Landing Pages for B2B SaaS

Hi it’s Alex Iwaniuk from The Sales Automation Company. Today I want to come back to the tip that we’ve mentioned some time ago already, about paid traffic. So, what we see most often that B2B SaaS Apps do wrong with paid traffic, is they drive traffic to homepage or some kind of generic landing page. You need to be very specific with in your landing pages. You have to think of your prospects journey. Where they are at? You don’t want to jump directly for the kill. You don’t want to offer them straight away your full paid solution. You want to ease them in into that relation. You want to prove that you’re valuable, you want to help them make an educated decision. Your product is probably not for everyone, but your marketing efforts should make sure that the person that it is for understands it. So with your landing pages be clear. Have a clear call to action but don’t try to go too far in the initial stage. Offer some educational material. Educate your prospects why your solution is better than our competitors on the market. This was Alex Iwaniuk from The Sales Automation Company and if you want to learn more watch our videos.

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