King 5 News: Tech Expo 2014

The Kent Tech Expo is the largest student based
event of its kind in the world. King 5’s Zahid Arib shows us students are using it to shape
their futures. In this room, anything is possible. “Yeah, I’m excited!” Students kindergarten
through high school are showcasing how they integrate technology in the classroom. “This
Tech Expo kind of shows people what the future looks like for technology.” And that future
includes the arrival of the nerd era. “Oh it’s definitely cool – being a nerd is the
best.” “I think you’re seeing a lot of the world’s next Bill Gates.” Whether it’s sending
a doll around the world and blogging about it – “This is part of our writing, social
studies and technology grade.” the science of flight, or robotics – learning is reimagined
here at the Kent Tech Expo. “Perfect, give me a high five.” “This is the 21st century
arts and crafts.” “It’s so much fun though!” Students envision beyond the classroom. “You
get really excited about it, then you have other kids to get really excited about it,
then you get together and build a robot and it’s awesome.” “So this is the language they
come up with from birth and so it’s second nature to them.” It’s enough to even make
these kids feel left behind. “I feel really old sometimes, I’m just looking at all of
the younger kids using – “Yeah cause the younger kids know how to use all this technology and
we really don’t.” For many here the event is motivation. “I think this kid said something
like ‘in High School we built robots, and I want to build robots for the rest of my
life.'” but above all else, a reason to dream. “Learning all this stuff – it creates something
really, really cool.” In Kent, Zahid Arab, King 5 News.

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