Hey everybody, thanks for watching! Today im planning to go to Shinjuku.
To Kabukicho, which is known for being the Red Light District of Tokyo After that im gonna go the the Golden Gai This is a street with alot of small bars And i just wanna give u a small impression of what this looks like and what you can do there. Thanks for watching! So this is a maid café i guess. So u can go inside here So u can go inside here and just have a little fun i guess So right now we are in Kabukicho. And this place if known for being a bit sketchy I mean we are just walking here And atleast 3 people have asked us If we want to go inside there club or bar This is not recommended to do These people are linked to some underground activity most of the time Or something sketchy. There is alot of Yakuza activity here I actually heard some stories that people went inside bars and woke up the next day without not knowing what happened and theyre creditcard were charged a crazy amout of money So it is a fun place to go see. You have the Robot Restaurant Which i highly recommend. I wanna go there myself at some point But i will for sure not go to any bars here It is fun though, it looks nice. You have some arcades Couple of places to just play games Alot of restaurants. Just fun stuff in general. But now we are going to Golden Gai. It is a street with alot of small bars Which is very fun and Tourist friendly Thats about it for Kabukicho. A little dangerous, alot of people who want to get you in their bars I would watch out if i were you but Its OK haha Right now we are in the family mart Which is just a.. (i dont know) Convenience store (small store) What we found is a hangover cure Looks very interesting. It has ginger in it Something that i do not like at all. But we are going to try it. Lets see what happends Ok so this is the hangover cure. I am very curious how this is going to taste Everybody says it taste like shit But it makes sure you wake up with no hangover Cheers Its not that bad Tastes like soap Well.. atleast no hangover tomorrow So here you can see all the bars in Golden Gai Just look at how many there are There is maybe more than 200 bars here Insane So right now we are in Golden Gai Alot of small bars here and it looks like alot of fun. We are looking for a place to drink right now Someboby recommended HIP to me So i think we are going there It is super fun. I would recommend this to everyone Its just very cool. I am looking forward to it Cheers! And see you next time So we are at HIP now So we are sitting in HIP right now Its alot of fun. It is really small but alot of fun So we bought a shot right now Its Whiskey and Pickle juice Apparently this tastes good. (we are not so sure) This is really disgusting haha That was it for this video, it is the next day and i do not have a hangover Maybe because of the cure or maybe i did not drink enough Its all good if you like this Like and subscribe Leave a comment with stuff you want me to do And haha before i forget this also happened

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