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bob is the IT director of a fortune 500 company he wanted to know if blockchain could create efficiencies and improve security the guys at the R&D department said they could make one in one to two years it’s a long complicated and expensive process they informed him there’s no simple way to implement blockchain he’d have to hire a massive team and worst of all there would be no good way to pass information between his blockchain and somebody else’s bob was ready to forget about the whole blockchain thing when he heard about Landon Landon is a robust ecosystem of development tools that turns blockchain concepts into enterprise grade applications capable of seamless communication and value exchange with other blockchains using saffron bob was able to create a secure blockchain based on etherium in less than 30 seconds then to track shipments of his company’s product Bob used flora to download free made smart contracts from the smart contract hub and tweaked them to his needs finally Bob used saffron’s integrated tools to deploy his new chain to enterprise grade server infrastructure Alice works for a company that creates raw goods for Bob’s products she uses the Lambton suite to deploy a blockchain that allows her to submit RFPs and fulfill proposals Bob’s company needed raw materials sourced from Alice’s but he thought that just like Bitcoin and aetherium their block chains couldn’t communicate using clove Alice easily connected the two block chains for secure communication and seamless exchange of value then to pay Alice for her raw materials Bob used lambdas tau token which allowed an exchange of value in the form of local currency or assets needed for local fulfilment and from start to finish the entire thing took less than a week there are thousands of ways Landen can help businesses blockchain developers and architects visit lambda dot IO to learn more

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