Kuri Personal Home Robot (CES 2017)

Kuri was unvailed at CES 2017 and is an adorably
cute living companion who walks around the home and helps you with your daily tasks. Developed by Bosch startup Mayfield Electronics,
this robot will respond and look at you when calling its name, and can show its emotion
through the cuteness of its eyes and through a number
of bleeps and bloops. Kuri is designed to appeal to anyone and he’s
created to become a friendly helper rather than just a motorised flashing
computer. It’s clever and it can walk around your home
and it can even follow you without bumping into any objects because it likes to check
its surroundings before making any risky moves. It’s got an HD camera so you can look through
its eyes and move him around on your smartphone. With a quad microphone setup it can hear your
commands from all directions. It can figure out where to look if it wants
to find you. Kuri is 20″ tall and can go hours without
needing to charge, but when it does it’ll go to its charging
dock for a nap. As part of the evolving smart home, Kuri has
IFTTT support, Bluetooth, dual speakers and lots of sensors to map your house. And to give it more personality it’s got a
multicoloured chest and closing eyes to show his mood. The company says that he’ll fit in as a personal
robot for the home and is great for introducing
kids to technology. He’s priced at $699, and you can pre-order
one now in the US for $100 at heykuri.com. For more weekly videos subscribe to TechLoad.

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