Korea’s humanoid robot ‘HUBO’ joins PyeongChang Olympic torch relay

With less than 2 months to the start of the
Pyeongchang games… the olympic torch relay continues despite the subzero temperatures. One of the latest runner to carry to flame
fears no cold even being out there in his birthday suit. It’s none other than Hubo the robot from Korea’s
science and technology university. Lee Ji-won files this report from Daejeon. From Jeju’s haenyeo, or women divers, to Korea’s
legendary warship, the Turtle Ship,… the Olympic torch has been carried around the
country by some unique means. And in Daejeon, robots joined the relay. On the 41st day of the Olympic Torch Relay,
the humanoid robot HUBO and a team of robotics scientists kicked off the third theme of the
torch relay, Information Technology, at the country’s technology research hub, the Korea
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in the western city of Daejeon on Monday. HUBO won the DARPA Robotics Challenge in 2015,
and during Monday’s relay, it re-enacted one of its award winning moves. Demonstrating its ability to use tools,…
the robot broke through a wall and handed over the Olympic flame to its developer Professor
Oh Jun-ho. The professor said Monday’s relay was a chance
to show the unlimited possibilities of robots. (Korean)
“Through the robots’ participation in the Olympic Torch relay, we were able to show
the world how far Korea’s robotics industry has developed, and show people the different
ways that robots could be used in the near future.” The KAIST section of the torch relay also
included Professor Oh’s next generation riding robot, FX-2,… and Professor Dennis Hong,
one of the top young robotics scientists shaking up the industry in the U.S. After its quick tour of KAIST, the Olympic
torch was then carried around Daejeon before arriving at the Expo Park, where a closing
ceremony for the Olympic torch in Daejeon was held. Monday marked the third and final day at Daejeon,…
where some 530 torch bearers participated in the relay, including Park Chan-ho, Korea’s
first Major League Baseball player. (Standup)
“After a day off on Tuesday, the torch will come up north,… and continue its relay in
Sejong city for two days, visiting places including the Sejong Government Complex.” Lee Ji-won, Arirang News, Daejeon.

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