Judah vs. Facebook’s dog breed recognition robot

(dogs barking) – [Judah] And what kind of a dog is he? – He is probably a bichon mixed with a poodle, maybe? A pirate, a poodle pirate? – So you don’t know
anything about your dogs. I’m Judah Friedlander, and I’m challenging the world’s top artificial
intelligence robots for the sake of humanity. This is Judah vs. the Machines. I’m here at Facebook, an
up and coming website. They have a dog recognition
AI robot kinda thing, that can recognize dog’s faces. I think I should get a point, and the computer should get a forfeit. Today I will challenge it. Let’s go inside. Facebook’s known for
having an amazing campus. Entrance has gotta be here. Hey Mark, you there buddy? Mark? I finally found the campus,
and met Jackie Rooney. – Welcome to Facebook. – Who offered to show me around. Looks like a junior college.
– Really? – And when people want to
goof around here and not work, what website do they go on?
– Facebook.com – Okay. It feels like a fake city. Are you allowed to be
over 35 and work here? What kind of plant is this?
– [Jackie] Um– – Marijuana. – On campus some of our
amenities are free food, and every building, we have
a little kitchen filled with all the snacks you can imagine. – Okay, is the food free there too? – Yes, it’s all free. – Is the laundry free? – It’s all free. – ‘Cause I have a lot of dirty clothes. – Me too.
– What are these? – Bicycles. – Free too?
– Yes. – What’s this over here? – This is a sweet shop. – Is it free?
– Yeah, it’s free. And I wanna show you Building 10. Need a left right here. – Hi. – [Worker] Hello, sir. – Is everything free in here? – [Worker] Yeah, everything is free. – Can I have six ice creams? – Six ice creams? – Yeah, vanilla, all vanilla. – [Jackie] It’s all free. – [Robotic Voice] It’s all free. – It’s our ping pong table. – No way, you wanna play? – Sure, are you any good? – Yeah. Yeah, really follow
through on your forehands. That’s good, getting better, harder. There you go. Free snacks. – [Jackie] These are free snacks. – Are the bananas free too? – Yes, they are. – There’s a lot of food here. Is that how people get hired? Like, if you come in here
looking hungry and kinda frail, they’re like, this person
needs to work here. You gotta hit it harder, man. No, harder I said. (pool player grunting)
Harder, dude. – You’re just exploring, see
if you wanna have a job here? – If anyone needs any help
coding or anything, let me know. Well, I’m thinking of maybe
doing a corporate takeover. Stop fucking around on
Facebook and get to work. – We try to build awesome
experiences for people through AI. – [Judah] Had Facebook programmed their AI to do anything other than recognize dogs? I asked Joaquin Candela,
head of machine learning. – So we’re using the AI
technology, for instance, I think one of my favorite
ones is translation. A lot of the translation systems out there are trained on things
like appliance manuals. The problem is, if you
use that translation model to try and translate Facebook posts, you might fail quite miserably because the language is different. People use uncommon words that
are evolving all the time. There’s emojis– – Maybe then we should just
have an emoji language. – I see.
– And that’s it. – Right. – There’s ads on Facebook too.
– Yeah. – Is AI technology used in that? – Oh absolutely, it’s based
on stuff you’ve done before, what ads did you click, but
also what ads did you ignore, over and over again. – Oh interesting. So if you ignore stuff,
it tracks that too. – It learns that you’ve seen something and you’ve ignored it.
– Wow. So it’s like a spy. (ominous music) – Well, um. – [Judah] So far I knew that
Facebook did a lot of stuff involving free food and emojis, but I didn’t know how dogs were involved. So I met with this dude named Mike, to challenge their machine dog thing. – So we’ve trained this
system to actually recognize between different dog breeds. This is a basset hound. If I take this, the computer recognizes it pretty quickly as a basset hound. We’ve basically shown
it hundreds of thousands of pictures of dogs, and told
it what kind of dog they are, and it figures it out. – So it cheated. – Well, it just–
– It didn’t just know it. – Oh, okay. (upbeat electronic music) So I’ve got a bunch of
pictures of dogs back there. We’re gonna do five and we’re
gonna see how many points you score versus the computer. – Okay. (dramatic music) – So, what kind of dog is this? – I’m gonna say it’s a
pug and it’s a female. – Alright, female pug, and
the computer says, pug. And it is indeed a pug. I actually do not know
the gender of this dog. – I do, it’s a female. So I think I should get a victory there. – What kind of a dog is that? – That’s not a dog,
that’s a rug from 1974. – Alright, and our dog
breed recognizer says an oystercatcher, which I
think is a type of bird. And it turns out, you’re
both wrong, this is a puli. And I only know that ’cause
Mark Zuckerberg has a puli. – Oh, okay.
– Yeah. – Alright.
– Yeah. – Alright. – This dog looks pretty cool. As far as the breed of dog… – Not sure?
– Definitely a fur dog. So I’m gonna go with fur dog. – Fur dog? Eskimo dog. – Eskimo’s actually a derogatory term. – It’s also wrong, it was a Shiba Inu. – OK, it looks like it’s hungry, ’cause it’s trying to eat a stick. And we all know dogs need a lot of fiber. Rottweiler.
– Rottweiler? You’re both right, it’s a rottweiler. – Yeah.
– So here’s the fifth. Sudden death.
(dramatic music) – It’s a Polish shepherd. – Polish shepherd. (intense music) – Great Pyrenees is correct. (electronic sounds echoing) – You’re saying I lost to an artificial intelligence computer. – That is what I’m telling you. – And you’re a human. – And I am a human. – Wow, okay, so much for humans
sticking up for each other. (sad music) Fine, if Facebook wants to say they won, let them have their fake victory. But they will never break the bond between man and man’s best friend. I say human’s still number one. Might be a victory in their
eyes, but I don’t think so. Humans, still the master over machines. Thanks for the free bike, Facebook. (lively rock music)

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