Judah vs hotel delivery robot

– What’s the minimum wage for a robot in the state of California? – We’ve never really looked
into it, but I’m sure we could. – Now, what if the robots unionized? How would that make you feel as a human? (groans) (intense music) – [Judah Voiceover] I’m Judah Friedlander, and I’m challenging the world’s top artificial intelligence
robots for the sake of humanity. This is Judah vs the Machines. You know when you’re at a hotel, and you’re in your room, and you realize you forgot somethin’. You call down to the lobby, and then, a full-grown adult like walks up there and delivers you the toothpaste
and you feel really awkward? Well, now they have a robot named Relay who does all that stuff, and today, I’m gonna challenge
Relay, and I’m gonna win. Focus. Game plan, strategy. – [Judah Voiceover]
Only a handful of these robotic bellhops exist in the wild. – Intestinal fortitude. – [Judah Voiceover] I traveled
deep into Silicon Valley to challenge this one. (whooshing) (energetic music) – [Judah] I’m looking for Relay. – [Desk Clerk] Relay?
Relay is right there. ♫ There’s a new boy in the neighborhood ♫ I’d like to meet him – So can I… – Absolutely. – He seems friendly. – He is, he is quite friendly. So we put any room that the
guest is in, we load it. We can actually put a
bigger item in there. – Put a little dog in there. – That’s possible. Then all you do is push
go and he’s on the way. – Relay, wait up, man. – [Judah Voiceover] As
a defender of humanity, I’ve challenged a lot of robots. But none as adorable as little Relay. (whirring) – In the elevator, when there’s no wifi, he switches to cell phone service. – How many minutes a month does he get? – He’s just smart enough to get around, so basically his rule is stay on flat surfaces and
don’t bump into things. – [Judah Voiceover] I met this
guy, Steve, who created Relay just to make sure he
wasn’t developing a robot that could host a humorous
web series about robots. – I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen a resume where somebody says, “I can walk down the hall all by myself “without bumping into the walls.” – Yeah. – Nobody writes that
on their resume, right? That’s what this robot does– – Well, let’s not say nobody. – Yeah. – Does it have a map of the hotel– – It does. – Floor plan embedded in it. – It makes its own map. Basically, it looks
out in 3D at the world. We drive it around the hotel. It’s building its own map,
and then once it has a map, it’s gonna plan its path. – And it remembers it? – And it remembers it, yeah. – And what kinda AI technology is that? Is that new, is it old? – Essentially search technology, that’s probably 20 or 30 year old. Search technology, optimized
with stochastic algorithm. So, a little bit probabilistic– – What kind of algorithm? – Stochastic, so,
probabilistic algorithms. It’s like, I’m just gonna
try a whole bunch of things, and I’ll see which one gets me close, and then I’ll pick the
one that works the best. – Very cool. (intense music) He doesn’t get paid or anything? – No, they hire him. Yeah, you hire him. – I talked to them, they
said they don’t pay him, that he has no salary. – Really? – Yeah. So you get paid? – I get paid, yeah. – Wow. – [Judah Voiceover] I couldn’t
believe they were exploiting little Relay like that, and
I was starting to feel bad for that little dude. But it was my duty to kick his ass. – Alright, Judah, you ready for
a little bit of a challenge? – Yeah. – Well, we’ve set up
deliveries to three guests for both you and Relay. Each guest will rank you
on a five star system. Whoever gets the most stars wins. – Good luck, Relay. (whirring) – You know you have to
wear the required uniform. – Uniform? (suspenseful music) (clinking) (whirring) (intense music) (knocking)
(ringing) – Oh, well, hello. – Hi, I got the crackers
and cheese and fruit that you ordered. – Yeah, that’s my order. All set. I’d say five stars. (thudding) (whirring) Yay. – Yep, it’s all there,
it’s got seven crackers, seven grapes, and three strawberries, and two, three, four, six slices of cheese. (intense music) – Hi.
– Hi. – You ordered two tulips? – Yeah. Oh, hey.
(ringing) (whirring)
You’re welcome. Catch you later. – If you wanna leave a tip
or anything, let me know. – Um… Sorry, buddy, I don’t have anything on me. – Okay. (knocking) – Hello? (whirring) – You ordered stuff. – Yeah. – I’m gonna be able to
take it in here for ya. – Yeah. (crashing)
– Whoa! – Uh, this one broke.
– Yeah. – Five stars.
– Five stars. – This is so you can
rate me and your service. Oh, you gotta fill that out. No, that’s another note. There you go, you can just
give it back to me later. – [Man] Cool. – Thank you. – We got some results. – From? – From all the guests. – Oh, okay. – On the first guest, for Relay, five stars, and the guest commented, “Great.” – Okay, as expected. Good job, Relay. (whirring)
– Same guest, for Judah, – Mmm-hmm – [Desk Clerk] three stars. The guest commented, “Touched cheese.” – Hmmm, I was just counting the cheese to make sure he had the
correct amount of cheese, so. – And for guest number
two, for Relay, five stars. – Again. – And the guest commented, “So
cute,” with a little heart. For Judah, one, no, half star. Guest commented, “Left us barefoot in room “full of broken glass.” – Thank you. – The final guest, for Relay, four stars. – Oh, so you so slipped. – And for Judah, today, three stars, but the guest commented, “Unkempt man.” – It’s your uniform that you put on me. (gong music) The glass broke, I said I was gonna have someone clean it up. – What about the cheese?
– Gave them what they needed. You touched the cheese. – Well, today, I lost. Sorry to let you down humans, but hey man, if I’m gonna lose to a robot, I think Relay, I think he earned it man. Hey Relay! Get over here man! You’re a good dude. You know what, let’s just be free man, you and me. I want Relay to become the Relay that you’ve always dreamed of being. Even though you’ve never
had a dream before. Anything you need, just
say the word okay buddy? No no, don’t go back. Relay, don’t go back Relay! No! Relay! (intense music)

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