home state.

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