John Pinette – Gelato italiano (sub ita)

I don’t do well in lines I was in Italy and when June which I loved I’m in line in Naples for gelato in the gelato in Naples is legendary Italian ice cream it’s not good like oh I think I’ll have another scope it’s good like well I’ll sell all my stuff I’ll move here and I’ll eat gelato it’s that good and I’ve got people in front of me they’re having samples of the gelato why just try it take a chance can I try your mango no it’s mango guy in front of me can I try the chocolate no chocolate is chocolate the tasting rule is in for chocolate I never once had a chocolate and said oh this is different I wish I tried it get out of the line you try something you tried butter brickle nobody knows what that tastes like watch me watch me but once you get the gelato it is good in the Sistine Chapel the Angels are pointing to the gelato shop

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