Kamil Adamczyk – Neuro:on – a market success case study

Today I would like to tell you a little
bit more about our experience developing Neuro:on sleep mask. We started this project more than two years ago. We
thought it took us about a year to bring the product into the market. We had a
slight delay, but I would like to tell you why. I would like to tell you how the
product looks like today. I have a product with me today after the presentation. You
could stop by and take a look. Few words about our company or company is not only the Neuro:on. We like to say about ourselves, that we are hardware
development house. We are developing new technologies. We are developing wearable
technologies, sensors and artificial intelligence around this technologies
and our goal is to bring medical devices and wearable devices together. So right
now if you take a look at that medical market. They’re like huge very
sophisticated medical devices, but unfortunately they’re uncomfortable for
the patients. They don’t like to use them they accept usage of these devices,
because they provide them a value, but it’s not like they want to use these
devices everyday. They just want to stop by
use device get diagnose or get treated and forget about it. So our goal is not to
having this situation any longer. We want to combine utility of wearable devices
accuracy of medical devices and so this is big goal. With Neuro:on we also trying
to bring medical devices and wearable devices together. We are trying to bring
accuracy and utility of the wearable devices and the goal of Neuro:on is to monitor your
sleep in the most accurate way possible. According to the latest medical
standards and to provide you some kind of action that you could change your
sleep, so that it will be suited more for yourself. So today I would like to tell
you about a few factors about our advice, about the reason why we get covered are
so well in the international media. Why we pre-ordered so many devices how many I wil tell you a little bit more by the end of this presentation. So I would like to tell you about like current macro trends in
global market. So I would like to tell you more about the market trends at the
current markets. Wearable markets, internet the thing markets. I would like to
tell you about the micro trends in sleep wearable markets that it still growing. I would like to tell you about the customer pain, about the pain of people who cannot sleep well. The more severe and very very serious diseases and it can destroy the whole life of the patient. And I would like to tell you
more about bringing accuracy and utility of the medical device and wearable
device together. And finally about going global how we went global with our device.
So if we take a look at the latest report made by international consulting groups. We could
see that in the upcoming years wearable market will be growing, but
wearable market connected with smart clothes. People in the near future will not use separate wearable devices, because everything will be built in our
current clothes, so we don’t need to use anything apart from our clothes. So if we
take a look at the highest graph at the screen and we could see that smart
clothes market will be growing very very fast if we take a look at the graph
below, we could see that professional medical devices markets will reach the highest point
around 2018 and then will be slightly going down. The same situation will be
with personalized devices that we are wearing an our wristbands, smart wearables. So the current trends is to building everything together in the
clothes that we have and that we are using right now. On the other hand we have a
smart sleep wearable market and growing really fast as well. If we take a look at
the recent Kickstater campaigns we could see a device’s that’s been founded more than few time last year. Raising
more than few million dollars. The most successful campaign was “Hello
sense” it was like a cube that measures sleep remotely that you putting the device at your nightstand and it’s trying to measure how well you sleep by your
movement. I will tell you later on how we are different and how different is our
approach to the sleep measurement. So people at this market have different pains a different categories
of sleeping problem. Basically there are two big groups the first one is circadian rythms disorders so your internal body clock is desynchronized with
external body clock. So you cannot fall asleep at the right time. When you waking up the
morning you feel tired and so on. So it’s all about synchronizing your biological
clock with external clock of the Earth. The second problem is sleep apnea is the
most common sleep problem. During the sleep apnea you basically you cannot breathe so you feeling like lacking of the air and it’s very unhealthy for your organism. It
affects different organs in your body just because you cannot
breathe properly during the night. So the recent research shows that people around the world have very severe problem in sleeping. They cannot sleep
well through the whole night. They’re waking up in the middle of the night. They cannot fall asleep fast and when they are waking up they feel tired. So this
is a really massive problem especially in western countries, in developed
countries. One of the main reason why people cannot fall asleep in the night adult people, is that all of us using
technology before falling asleep. And electronic devices used one hour prior
falling asleep could be really harmful for our circadian rythm, for our body clock
because they release artificial blue light. That effects melatonin that is a main sleep hormone in our body, so because of that the sleep hormone is being delayed and we
cannot fall asleep in the moment that we would like. Another big problem in the
current market is a jet lag. So millions of people traveling around the world going overseas. And people don’t know
about jet lag about syndrome of the jet like and how to treat jet lag to get
rid of jet lag. The research you can see at the screen right now, tells about
little research done on the flight crew in India. And among flight crew only 40% of them knows about the jet lag, but 90% of them feel the jet lag, every day when they flying around. The way they take care of jet lag currently is by taking
drugs and using alcohol, so there is no possible solution currently at the market that would help us with a Jet lag. So the way we bring utility and accuracy to the
market is by providing our users a set of features. So we are providing our
users sleep analytics, so we are measuring sleep using golden standard which is
brain monitoring and providing our user with sleep staging. So we give you
feedback how your sleep looks like and also calculating sleep score. So it’s overall calculation
how good was your sleep last night. We providing a jet lag therapy. We’re
using bright light therapy. This is a medical therapy and using this therapy we
could delay or advance your body clock. So we could help you synchronize your
internal body clock with external body Clock of the Earth. And we also providing
you an adjustment of your body clock if you’re not traveling anywhere. So you
could have problems falling asleep. If you staying home for example because you’re using electronic devices. In this kind of situation we also providing you some
kind of therapy, that will help you fall asleep faster. So the device consists of
set of sensors, as I mentioned we are measuring brain waves in order to
stage your sleep. We also measuring your heartbeat and also oxygen level in your
blood. We are measuring how you’re moving during the night and provide you light therapy in order to effect your body clock
to synchronize your internal body clock with external body. So currently there
are a lot of devices that tracking your sleep. How well they tracking your
sleep, you could see the screen beside me. The highest graph is polisomnograph. This is a golden standard medical device.
