You asked for it We need that nice hands Well, please you guys won’t bother right then we gonna do some well soon Let the stream go wild let’s go wild together Born to be wah Die so science I started watching you lost all your games. Hmm that ain’t good But not your fault man. Don’t worry Let’s go let’s draw two cards guys Every minion we draw we make a copy and how many minions do I blame? Is that a lot? It’s probably Ock paldon Sighs well, this is Tom stirring. It’s a buck It’s like add the ranks have an extra number now Ooh pretty good thing. We first got Brad Wingo Drawn Zilly ex Hello France Hey ties, if you haven’t ever play the Sun for yeah, I shall there may be no temple play Justin free. I agree. I Felt the same that might have been a mess up. It’s pretty good head to hex this Party time, it’s our tee time No, you’re not playing getting your main deck oh my god New card out guys it is the rusty recycler five men are – six towns lifesteal and Is gone If you can’t kill it just copy it and I guess I wanted to go face guys, but now now I am very strongly considering trading Because it’s like 33 percent we get the iron bank or 25 I’m pretty sure we trade now because this trade is also or awkward Hey Thais, how are you not bored and Going out of your mind playing this day game over and over again It’s fun But isn’t that a little bit sometimes with every game But the great thing is it’s not for me just Harsin its I Will not play hearthstone today guys, if I will not be streaming, it’s more that I just want to spend time with you I just want to stream and For me, the best game to stream is Hartstein because I enjoy it a lot. It’s a very easygoing Game to stream. I Think Harsin issues one of the best games to stream for a streamer You can like play the game. You can interact with chat People can follow what’s going on in the game, even though they just tuned in or it’s on the second screen or whatever It’s such a good game to stream Look at this play. Oh my god. Oh my god want to play? Oh, yes Easy match guys bribing may choppy Free wisp every turn huh? He likes that she likes the doll these guys ah My power will go stronger Alright guys, I told you and there we go. This is now a three digit stream Yes, guys, it’s a tree they could stream now We did it And Not just a three digit stream. It’s also on top two digits Breitling stream, I am pretty sure guys I’m currently at the top ten bright wing player Because I’m one of the only ones that is playing Brad wing You asked for it I Like skill warm against rope So I keep the scroll sure because scarcer is sometimes even good against rope when they go for a lucky opener As I’m at top 300 with this neck, you’re welcome for taking it well I’m happy you like my deck Always happy when people like my deck I was joking How many screens do you have ties I have two screens I Am using two screens That’s my setup two screens camera microphone Okay, that’s kind of interesting because I can go let’s say skill warm into our kinky Smith here That’s like the aggressive play then my giant will be seven it’ll be six The other line is to pass and play Giants, what do you like more Chet It’s a pretty close call over our Bowl blinds are kind of right here I Kind of like the proactive approach more Coin giant-sized bet the law Yeah, I don’t like Mt giant too much there he might play shark here The other two are so bad that we had to pick this Like favors just used this year and he’s always playing a lucky first. So It just doesn’t do anything He knows Why Brad wing theis cuz it’s the new cards And it’s a dragon so we make Dragon Age today a pink Dragon mage Rahu image I’m nothing Why not pocket galaxy I’m playing pocket galaxy. I’m just not drawing it If you look at the decklist that is on the right, you see that I’m playing it. I Know my camera is very distracting. But if you look a little around you can maybe find a necklace So yes for our three spells now in the hands or three spells created by Actually like this It’s okay Don’t forget guys splitting image you’re still up. So that’s why I like it even more because he doesn’t know that but I know it He still thinks of this Congress, but no he actually knows his stuff counterspell now Not killing shark he has a full hand guys it’s fine It can still be spell bender sir. Whoo, look at this spell man, they’re so juicy so juicy Backstep Said We got a very cheap step out here guys now he knows Now he knows it is not spelled in there. So he knows it. It’s like fate prize Or now or did he test that already? He might have tested that he might have all the information required now Whoa, whoa. Whoa whoa, whoa He plays that Okay Okay, something is wrong here. And I think guys that’s a know me. What do you think? I Don’t want to trade because now he has to trade but then he pokes my splitting image What I think is kind of poster for me. Like if you want to know me you wanna trade but then he activates my trap So you shall not hit the one on here it’s pretty important I just get an extra five attack And now no me is just not that good Yeah, this guy’s our toes it’s fine guys, oh the desperation Yeah, this guy’s I’m pretty sure he’s on the know me guys there’s no way you ever do that play there without So we either have to set up leaf, oh are we doing Sarah here Giant Colin you’re scolding. Let’s puts 14 all that sensibly full I’m not training char guys. It’s like just one. Let’s know me here Ha I think I read I think I’m having strong rates on him guys He’s an open book for me If I had to ride a boo guys about him I Will have it all correct Wow, I won this game Yet a super good opener, but that turn that turns seven mirrors guys That turn seven mirrors was very suspicious And I think I got a very strong read on him there So I completely changed my game plan instead of trading shark instead of trading the one one I played a minion and just went face and suddenly I turned the table around I was the one having the initiative and so we want KHADGAR MAGE DECK 2019 – RISE OF SHADOWS – HEARTHSTONE

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