Jeep Wrangler JK Tuffy Deluxe Security Deck Enclosure (2011-2018) Review & Install

This Tuffy Deluxe security deck enclosure
is for those of you that have a 2011 to 2018 JK, either two-door or four-door, and are
looking for a way to have a nice secure cargo space for your Jeep. Now, if you are installing this in a two-door
JK, you will have to remove the rear seats in order for it to fit. With a four-door, you can have those rear
seats still installed. Now, you might be wondering, “What makes this,
the Deluxe version, different from the regular security deck enclosure?” Well, this is designed so that the lid section
can be very easily removed without the need to use any sort of tools. So if you’re somebody who likes to have that
secured cargo area, but also wants to be able to carry some larger items and not have the
deck lid in the way, you can very easily remove this on the Deluxe version, where on the other
version, it’s a little bit more difficult. So that’s gonna be the main difference between
the two of these. This is going to be a one-out-of-three-wrench
installation. This is going to be very simple to bolt into
your Jeep, and we’ll talk a little bit more about that in a second. So whether you have a two-door, a four-door,
a hard-top, or a soft-top, having a nice secure cargo space is a very nice feature. Let’s face it, we don’t have a trunk space
like you would have in a car that is relatively secure and very easy to lock. And that’s where something like this is going
to come in. The really nice part about this option from
Tuffy is that it integrates directly with the locking tailgate of your Jeep. So much in the same way that a trunk, when
the trunk is closed and it’s locked with your key fob, everything is nice and secure where
you can very easily open it, this is gonna be the same way. There are no additional locks, no additional
anything really. As long as the tailgate is locked, this area
is secure. When the tailgate is unlocked, you can open
it and access your cargo space. Tuffy is known for making some very high-quality
security products, and this is no different. This is going to be very, very strong. It’s gonna do a great job at protecting whatever
you decide to put underneath of it in the back of your Jeep. And the Tuffy stuff really isn’t that crazy-expensive. There are a couple other rear cargo enclosure
pieces that you can purchase that are going to be arguably just as secure as this one. But they’re gonna be significantly more expensive. So I think, with Tuffy, you’re getting a good
deal, and you’re getting some great security. This piece is all about adding some lockable
security area to your Jeep where you otherwise wouldn’t have any. This is gonna be 16-gauge steel, which makes
it very tamper-resistant. You know, they say locks only keep out the
honest people. So if somebody who had all the time and all
the tools in the world, could they get into this? Yes. But could they get into anything else as well? Yes. This is going to keep out the vast majority
of people who would otherwise very easily be able to get into your stuff and would take
advantage of that. So this is gonna give you some really nice
security. This provides 20,000 cubic inches of lockable
cargo space. I know that’s kinda hard to wrap your head
around. But basically, the entire area behind the
front seats in your two-door or behind the back seats in your four-door is going to end
up being a lockable space. And because this is the Deluxe version, you
can just pop this lid off, set it in your garage, leave it at home if you do need to
carry something larger. Of course, it’s not going to be secure. But you can get this out of the way very easily
if you do need to carry some larger items. This is gonna come in at just over $400. I do think that’s gonna be a pretty good deal
for the security that you’re adding onto your Jeep. If you don’t have the need or the want for
the Deluxe version with the easily removable lid, you can go ahead and save yourself a
couple dollars, go with the standard version, the non-Deluxe version. But as I alluded to before, there are rear
security enclosures that are very similar to this one that are more expensive. So I think you’re getting great security all
at a very fair price. Now, I’ll have somebody show you how you get
this installed in your Jeep. Now that we have our seats folded down, we
have everything cleaned out of the back, we’re gonna begin the installation of our security
box. This installation might seem a little daunting,
but I guarantee you it’s really not. A few simple hand tools and a little bit of
know-how and you got this covered. Using a T30 torx bit, we’re gonna remove this
tie-down hook that comes factory in your Jeep. And we’re gonna slide in our brand-new bracket,
tucking it under the carpet and lining it up with this hole, and then reinstalling it. But we’re not gonna completely tighten it
down yet, until we have everything else installed, because it does have room for adjustment. Go ahead and slide it under your carpet. Line it up with the new hole. And reinstall your hardware. Once again, do not tighten this down yet. We’re gonna have some adjustments to do. As you can see, our Jeep is equipped with
the factory subwoofer. This kit will work with your factory subwoofer. We’re just gonna loosen this one up to give
ourselves a little bit more wiggle room to get this bracket in. Next, we’re gonna go ahead and get in our
first side panel. Now, this side panel does have the cutout
for your factory subwoofer. If your vehicle does not have the factory
subwoofer, there is a filler panel that goes here. To install this, we’re just gonna tuck it
here, under our rail. Slide it down. And we’re gonna lock it in with a supplied
carriage bolt and wingnut. The same process on the opposite side. Just slide it under your rail, slide it down
and over, lock it in with the same carriage bolts. Next, we’re gonna get in our back panel here. We’re just gonna slide it in between our two
panels. This is gonna be a snug fit. Then, we’re just gonna secure it down with
the same carriage bolts that came in the kit that match the ones we just used holding on
our side panels. Now that we have our three side panels, then
we’re gonna go ahead and tighten up those two torx bolts that we removed earlier to
install our brackets. Now, we’re gonna go ahead and get our lid
installed on our security locks. This is very simple. It comes with these plastic sliders. They’re gonna slide right into the grooves. You wanna be careful. You don’t wanna force anything. They will fit. Now that we have our lid installed, you wanna
just go ahead and lift it up, make sure the hinges properly and it’s not too tight. Bringing it down, make sure it lines up with
the slots. Lock it down, push back on it, it’s now locked. Now, before you go and close your tailgate,
you wanna make sure that your weatherstripping is installed on the back of it. Well, that’s it. We’ve reached the end of our installation. I hope you enjoyed this video. And you can go ahead, close your tailgate. Your stuff will be safely secured. And for more parts and videos like these, make sure you come visit us at

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  2. hi great product will this fit if you have the rear seat recline kit ? also could you tell me if it rest against the back of seat? if not how much of a gap is there? thanks

  3. I love this Tuffy safe, I got it from you guys awhile back. Keeps my gear safe and I can actually walk away from my vehicle with confidence. You mentioned the top can be removed easily but so can the front panel as well. I've used this over a year already and in different configurations. like No top lid or no front but yes to the top lid. I haven't had a need to remove the side panels but that easy to remove as well. In front of the safe I keep all my recovery gear between the seats. plenty of easy accessible space in front as well as on the sides. I have sense put speaker carpet on mine and it looks great and keep it from getting all scratched up.

  4. I installed this on my 17’ JK awhile back and it’s been the best investment yet! I feel comfortable leaving my items in the trunk anywhere.

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