June Intelligent Oven

This is the June Intelligent Oven It’s a computer that cooks And toasts, and bakes, and roasts, and broils The moment you put in your food
June starts to pay attention Overhead LED lights show you
exactly how good your food looks And the built-in camera can actually recognize
what you’re cooking Now you can start cooking like the
pros Let’s take something you’ve made a
million times and make it better See this probe? It knows when this chicken reaches a very specific core temperature Once it does,
June turns up the heat The outside is crispy
and the inside stays nice and juicy But what if you’re at a loss for what to make?
Happens to me all the time You get access to tons of delicious recipes
Each hand-crafted for the June Oven It automatically recognizes the most
common things we cook The more June users there are the better it gets There are plenty of ways to make food With June, you make food better

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100 thoughts on “June Intelligent Oven

  1. "You get access to tons of delicious recipes, each hand-crafted for the June oven." Exactly how does one "hand-craft" a recipe? Will it be sent to me on a scroll, lovingly transcribed by a scribe with a feather pen?

  2. At 1:03, we see Corinne place a pizza, on a metal pizza dish, on the counter without oven mitts. Is June a magic oven that lets you pick up hot items bare-handed?

  3. I think this advance in technology is awesome. Just imagine what houses will look like in 20 years? All of these crazy, seemingly unnecessary devices will become not only affordable but the way we live our lives!

  4. yeah….all the negative sayers…some people may have issues cooking…like if they have parkinson's or whatever. this would make cooking much easier. win/lose. win/win…etc. if you don't like it, don't buy it. simple.

  5. Wow.Smart thermostats,Smart home surveillance,Smart lighting,Smart Blinds,Smart fridges,and now a smart oven.What's next a smart toilet?

  6. yeah i was intieristed untill i wasted 10 min finding out that its really just a damn apple device . only works with i crap . piss off

  7. yo wtf what if people from like 1990 saw the shit we have today lik dayum smart tv, smart toaster, smart phone, smart watch, smart bleeee, smart blah

  8. You can tell she's a terminator because at 1:03 she touches a metal pan that just came out of the oven and has no reaction.

  9. Wow, how much is it? I just found out about this. Ashton Kucher was ranting and raving about it on TV. According to him it was magic.

  10. Now if only it could measure the ingredients for the cookies, then mix the batter up for you, and then put it into the oven, and serve them up when they're done LOL!

  11. The June Intelligent Oven is currently priced at $1,495. To hold your reservation for a June at this price, pre-order today with a deposit of $95. What's more, if you refer a friend, you and your friend both get $100 off the final price at time of shipping. It starts shipping during the 2016 holiday season…….ENJOY!!!

  12. Okay I like cooking and baking, but this is just cheating. I don't think it would be fair if 2 cakes were being judged, one by the June Oven and one by a regular oven. I do think it is incredible though.

  13. Did she fucking create the oven?! How else would this company use this ugly ass bitch to promote it. I refuse to believe they looked at this weird looking mother fucker and said "Yes, she will be the face of our $1500 toaster oven."

  14. "The more June users there are, the better it gets."
    Let' shope 4chan users don't find a way to break the system.

  15. Good advertisement. Now lower the price or the only consumers you will be are focusing on are apple costumers lel.

  16. SCAM!!!!!!!! this is nothing but another conventional oven you can get at Costco with a some flair! I thought this would be the type you get at Starbucks, but that is 8 grand. I stick with my Oster for 49.99….sheesh…nice try.

  17. isn't that the girl from american hispter? chartreuse to be precise lol did she sell out ? wasn't she a vegan? ahaha

  18. She would not be my choice to host a video advertisement. In fact, she might be the reason this oven isn't selling.

  19. Soooo mark rober had this idea first and didn't patent it so these un-intelligent fucks that have no creativity stole his idea. gg society

  20. Cool idea. Probably could buy all the appliances it replaces for its price. And aint no chance in hell it looks good on a kitchen island

  21. Hi haters 🙂 I like my hair and that's all that matters. I hope you all find better things to do with your time ❤️✌🏼️

  22. $1.5k is ok if it works forever without any problem. What I'd like to know is how long will it last and how much to repair this thing if it breaks down?

  23. Entertainment used to be we'd turn off the volume on the TV and ad lib the narrative. Make all kinds of irreverent story lines. Some of my friends were brilliant at 'feeding lines' to the actors and creating conversations.

    In our brave new world I see that viewers and the actress are actually getting into their own conversations. Little spats anyway.

    Look, People. The girl is lovely and articulate. The oven looks cool. And in the spirit of irreverence I hope someone makes a good spoof. And if they do, hon, you need to see it as a compliment.

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