Hi guys~ Right now I am… You guys might know Battle Grounds right? Im gonna play battle grounds I’m good at it. Really. Let me first show you how I play the game. I’m playing solo/single, not a squad. I think I’m doing better by myself. Nonono this way. M) Just go into bootcamp M) Try~ you’re a pro Okay then I’m gonna go into boot camp. M) go to Y point Here? M) Yes Omg too many enemies coming out. I’m scared. I’m just gonna run away. WOW that’s too much. I might die in 10 sec M) Load!! Load the gun first Not..not working!! You need to hold the gun Collecting items He’s one with the character How come the head is turning together? M) There was a person here M) Go fight!! Wait a second. I’m not ready yet There he is!! M) In the front! Where~~!! FIGHTING!! Can this round be better? There’s a lot of people if I cross the bridge? Should I take a bike? ( He seems like he drives the real bike ) Now they all know I am here The fight has just begun Ahhh what the hell M) Please just try 1 kill Yea me too. I really wanna do. I can do it Will he succeed? Yay I did it! 1 kill M) Take the painkiller Need to get out of the blue region Should I take this? M) Take the painkiller I hear the sound M) Right side right right M) Go ahead go ahead Go inside? Keep running? M) Yea keep going 1 kill Success Game of childhood memory Hmm..mine is king of fighter 94 I’m winning right now M) I think you’re losing Warm up! I gave them a break so that I can win at the end. I need to win the last one Last one.. I have one more chance! M) You’re done I haven’t play the game for a while so I forget the keys M) You’re so baaad Let’s have a game of play with me Bingsu(shaved ice) on a bet 2 wins out of 3 games? Ok M) Don’t beg for another chance Ahhh so stressful 1 win? This is unbelievable What? Why? Why are you doing dirty play? Penalty shoot out Shoot! Goal~~~~~~~~ Guys I need to confess something I’m suck at game Ordering ice cream bingsu Bingsu is here M) Hey this is mine Nah~ we need to share M) Say “let me have a bite please” M) Hey this is mine!!! Let me have a bite M) One more time pathetically Bruh please let me have a bite We’re gonna do return match next time Not a game Basketball 3 pointers Bye~

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