Keep Track Of Movies With Letterboxd’s New App

Do you love movies? I love movies… Really
how could you not? Letterboxd is a super helpful website that keep track of movies you’ve
watched, read compelling reviews, or build and share movie lists. According to the site,
more than 17 million movies were marked watched, 9 million rated, and 1 million reviews were
written on their site last year. Admittedly, it has it’s flaws. The website is incredibly
slow, and there wasn’t a mobile app, until now. Letterboxd is basically a social network for
movies. Once you’ve created a profile, you can follow people and see what they’ve been
watching. In particular, you can keep track of movies you’ve seen, rate them and write
short reviews — your followers can then see them in a unified feed. It’s like Twitter,
but instead of posting messages for your followers, you post movie ratings and reviews. It’s
also a great way to create a timeline of your most recently watched movies.
I’ve been using Letterboxd for more than a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed the
movie pages. For instance, if you look at Mustang (which
is my favorite movie of 2015) it’s an information-packed page. You get a detailed run down of ratings
to see if it’s a polarizing movie, popular and recent reviews, a short description, clickable
cast and crew names, a link to IMDb if you want to learn more. In my opinion, the user reviews are far more
relevant and interesting than on other movie websites. Plus, anyone can create a custom
movie lists around any theme. For instance, there’s a list for “100 great movies under
100 minutes,” “childhood trauma revisited” or “incomplete list of movies that use the
Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind?’ There’s a sense of community on Letterboxd,
with its own personality. And if you’re like me and don’t really follow anyone on
the service, it’s still a great place to keep track of your movie collection and find
new films to watch. I log everything I watch, use the watch list feature and look up movies
all the time. While the website is responsive and works
on mobile, the iOS app that launched this week could be a better way to log and keep
track of your movies. So far it seems that you’ll be able to find all the website features
in the app. Existing Letterboxd users will feel right
at home as the app uses the same color palette, icons and metaphors as the website. And if
you’re new to the service, the app makes it easy to sign up and try it.

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