Judah vs Seurat the art robot

(scraping) – Oh, that’s cool, it’s music. – You actually have to tune it to get the right amount of annoying noise. – Sounds like a nice pitch to me. So most people find this annoying? – I think they do, yeah. After a little while. – Oh that’s perfect. – Yeah. (scraping) – Dude, I seriously want to collaborate on an album with you. I’m Judah Friedlander and I’m challenging the world’s top artificial intelligence robots for the sake of humanity. This is Judah vs The Machines. I’m here in Berkeley, California in front of a house that is filled with 100% pure robotic evil. (horror music)
(evil laughing) – Alex Reben, remember the name. Roboticist, artist. Lives here and he’s got
a robot that can paint. I will challenge it. I will win even though I believe art should never be contest
and should never be judged. Never trust a charming, Victorian home. You never know if it’s actually a haunted robo mansion. (dramatic orchestral music) – Hello Alex. – Hello, how are ya? – Good to meet ya! – Judah, good to meet ya, Alex. – Welcome! – Now tell me, you have some
robot that draws and paints? What does it do? – The one you’ll be competing against, there will be a picture of a model and we’ll run it through an algorithm that tries to make it
a bit more human-like. So, it’s a computer-learning algorithm that learned art from different artists and it takes an image and applies that style to that image so it makes things look like Starry Night for example. – Doesn’t sound very
original, if you ask me. – It’s, well think about it. – It’s not really thinking, right? (intense music) – That’s a toy truck that
has actual truck air horns. It’s a floating brick. – [Judah] I love it. – [Alex] His name is Jackson. He makes abstract expressionist paintings. – I don’t get the connection. – No? The infamous finger bleed robot. – It may make a finger
bleed or it may not. – Right. – Issac Asimov’s three laws of robotics. Law number one is a robot
may not injure a human being. – That is a knife attached to a robot. – Or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. – It’s your classic
stabbing sort of thing. – Stab one right there. Did you not like his books or? – Right now, it’s pretty easy to see that I built that robot
that makes someone bleed. Am I in control of it? Do I make that decision? – Yeah. – So who’s really? – Dude, I would blame it on the robot. Talking doesn’t really work, but if I’m yelling it’s pretty cool! You’re the first person I’ve ever met who’s doing something
productive with robotics. – [Alex] It’s all pretty
mechanical but it appears– – [Judah] It’s just a ball
with a vibrating thing in it? – Yep. It likes to go wherever
there is least resistance. I guess like most people. Headphones that remove
people’s ability to speak by feeding back their
voice into their ears. You start stuttering. – To me, it just sounds
like you’re turning Russian. – Yeah, the thing that’s
interesting about this is– – Oh, nice dude! – Yeah, that’s– – Does that feel hot? – Yeah. – You have good hair, dude. – So in this challenge you’re gonna meet Seurat-bot who’s gonna make a pointillism portrait of our model here. – Sir-robot? – Seurat, like the Pointillism painter. Robot, all together. So I’m gonna take a
picture with my camera, email it to the robot, the robot’s gonna run it through that deep-style algorithm and it’s gonna convert it into Pointillism style and
then start drawing it. – I don’t need email to
do art, I just don’t. – [Alex] Okay. – Did you take the picture already? – No, I’m working, I’m going here. And… Go. The robot’s starting
to process the picture. (light piano music) (Judah hums) – What color are your eyes? – [Model] Green. – Yeah. – You are using black
ink, if I am correct. (light music) – [Judah] They brought in an art critic to analyze our portraits
and declare a winner, because art is all about the subjective opinion of one person. So which one do you like
better of these two? – Well. This one looks like somebody famous. And this one doesn’t. So let’s see. This one I find a little bit disturbing. Looking at it again, this
one is smoother and cleaner. It doesn’t have that
kind of raw sensuality. This one isn’t really part of reality. This is kind of abstract. – Mm-hmm. – This is– – [Judah] Kind of impressionist? – Kind of impressionist, yeah. – Maybe even its own new genre. – Mm-hmm. – [Alex] Which one is your
final decision, which one? – Well this one is kinda tessellated. – Maybe take a step back a bit and take a different perspective. – That’s actually a good idea. – Yeah, I think I like this one better. – [Alex] Yeah? Okay, congratulations. Team Human is the winner. – I’ll tell you something, I’ve met a lot of great
professors over the years, but none as quality as yourself. (scraping) – Another victory for Team Human. I think I’m gonna move in here. It’s about time I downsized
to a smaller house. This fork music machine is awesome. Just play this all day. So excited to just chill out here, relax. Go to sleep with this
beautiful music machine. Alex, I’m moving in buddy! – [Alex] Sounds good! (pop music)

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