Kendall And Kylie’s App Makes Millions

Is there anything the Kardashian’s can’t
sell? The Kendall and Kylie game, based on the youngest two Kardashian sisters, hit number
one overall in the U-S App store shortly after launching in mid-February. But recently took
a nose-dive down to #52 Overall. The game has reportedly pulled in about $3.5 million
dollars in revenue worldwide on the iOS version of the app. The first thing you’ll notice is how very
similar this game is to their sister Kim’s game – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. That game
also comes out of Glu mobile and became a top grossing game two years ago. Kim Kardashian
made over one-hundred million dollars in the first five quarters of the game’s existence.
That’s more than all of her other businesses combined! Kendall and Kylie’s opens up with a story
about a poor waif who must rise to the top of social media fame to win. You start out
in the slums of Santa Monica, picking up after a selfish roommate and sweeping floors at
a local salon. Soon you begin to make important friends and eventually meet Kendall and Kylie
at a club, where they post on their social media feed to help boost your follower numbers. Each job you take on takes energy points,
but will give you money the more jobs you do. Unfortunately you’ll have to stop if
you don’t have enough energy. You can, however, gain energy by paying for it with real money.
This is how the app makes money and is the exact same way Kim’s game helped her rake
in all that cash last year. You can also watch a lot of in-app commercials
to earn a smaller amount of energy, but it’s an agonizing enough experience to make you
want to break down and just buy the energy points. You can customize the look of your character
throughout the game as you take on video shoots, take duck face selfies and go on dates with
people more popular than you — to try and gain more fictitious social media followers…
in order to continue rising through the levels of fame and reign supreme in the game’s
social media world. You’ll find it also works out better if
you are nice to people. You’ll earn more money to buy drinks for your dates and new
clothes and houses that way. I’ll be honest I continued to play the game
a bit after I needed to. I don’t know what it was that pulled me in exactly but I did
want to get to the next level and beat Aubrey, the villainous mean girl in the game. I finally
reached about 40-thousand fans and gave up. The game lost all meaning and just got monotonous
at that point. It’s a surprisingly addictive game overall
that might even surpass the huge dollars Kim pulled in. Hey Kanye, I think I know how to solve your
53 million dollar debt problem.

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13 thoughts on “Kendall And Kylie’s App Makes Millions

  1. Impressive that she managed to have a good team behind this. It looks like a quality game with very, very good talent behind it

  2. This game would have never made it to page 500 had it not been for the undeserving solicitation these dog faced bitches get. It is proof that ANYONE can make millions, it's just a simple matter of who you know and marketing to the totally oblivious!

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