LaceUp – Mobile Invoicing Software For QuickBooks – Creating & Sending A Sales Order

Good afternoon this is Mike with LaceUp
today I’m going to show you how your sales reps can create an order using
their Android device and send it straight into your QuickBooks accounting
system. If you look at the screen you see an android device this is an adroid device
sitting here on top of my desk To start creating an order you open the LaceUp application the moment you open LaceUp application you have access to every customer associated with your sales rep ID, this means that your sales
rep only see the customers that you assigned to them. To begin creating an
order you selected the customer, above you see customer details and below you see all
the open invoices that set customer has with your company. To begin creating an
order you tap menu – create order. The moment that you tap create order your
placed inside of an order template. This order template shows you in history what
that customers ordered from you. To start an order you find the product you want
to start first. In this instance lets ad Achiote en polvo Select the plus Input the quantity, tap set, the moment you tap set
the order is been created. To continue the order you go line-by-line I.m gonna add Caffee Regil, tree of those, Corona Light four of those and so on once the order is complete, that is when
all the products are added to the order you tap menu and now you’re able to send
the order to your back office The system asks you “Would you like to continues sending the order” and you tap yes, the order has now gone from the Android device to the
back office. To find the ordered in the back office you open the lace-up desktop
software. Go to process orders, inside a process orders here is the order that
you’ve created. Hear’re the details for the order now it’s time to pick and pack and
prepare the order for delivery from here you can print the pick ticket and when
the order is done you can modify quantities if certain quantities are not
available within your warehouse To send the order to your QuickBooks you
save the order, you close this window next to go to export orders, in export
you see the exact order that we’ve sent from the Android device to the back
office to export the order to QuickBooks you simply tap export orders, this popup
demonstrates confirmation that your order has been successfully exported
from laceUp to QuickBooks. To view your order you open QuickBooks go to
customers, tap the back arrow and there is the order that you’ve created

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