Judah vs emotion identifying robot

– Can you just intimidate
it just by looking at it? – Yeah, it says you’re disliking it. – What if I just look at it real sexy? – What is that? – I’m Judah Friedlander, and I’m challenging the world’s
top artificial intelligence robots for the sake of humanity. This is Judah VS The Machines. (upbeat music) Yes! Today I’m here in Miami to
meet and challenge Kairos, an AI technology that can
recognize human emotion. I hope it knows how to
recognize the emotion of victory because that’s what I’m going
to be feeling when I win. Uh, nope. That’s the bathroom. So, you recognize faces? – Faces, emotions, age, gender. – Why the face? Why not other body parts? I met Brian Brackeen,
the founder of Kairos. Here he is faking the
emotion of enthusiasm. – There’s 85 points on your face and the distance between those
points is like a fingerprint or a face print. – How do you know that there
were 85 points on a face? – We decided that there were 85. – Oh, you made that up? – Correct. – What is artificial intelligence exactly? – So, what we do in our case is, we feed the algorithm millions
and millions of faces. And we say to the
algorithm, this is a male, this is a female, this is Brian, you know. And it learns over time
who those people are, what they are. And the camera feed we
actually find the faces as they move throughout the feed. – Okay. – And we’re constantly looking of those 85 points we talked about. – Gotcha. – And then compare that to
a database of points that we already have on file. – So name the six emotions
that Kairos can detect. – Anger, fear, disgust, sadness, joy, and a lack of emotion as well. – So, what emotion am I having right now? – None right this second. – No, thirsty. – Thirsty. So, this is Kairos. It knows you’re a male, it knows when you’re
blinking or not blinking. – I guess my testosterone
levels are working. – It knows that you’re
not wearing glasses. – But now I can’t see anything. Know what I’m feeling right now? – [Brian] I don’t. – Ecstasy. How ’bout this one? – What is that? – Now, did my attention just dip from some moments there, or? – It did. Do you feel like you lost attention? – Sorry, what? So, let’s get a tour. – This is it. – Got it. 90 day goals. – [Brian] Yes. – So, your goal is for the
company to last for 90 days. – At least. – Why are some stickies
pink and some yellow? – We ran out of pink. – And why is the names in green? – Probably the only marker
available at the time. – You might wanna switch
this to a different color, ’cause this is going to send
out the emotion of hesitation. – It doesn’t get done unless it’s… – Sorry about that. – Yeah. – Neil, what’s your job here? – I’m the lead software engineer. – [Judah] What’s your job? – I’m the chief designer, sir. – And how come you’re a lead engineer and not a chief engineer? – Each division head is called chief. – Then who’s the leader? – Neil’s the leader. – So, are you above chief or below chief? – Actually, I’m not a title guy. – I think you’re above chief. – [Neil] Okay. – No offense. – None taken. – [Judah] After an extensive
tour of the sprawling Kairos compound I was feeling the emotion of not wanting to do this. – We’ve got five people, men and women, they’re gonna watch five videos. The AI’s gonna figure out
what their emotions are. At the same time you’re
gonna figure out what their emotions are in a
soundproof room in the back. – You’re telling me to leave now. – Yeah, back in the booth. – Okay. Good luck, Kairos. ‘Scuse me. Nothing like an office with 100% privacy where I can see everyone. (dramatic music) Alright, see what we got here. – [Brian] You can just step right there. – Jesus. This kid looks like a creep. – And here’s the video. (dog panting) – I don’t trust this guy for shit. He looks like the kind of
guy who eggs your house and then blames it on you. So, I’m gonna go with surprise. I don’t fuckin’ like that guy. – So, we watched the video,
did you feel more surprise, delight, or dislike? – I was surprised. – Face the camera. – She looks like she’s pretty
much happy with everything. Maybe it’s all a cover for non-stop horror and disappointment. I’m gonna go with surprised. – [Brian] Which emotion did you feel? – Dislike. – Dislike. – She looks like she witnessed a murder, but she’s dating the
guy who did the murder and it’s also her boss, so it’s
a big conflict of interest. I’m gonna go with dislike. – Dislike and sad. – She seems nice. Seems like she may not
have a lot of friends. Yeah, I’m gonna go with surprise. – I would say delight. The dog was so cute. – Looks like this guy’s being forced to watch his grandparents have sex and pretend he’s actually their
grandson and when he’s not. This is actually makin’
me a little sad right now. Looks like just the
complete loss of humanity. This is just a solid dislike. – Dislike. – Dislike, thank you. – Okay, how many did I get right. – You got three of the five correct. – Doesn’t mean that the other
two were necessarily incorrect but I got three correct. – You got three correct and two incorrect. – Oh. – The Kairos AI got four
correct, one incorrect. – Okay, so, that’s a tie. – No, it’s not a tie. Kairos got four. – Yeah, but don’t human votes
count more than machine votes? – No. (vibrating gong) – Well, they said I lost his one, but I don’t think they fully understand the human emotion of denial. So, in my book the fact is it was a tie. And when it’s a human versus a robot and it’s a tie, human wins. So, I won. Yup, mhm.

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  1. Don't be impressed, Judah, the bot knows the expression of these interns by the book, that's why he won.

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