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I don’t mind losing to a robot, but if I lost to someone named Brett, I’d feel pretty shitty I’m judah friedlander, and I’m challenging the world’s top artificial intelligence robots for the sake of humanity This is judah versus the machines What’s up? I’m here at uc Berkeley, and I am here to challenge an AI robot named Brett who learns Exactly like humans through non-stop in session never-ending failure and today I expect to win some human humans rule over robot never forget it. Look at all these humans around here You’re a winner sir. Well done That’s a human right there apparently there are classes today. I don’t Doesn’t look like anyone’s doing This is what happens when you lose to a robot? The Robot can learn things and so if you get smarter over time by trying things by watching people do things professor Peter Abby’ll runs the lab that made brett here. He is crossing his arms what’s actually happening on the knees a very deep neural network that encodes all the Experience the robot is collecting right now the things the robot can do are still very basic It’s more like a toddler and not you’re basically trying to put two-year-olds out of jobs absolutely, yes Thanks, buddy for my future Brett stands for the [Berkeley] robot for the elimination of tedious tough I bet she’ll defend a graduate student with an office just as messy as my own if I had an office a Lot of the work that we do Here at Berkeley is actually developing the software for the robots a neural network is a function that is made up of what’s termed Neurons and It has a lot [of] parameters me It’s a very flexible function and the goal is to be able to learn all [of] the parameters in The Neural Network and a parameters affect its function Correct what’s this? It’s a tool Yeah And where is the brain in the robot it is actually where the human brain would be no [that’s] a [metal] It’s kind of in a backpack with humans be better if we had our brains in a backpack I’m not sure. We don’t know a lot about how the human brain works yet You’re trying to make a robot whose thinking is based off of a human brain Yeah yet. You don’t know much about the human brain no [this] sounds like a very difficult situation. You’ve put yourself in Yeah I think sure So this is Brett No, oh, okay? This is a washing machine There’s mistake with the twist ba7 that was doing some my own research And I just wanted to see what your thoughts are That’s brett b r ett now b. Is what letter mail for their second letter correct and once? R18 always know that he is the fifth that’s a twice. What do you see when you look at this? Five numbers correct let’s do the Math here one plus five all right equals six and 20 – 22 subtracted from the 8 of the scratch that is also 6 you already subtract the [2] we have the 6 as well 6 6 6 According to my map Brett equals The Devil I Think your mouth is a bit off To help me see how this robotic dark prince learns graduate student Abhishek Gupta had the demon tie a giant nut You basically show that over how to tie the knot and now we’re going to have it try doing it on its own he keeps missing here, but we were saying is these are calculated misses and He’s learning as he’s going and he’s going to get it. So he did a good job I mean he tied that he tied the knot Yeah, showed him how to do it, so if I beat bret, what’s gonna happen to him you have an algorithm for defeat or shame? It was time [to] challenge this Evil Demon robot Bret and just like him I had no idea what I was supposed to do What’s this for blindfold and gloves because brett doesn’t have tactile sensors that you can’t feel you mean? Emotionally or or physical physically because whenever I put gloves on [I] I just get a little sad and depressed I’m holding something in my right hand something smaller my left hand. Yeah, that’s all I know are you ready always ready ready set go? [Damnit] So basically what I’m trying to do is put a shape into another shape Right that’s basically how humanity works Fred Fred’s making progress moto drogo There you go you have a winner [I] Feel Incredible when you blindfold me [my] sense of smell increases so I think I was able to smell the hole that was in this I feel like I know where everything is now with my Sense of smell so I think I’m just gonna go [getting] excuse me. Yeah. Thank [you], brett solves the top Another victory for [human] you look up here that the first Human ever to defeat a robot in the original Human robot game about [two] thousand years ago That’s love before humans invented shirts or shorts or pants. Let’s get the clash everybody stop walking around

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