So if we are thinking about measuring sleep, we need to compare our device to
the golden standard which is a polysomnograph. So you could see a few
devices currently available at the market and their comparison to polisomnograph. On the other hand you could see our device and how our device looks like
in comparison to polisomnograph. So as you could see polysomnograph is the
device that measure you sleep, but in order to do
so you need to connect your body to the set of wires. So it’s really
uncomfortable to sleep with, on the other hand is very accurate. However you cannot
connect yourself by your own to this device. You need a special technician to take you to the hospital or come to your house and connect you to this set of wires. Our goal is to simplify this method, so the only thing you need to do
is put on your device. And at the screen below you could see the current status of our algorithms. And the comparison of our algorithms to the
polysomnograph algorithms and how well they staged sleep. At this screen you
could see the comparison of signal acquired by our dry electrodes
and with wet electrodes of the medical device. So as you could see sampling and
quality of the signal is very high as well not only the automatic algorithms. I would like to tell you a little bit more about the biology of our device. How it affects our organism.
So it was research in the Stanford University. How the light therapy affects our organism. So the light sent from our device or any other device that
provide bright light therapy going through your closed eyelids affect your eye and
sent information to the part of your brain that is called suprachiasmatic nucleus. This part of your brain is responsible for synchronizing your body
clock with everybody clock and by affecting this part of your brain with
the light we could stimulate your body clock. We can move your body clock delay it or advance it. So this is how we could tell people with jet leg or help people fall asleep faster. So our
technology, the technology that we use that technology of station light was
confirmed by the Stanford University last year. And at the graph the right side of the screen you could
see comparison of placebo control and treatment group. So you could see flash the part of of the screen moved the body clock delayed the body
clock. In comparison to the dark placebo. At the at the screen in the upper corner,
you could see the sum it is called evoke potentials and it means that the slide
going through your closed eyelids and affect your brain. The screen represents how your brain
reacts to certain stimulant. Currently we are running clinical trials
in the USA. We expect the results probably in the next 2 month. We are
examining shift workers and how our treatment affect their health, affect their body clock and how well it could help them working on the night shift. We just came
back from Cleveland where we won the first prize in the best Startup
competition. So the jury of physicians said that our advice is really
there is a huge potential in our device. Both in circadian rythm management and
in sleep apnea detection. We are currently running some trials with
various airlines around the world. Using this device to minimalize the jet
lag effect. We also expect the outcomes probably in the next 2 month. So one of
our main strategy with this device was going global. We didn’t want to be only among Polish market. From the
very beginning we were going to conferences outside our country. Finally
we started with crowdfunding project in the US. We raised almost half a million
dollar. We got the first investor which was HardGamma Ventures. It was pre seat
investment. So our company is very very promising for the potential
investors. There is huge funding opportunity and because we went global
with this company are we also highly recognizable outside our country. So because of that by the moment of market our device we presaled more than 5,000 devices and
dismount we plan to start shipping devices and start selling these devices.
The nearest biggest conference we’re going to up the CES in Las Vegas
and help it boosts our sales to the sky. Thank you very much. Do you have any questions? During the Kickstarer campaign, during the polyphasic sleep campaign a lot of scientists contacted us from the US from Stanford, from Henry Ford Hospital. So they said that
this device could be really potential for the sleep medicine. I could be really
potential for people having sleep problems, but we need to pivot a little bit
our technology. The biggest problem with polyphasic sleep was that there was no biggest randomized double blinded studies cofirming the long-term
results of using this technology. This was the biggest problem and like we
couldn’t guarantee that for example in ten or twenty years after using this
device what will happen, because nobody ever research this. So we decided to go
into the direction that is well researched and that we could take
responsibility for. So there was no medical research about
the side effects of this thereapy. It was the biggest, was the biggest
therapy and apart of my life putting device into the market is going through
the safety certification. So yes, because of the lack of the trials like
huge doubled blinded trials. We cannot took like responsibility for this device
and for the effect of it. That’s why we decided to pivot. Yes so basically we submitted to
international patents prior this finding was published. So we also
patented the way the bright light therapy could be introduced
to sleep mask. The biggest issue with that is certification and light safety
technology, because there is like certain amounts of light intensity that could be
delivered to your closed or open eye. So there is a certain way of making it safe
and avoiding putting too much intense light into your eye. So yeah we patented, we submitted 2 pattents. The range of light already known for the last 20-40 years, so
it was researched in seventies that a blue light affects our organism the
most. Like the secret sauce is how to put it into like the source that is very
close to your eyes and what is the frequency of the light. And like how many
times per hour we need to provide the light in which stage of sleep. Ok, thank
you very much!

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