Judah vs self-driving toy cars

– Do you wanna get in the car? – If you want to. – Go for it. – Alright. – It’s self driving. – So how, I do nothing? – Yeah, you just sit there. The passenger seat. Come
on, it drives itself. No, you sit over here. You’re the self. – So, uh? – Alright, get out of the car. I’m Judah Friedlander. And I’m challenging the world’s top artificial intelligence robots for the sake of humanity. This is Judah versus The Machines. They say self driving cars
are just around the corner. But I’m a human. I prefer cars just the way they are. Yellow, dinky, and
dangerously low to the ground. Today, I’m in San Francisco, one of the top 20 cities in California. Here I’m at Anki Headquarters, a robot AI technology company
that makes toy racing cars. These cars are different than the toys you had as a little kid. These cars get smarter as they drive. Today I expect to win.
Because I’m an American. I met with CEO Boris Sofman. Good job today. to learn more about these laser shooting,
self-driving cars. What’s your driving record like? – Not so many speeding tickets recently, but worse when I was younger. – Not so many speeding tickets recently? – So the cars are robots. They see the road, they interpret it. They can move super precisely and then they communicate
with mobile phones that ending up being kind of
the brain behind the game. So literally, there’s like a video game inside of your phone that’s matching what’s
happening in the physical world. – What if you have a flip phone? – You’re out of luck. We could have five year olds playing it and actually having fun because they’re driving like so far
beyond their normal means. – So this might actually help
kids become better drivers? – Well, except for the weapons and stuff. – Oh there’s weapons in there. – Yeah. – Okay. Now what’s this? What’s over here? Are these people working
or are these hired actors? What’s your name? – I’m Alex. – Alex, this is Boris. – Hi Boris. – Boris owns the company. What are these dudes? Did I break it? What’s your job here? – I’m a game designer here. – So if someone doesn’t like the game, it’s your fault. – Yes, its effectively my fault – Okay. Got it. – I knew the cars drove themselves and I knew to blame
Kenny if anything sucked. But I wanted to learn how the AI worked. So I met with Tommy
Liu. A robotics expert. – When you talk about robots, they can sense the environment, make some reasoning based on it, and then change the environment through actuating on it. Here. It knows exactly
where the tracks are. – Do they ever get dizzy? This could be like the
end of Thelma and Louise. – Ooh! – Cool. – To defeat these robot cars, I was going to need some intense training. Or, a basic understanding
of how the game worked. So I met with some of Anki’s
top bros to hone my skills. – The different game modes
have different objectives. There’s battle mode where the objective is to disable the other opponent, use your weapons, sort of to score points. – Just like real driving. – Yeah, just like real driving. – And everything is
controlled with the phone? – Everything is controlled
through the phone. – So finally there’s a game you can play with your phone. – They’re scanning the track. – So they’re building a map. – Yeah they start out looking like they’re on drugs. Oh I see they’re lining up right now. – Yep. Do you wanna try an actual
game against the AI? Like do you want to actually practice? – I’ll be honest with you I think practice is overrated. – Okay. – The game? Battle mode. The crowd? Obviously hates humans. The opponents? Three AI cars. Battle mode involves
racing around the track at high speeds while trying to disable your opponents by
shooting weapons at them. So basically like the
normal American highway. – This’ll be a battle to 10 points. So the first car to ten
points is gonna win. – Okay so how do I start this? – Hit the big orange button. – Oh the one that says “begin match.” – That’s the one. Ready? Set? Go. – You got it. – And they’re off. – You know, in some cultures, booing is a sign of support. – You got Nuke coming up from behind. – Yeah I know. – Watch out! Oh. – I’m in first place. – Yep. You’re halfway to ten. – If you can’t tell what’s
happening, me neither. But all that matters
was that I was winning. – Alright, it’s game point. One more point and you got it. – Oh, he won! – Your booing actually motivated me. And that just goes to show you that’s something that AI technology does not have, and that is revenge. This is a day that
everyone is gonna remember. The day that a human
beat the AI technology. Thanks for the phone, too. You’re welcome humanity. I defended our honor
and showed that machines will never match our aggressive driving. Humans: the smartest and most dangerous drivers on the road.

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