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– Sometimes with dog shit, you either gotta clean it right away or you gotta like sit it outside, wait a month, let it dry off, and then you can just
like kind of crack off. – The shoe? – Yeah, you know, the stuff
on the bottom of the shoe. So, I always have old sneakers around just in case something like that happens. – Okay, thank you. Thanks. – Yeah. – Great, great. (upbeat electronic music) – [Voiceover] I’m Judah Friedlander, and I’m challenging the world’s
top artificial intelligence robots for the sake of humanity. This is “Judah vs the Machines.” (pulsing dance music) Today I’m at a company called Operator. I have no idea what they do. But I’ve mastered the game Operation, and I expect to win this challenge. (pulsing dance music) Hey, what’s up? I’m here to meet Operator. – Go ahead and grab a seat behind you. Hang out for a minute. – What year did your plant die? – There’s things that
computers do really well, and things that humans do really well. And we’re really trying
to get these two sides to complement each other. – [Judah] I met with engineer Matt Stanton to learn how Operator helps
people shop for clothes and who he was wearning. A machine learning engineer? – Yup.
– So, you’re not a machine? – Probably not.
– But you help machines learn? – Yes, exactly. You start by just telling us a little bit about what it is that you’re looking for. That gets fed into an automated system that figures out things like
what kind of product it is and then tries to match
you against the selection of all the experts who
are online at that point. – I shop about once every six years. – Okay.
– But I’m a helpful guy. – Okay.
– So, I’m ready. – All right. – So, where is it? Where do we go? (funky rock music) I wanted to know more, so I walked around until I saw some people
pretending to play pool. (pool balls collide) – Good shot, right? – Yeah, really good. I’m impressed. – Are you Operator? – I work for Operator, yes. – Where is Operator? – Right here. Right in front of you.
– This? – Well, not this table, specifically. All of it. This is all Operator. – Okay. (groovy rock music) Whoa, what are these? – They’re little phone booths. – It’s the first time
I’ve been in a phone booth that doesn’t have a phone. – Mm. – Does this thing like
take off or anything? – Looks like it would, but it doesn’t. – Okay. – Mm-hmm. (door jams) Push out. – I’m pushing. I wasn’t ready for the challenge yet. I had to take one of
Operator’s expert quizzes to test my knowledge. It was about shoes. – We’re going to give you a part of our men’s fashion shoe expert quiz. – Okay. I’m going to just move this. – Yeah, sure. – I don’t drink water. (pulsing dance music) – All right. So, what
makes you a shoe expert? – Uh… I have feet. So… – Well, what are your
favorite shoe trends going on right now out there? – I don’t know what that means. – Okay, so… – So, am I an expert? – Mm-hmm. – [Judah] Obviously. Yes, I was. It was time to help some people shop and show the machine who was boss. – So, we’ve pulled together some shoppers, and we want to put you
and Operator head-to-head. – Okay. – Maybe see what the shopper prefers. – I already know what they need. – Yeah?
– Bring them in. – Hi, I’m Eliza. – My name is Jerra. – Jason, my name is Judah. – I need a gown. – So, I’m looking for
some color for my bedroom. – Yeah, I’ve been looking
for a new baseball cap. – Okay. Do you want mine? – Ehh… – But you’re usually asleep
when you’re in your bedroom. – Yeah, it’s a… – So, the color scheme is
really no that important. – But I like to feel
refreshed when I get up. – That’s easy. You just need a fancy gown. – Right. – Done. Do you want a hat with
adjustable sizing on it? – Yeah, I have a big head. – Got it. I was ready to challenge this
shoe shopping robot app thing. To find the stuff they needed,
I had a trick up my sleeve. Google. Jerra is a descendant of
King Saul, so she’s royalty. Now, Eliza is from Austria. Are there volcanoes in Austria? Jason has a large head. Perfect. Here’s how it works, shoppers describe something
they’re looking for. I shop for it online,
Operator does the same. The shoppers pick their favorites without knowing if they
are mine or Operator’s. So, it’s officially science. – So, let’s bring up the first product. It’s a unique and flattering silhouette that drapes and moves to perfection. Let’s check out the other product. It’s a classic gown fit for a queen. The color is super on trend, adds just a little splash to you room without being too loud. All right. Here’s what we have to say about this. Now, Austria may have no volcanoes, but for anyone who has
ever lived in Austria, they will wake up refreshed and energized by this colorful artwork. – Wow, um… – This five panel cap is
the definition of cool. Let’s check out the other product. The perfect baseball cap
for the modern gentleman who admits he has big head. – It’s a tough choice. – The other one is a lot softer. – As much as I like my head
being an enormous baseball, kind of prefer the other one. – I’m going to go with the black one. – I’m choosing the product on the right. – Mm, so your choice is on the right? – Yeah, the right one. – That’s a kind of
dress that you might see someone else there wearing
the exact same dress. – Is there only one of those dresses? – There’s only one, and
I have access to it. – Whoa (laughs). – I actually painted that too. – The other one is a lot softer. – I prefer the other one. – You told me you wanted a baseball cap, and that’s literally what this is. And you admitted that you
have a very large head and that most hats don’t fit you. This hat will fit you. Well, I made a lot of
special friends this trip. Troy, the guy with the
desk and the dead plant, the guy with whom I had
an awkward handshake, but I didn’t come away with a victory. I don’t think I lost to Operator. I think three humans let me down with their horrible decisions. (upbeat rock music) I wonder if anyone can see me. (upbeat electronic music)

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