Judah vs soccer playing robots

– Do you think machines
will ever be capable of understanding human emotions? I didn’t mean to be offensive in the way I asked that question. I know you have emotions and pissed off is obviously one of them. What’s your feeling about plants eavesdropping on conversations? I’m Judah Friedlander and I’m challenging the world’s top artificial
intelligence robots for the sake of humanity. This is Judah versus The Machines. (upbeat music) Today I’m here at the University of Miami to challenge Robocanes. Robots that use AI technology to play the world’s game of soccer. I expect to win, because a robot has never made a national team. I had heard of the sport of soccer before, but I’d actually never played it. I watched some YouTube tutorials and learned a couple of basic
moves before the big match. – We’re playing soccer to identify how much new technology we need to create, we need to develop in order to have a fully autonomous team of humanoid robots and humanoid embodiments. – I met Professor Ubbo Visser, who explained to me, how
hard work and determination landed him a job coaching a bunch of toys. – You as a human. – Right. – You constantly perceive information, then you make a decision
and then you carry that out. So you have the loop of perceiving, decision making or cognition and action. So that’s exactly what we’re trying to do with those robots as well, we try to make them perceive things and this goes on by using those two cameras. – I’ve another question. Does the robot soccer playing community have as much of a general hatred
for referees as humans do? – Oh yes they do. This is just some of the
trophies that we’ve gotten. – I see a lot of second place trophies. – Yes, actually we- – I saw this game, I saw this game and I think you guys got robbed. What’s going on over here? – Oh, these are just some ideas. This is our current behavior. – Oh, okay, that’s a mess. These are both bad, this is terrible, this is complete chaos and
this is just sad organization. – Absolutely, absolutely. – This is like Bruce Springsteen’s giving a free concert
but you’re six miles away eating a rotten donut
by yourself in a corner. – Alright, come in here. This is our soccer lab. – Cool. – I want to show you a couple of things. Come on here, buddy, take your shoes off. – Oh, I never take them off though. – Well then, they might be smelly. – No, they’re not, they’re perfect. – The challenge is that you – It’s going to be like me
versus them dribbling around or? – That would be pretty
inappropriate I would say, because you have much
more abilities as a human, but what we can do. – So humans win, I won. – We’ll see, we’ll see if you can. – Oh, okay. – Can show you what buttons to press and then you can operate
one of those robots. – Yeah, because I’m not actually good at all with the new video games. – Good, works for us,
because then we will win. But, you press some buttons, one button will make you move forward,
one button will make you turn. – Question. Are you going to tell me
which buttons those are, or I got to figure out myself? – I might. – Woah, okay. – Then what we’re going to do is, we have a 10 minute game. You play with this remote control, with one robot, against
three of our robots, they are completely autonomous. – Okay, so it’s one versus three. – Exactly. – Sounds fair. – Because you’re a human and
you have much better abilities. – Sounds like I already
won, let’s do this. – Let’s see. So where are the cheerleaders? Oh, there they are. It’s zero, zero, so let’s go. – Ready? – [Judah] Like all highly
anticipated soccer games. Hey, I thought I get kick off, why’s this guy running out there? Both teams brought a balanced attack. Oh, he used his hands, that’s a foul. I get a direct kick right there. I guess, referees don’t
care about justice. Sliding right by you buddy. Yeah, here comes the kick. Damn it. I got this. – [Professor] Come on, come on,
come on, what are you doing? – [Judah] I’m going for the ball. – [Professor] Yeah, go. – [Judah] I am. – [Professor] Good shot. – [Judah] What. Oh! I got it.
– [Professor] You got it. – [Judah] See, I don’t
need help from humans. I’d allow the Robocanes’ fans, a fleeting glimpse of hope. But now, it was time
to simply destroy them. – [Man] Yeah, right! (spectators booing) – [Professor] If he is
blowing the whistle, – The longer you talk,
the less time it gets for them to make a comeback. – [Professor] Let’s go, let’s move. Yes! – [Lady] 10 seconds. – [Professor] Okay, game finish. – It’s over already. Look how depressed your goal keeper is. He’s not even facing the
field, he’s so ashamed. Let’s just get the facts straight. I’m the first human to beat
your robot soccer team. – Well, that hopefully doesn’t last long. – I know the game. – Alright. – Thank you, University of Miami. Thank you, Robocanes. Victory, Humanity. One of the great things about soccer, it’s an international language where you can make a lot of new friends. Hey, number two. Come on, buddy. You were excellent today,
that was a great goal. This guy’s a winner, built
like a true soccer player. Weak upper body, solid lower half. Thighs that could break the world. So how long you’ve been playing soccer? About two years? If you want to pick up the pace
at all, that’ll be fine man.

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