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what’s going on with us it should weigh buffalo hide booze girl I guess today sosamma versatile what you wearing right now [Music] these are Pumas our sex black jeans Zara nothing special my whole merch vitaliy necklace okay cool how important is fashion to you that’s like the complex complex question for our industry it’s pretty important image is a big part of it but being someone who I spend 90% of my time behind the camera rather than in front of the camera yeah I can get away with you know cutting back on my fashion so yeah it’s important it’s got his moments you know there’s certain special events where you got to step up your game and then other times in the studio you could just be in sweatpants and right like today is a special event as well yeah how much money do you spend on clothes per month do you have to guess so it like shoes I get stuff sent to me by porno sometimes I pick up my own stuff I buy clothes the same way people buy candy at the supermarket it’s just like an impulse buy if I see something I like I’ll buy it okay the only time I actually go out specifically shoppings because then when I need something specific like if I need a new pair of black jeans and I’ll go but I’m one of those people that’s like in and out I go into the store I’m looking for black jeans I get the blood yeah there you go you know most expensive thing in your closet one of my suits okay is there like tailor-made for all custom tailored suits and we should remember what was the last thing you bought I think I bought was a shirt from Zara for my friend’s wedding oh there that’s the last thing nothing exciting however the year you’re here how do your in Toronto so these are some differences in like fashion and how like you to likely under people how they dress hype culture definitely man each side has its own vibe okay people in Toronto tend to be more risque I would say okay and it’s such a big city that you get a ridiculous amount of mixes of not just cultures but fashion as well because every every person kind of like brings their own culture into their fashion frog is not as mixed of a city obviously yeah so you still get more like primarily European fashion mm-hmm with a bit of influence of like North American Farah as opposed to like in Toronto you’ll see like guys dressing in what looks like hip-hop clothing but the patterns are all like African cloths okay we had to like take a step back and look at verse while he was dressing in high school had pants that were baggy enough to fit me and three of my friends like whole family yeah the whole family my grandma used to come the parachutes okay pull your pants up and pants were always below yep during the crisscross days I used to wear my pants backwards don’t ask me first cross did it so we all did it all right like what’s her favorite outfit my favorite yeah black on black on black like hey if I could wear sunglasses I would wear something else sunglasses are just not my thing no I haven’t I haven’t found a pair of shades that like that I’m happy in in hats I can’t do hence this is my ears my ears don’t allow me to do head so much why is it you see how your the Hat the rim of the Hat sits above your ear yeah my ears are like pretty big and high up so they just they do this you get this if I need to put it in the head no okay it you cover it up no that’s me out one day one day woman on our camera wear a hat just for you you can see how stupid of it I mean like a tourist if you have a fashion inspiration who would it be fashion human it’s not see you on my Instagram you already have a specific person okay what I what I’m really into these days is what’s happening in like the afrobeat culture okay which is like I said it’s also happening in Toronto a lot which is mixing the African patterns and having cloths but with urban clothing right so a bomber jacket like this but with the African evidence rather yeah Lord like a table of printers and okay sweet wear designer Street we’re definitely up for everyday basis street wear and will only wear designer wear for special events Erica as cool as designer wear it looks is not necessarily always the most comfortable entire I’m over comfort over looks kind of person right you see a lot of people racking a lot of different brands and do you think they should know something about the brand they’re wearing like about the field behind the scenes 100% I think you should definitely know something about the brand before buying and running around in it right you know know the policies know how they function know what they do what they stand for the notice is you know some of these brands have really bad histories I can’t consciously wear something without knowing what it stands for do you follow what’s dropping what is the new collection of certain brands or designers not adamantly not like I don’t go seeking it okay but of course you know with social media with the music industry with a lot of the people that I hang out with on a regular basis or even people like you you know who are all like into fashion or part of the fashion industry I see the stuff at but I don’t go looking for it right online shopping versus shopping in person online shopping I’ve been shopping online more than in like okay that’s just purely out of laziness honestly gosh if I don’t happen in this studio Amazon is like a life saver and if I don’t have to leave the studio take out what I need mm-hm why there’s certain things I’ll definitely go to select pants I’m big on pants I cannot buy pants online I have to try it yeah how many pairs of shoes like actually like sneakers trainers how many do you own a lot a lot believe it or not yeah what’s a lot like 20s maybe in the 30s okay now would you consider yourself a sneakerhead that’s the thing right I have a bunch of sneakers but the fact is I probably don’t wear the more than 10 of them a year okay the rest are just there Oh what is your favorite pair of shoes that y’all my favorite pair is black we bought classics okay black on black just cuz they’re black always black on but even the bottom is black we have a dream pair of shoe that you would actually want to own one day yeah sure with my name on it okay my shirt just one you should make one copy how would this suit look like the triple black B black in your name be black and go maybe I maybe I’m gonna hire you to help me do it all right so new collab Dudley said I mean listen you’re gonna if you’re going to buy branded clothes and then by the river otherwise just buy something that looks like the original like a fake you don’t need to have a fake version of the original if you’re rich do whatever the hell you want go buy $10,000 a jacket if you can afford it but if $10,000 is all you have please don’t buy it the concept like them as a company concept by Symphony’s genius I mean something so simple and it took the world by storm unfortunate for them that they would facing copies of them I I’m very intrigued with Lincoln girls were dressing I don’t need new don’t show me everything mystery show a little bit of belly here and there but don’t show me everything which recent fashion trend you like I like the crossover Alec Wow yeah coop callebs are the most expensive tailor-made for vodka asked what it was the first pair of like a like a hyper shooter what I told you I have a pair of Jordans okay when we’re down in Jordan to span like a very broad to asking the wrong person I like I said they’re underneath my bed I can tell about your future first pair that I actually wear would be enemies movie difference collaboration with Adidas okay three okay pairs of those three pairs of human race my favorite bread ya know uh like what for example jeans Levi’s jeans and jackets Levi’s shoes t-shirts I just not lawyer when it comes to teachers I just buy whatever teachers I think advantage that teachers like if I like it I’ll buy it what about you emerged can I get it these ships Czech Republic ship everywhere section made in the truck really yeah right now we got the t-shirts we got the long-sleeved t-shirts with the prints we get the hoodie aisle working we get this a good flow 6006 calm or there’s also been custom shop there’s a section business shop itself because it’s purchased okay thank you for being here and doing the hi v– interview here little i beat super care package it might seem a little like because there’s why it’s actually all the stuff that we have for sale of Heidi’s gonna Instagram bullshit booths there you know a lot of stuff hobbies your phone case that’s pretty and you got to choose one I know looking okay so you know if I get the bill I see I guess you have a bet can’t wear them I mean I thought fault oh my god all right well yeah hobbies guru Osama God you know what it is this is this another part of the quiz you only get to keep it if you know what this is if not I’ll take it for our Williams oh you added details you got all the ideas knowledge congratulations you’re actually gonna get the real one don’t worry that’s just a picture yeah get plenty of walnuts you know and you’re like oh I got this you I don’t was gonna set you know coughs capital agent lingo you up Chicago be mad at him until I booted out and to mr. Smith oh yeah I could click bait him without representing each of us tonight are they called the restaurant too still nasty uterine septic about people let’s go is joining Mustafa other thing with an enemy of a guy actually came in under the seat yo what’s up bro easy there yeah in the back he has no idea you brought the kick there’s our RV tennis birthday young are wanting so much

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