John Legere Introduces T-Mobile Phone BoothE: T-Mobile’s NEWEST Innovation

Mike! Yeah, yeah, I can’t really hear ya. Yeah, I can’t hear anything. Everywhere you go there’s
noise and distraction, When all you want to do is
enjoy your device in peace. Well, now you can. Introducing T-Mobile Phone BoothE. Phone BoothE is a vertical, rectangular cube with advanced features
that will blow your mind. Come check it out! You know, the quadrilateral
technology is… …and it’s soundproof! BoothE protects you from this noise, and this noise, and all these noises. You know it’s real, because we tacked an “E”
on the end of the name. Wow! Simply unlock with your phone, and step into BoothE to take a call… or take some epic selfies inspiring all kinds of FOMO. Plug-in to explore “Magenta Pages,” which is exactly like using your phone, now on a bigger screen. It even works for business. Yeah. Hey John! Amazing! It’s visionary! Totally unprecedented! It’s so comfy in here. Let’s do all our calls from here. Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before? This evolutionary,
bleeding edge technology is free for T-Mobile customers and available now with plans
for installs across the U.S. Only the Uncarrier is solving real customer pain points. [Guy on phone] I found a rash today… So go ahead, tell everything that’s loud and annoying to shut the **** up already. [Guy on phone] Pop Pop is in my rash! Step out of the chaos.
Step into the future. T-Mobile phone BoothE, available now.

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100 thoughts on “John Legere Introduces T-Mobile Phone BoothE: T-Mobile’s NEWEST Innovation

  1. Not a T-Mobile customer, didn’t like the signal I had here in Houston Tx. But I can say one thing I truly Loved about T-Mobile was the great customer service. Y’all are great.

  2. Haha my dad works for the company who makes these things and it was his idea for the phone booths 😂😂thanks dad

  3. Brilliant! Bringing the old phone booth back to the future. They got plenty of real estate on the booth to slap digital ads screen (outside, inside and top) and make this sustainable and probably profitable, like billboards. Thank-you Tmobile for always putting customers first!

  4. It’s innovative ideas and fun products besides their cellular service that really set them apart from every other provider. T-mobile is hands down the best provider!!!

  5. My aunt could use this she's the rudest when it comes to using the phone, she always uses the speaker phone in public and yells when she's on the phone. It really chaps my ass

  6. I pray that these doesn't go in any bad areas around the US cause these will get vandalized and most likely ran over 🤦🏾‍♂️ I hope they survey the areas before putting these out

  7. Dude here in California homeless people will be living out of these please Dont make these its a waste of space nobody will use them nobody has important calls while walking past a construction site… Its called a headset and a office

  8. You know it's real because it has an E at the end I died laughing 🤣 this is making fun of you AT&T with your fake 5G 5GE

  9. Not to be that person but you know someone is going to piss in the booth or someone the booth privileges

  10. "You know it's real, because we tacked an E at the end".

  11. This is for people to who want to go outside and hangout with friends but can’t because they’re too glued to their phones

  12. Not a bad idea, however you should include a seat in the booth for the disabled people or elderly to be able to sit down. A installed phone charger 🔌

    I wish you guys would seriously consider getting rid of the pink color when you become the New T Mobile soon. Pick a bright Red color to represent T Mobile and maybe a yellow logo to represent the old Sprint company.

  13. I can only imagine rival customers from AT&T and Verizon vandalizing the T Mobile booths.

    The best place to have those booth is in a loud ass airport, mall or train and bus station.

  14. Hey it look like we can charge our phone in there too lol. Nice talk about charging on the go when you have no other option

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