KUKA Connect – Redesigned Admin Console, Robot Sites, and Historical Analysis Graph

Hi, I’m Kimberly Lancarte, Product
Manager at KUKA, and I’m here to introduce three new features from KUKA
Connect. These features include an updated Administrator console, robot
Sites, and Historical Analysis for condition monitoring. First, let’s take a
look at the all-new Administrator console. The console has three sections
where administrators manage their organization’s users, alerts, and robots. In the User Management section, administrators can invite new users and
edit roles and robot assignments. The Alert Management section provides a list
of all alerts. Administrators use this information to determine which alerts
appear in the users’ Alert Log tab. Use the toggle switch next to any alert to
change its setting. Moving the toggle switch to the right turns it green, indicating all your organization’s users can see this alert.
Moving the toggle switch to the left turns it red, indicating the alert is
blocked for all users. Next, the Robot Management section is where
administrators determine how robots are arranged in a Site. KUKA Connect now
automatically organizes all robots into Sites that correspond to the robots’
geographical location. Within each Site, an administrator can sort robots into a
hierarchy of areas, groups, and teams to reflect how robots are placed in their
real-world factories. Arranging robots into custom Site hierarchies supports
efficient fleet management and ensures each user can access only their assigned
robots. Finally, the last feature we’ll cover in this video is KUKA Connect’s
updated Condition Monitoring section. This graph learns the normal ranges of a
robot’s motor operating condition over time and plots out of norm data points.
You can analyze historical deviations, represented by data points on the graph,
and determine if, and what, further action is necessary. The updated Historical
Analysis graph now displays a corresponding watermark for the highest
and lowest motor data measurements ever recorded.
Selecting the watermark displays additional information about the peak
measurement. Double-click or double-tap the watermark to show the point on the
graph where the peak measurement began. This
feature makes it easier for you to identify and measure changes in your
robot’s production environment. Thanks for watching this short walkthrough KUKA Connect’s latest features. For more information on how KUKA Connect can
help you, please visit connect.kuka.com

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